Keep your calendars and tasks in order thanks to Fantastical — 2022

Organization is essential on a day-to-day basis if you are a very busy person. To have all the appointments you have written down so that you don't forget them, the most common thing is to use a physical agenda, but if you want to transfer your organization of schedules to a digital format as well as your task list, the Fantastical application is designed for you. We analyze its main features in this article.

Attractive and complete design

The Calendar application is included natively in the Apple ecosystem to manage all the events and appointments you have. Although, this may fall short in terms of extra functions that we all know. Fantastical stands out for having a splendid design that adapts in terms of color to the operating system itself. That is, it will be with a black or white background depending on how you have the iOS configuration. It has a very clean design at the end that clearly shows the events you have to do, being able to select the type of calendar you want at any time. Although, some of these functions are limited to the fact of having a paid version as we will tell you later.

fantastic calendar

Events can be customized however you like with a specific color scheme to make it as clear as possible. Although, some options to customize the events are limited to the Fantastical subscription. For example, the fact of creating templates or adding guests is completely covered, despite the fact that it is very interesting, especially if a calendar is being jointly managed in a work group.

Support for calendars and group work

If you already have calendars created in iCloud, in Google or in Outlook, you can easily export them to Fantastical. Any edits you make to these calendars within the manager will also carry over to the original versions. Likewise, new calendars can be created in case you want to carry out the management only through Fantastical. This is something interesting when you want to manage a workgroup. As we have mentioned before, different people can be invited to the same event with a defined time, being able to add Hangouts or Zoom calls. As an extra, you should know that any guest at the event can request a change of date so that it can be adjusted to the agenda of all the guests. As we say, this is a premium feature that is tied to the monthly or yearly subscription.

Fantastical Calendars

Task management and reminders

If you want to condense your calendars with the list of tasks that you have to do, Fantastical gives you this possibility. This is one of its premium features and it allows you to sync with other services such as Todoist or Google Task. In this way you will have everything condensed in one place to facilitate your productivity. The way to create the task is identical to the way to create events but specifying that it is a task, being able to choose the day, the time and also create a list of subtasks.

Fantastical Calendars

At any time you can create tasks that are conditioned by the location. For example, when you leave the house or enter you may receive a notification of the task that you must perform. This is something that can also become automatic, since the application will be able to learn from you. If you normally make a call when you leave the house or get into your car, the application will know if you grant the necessary permissions to your address book and your location and it will always remind you without you having to enter it by hand at any time. Obviously, to facilitate group work, there is the option of creating tasks jointly with other people.

Cross-platform application

Fantastical is available for a multitude of platforms within the ecosystem. It can be downloaded, on iPhone iPad and also on the Mac. In addition, thanks to the premium subscription, compatibility with the Apple Watch is also granted in order to consult the events and tasks that you have on your own wrist as well as the time that will do on each of the days to see if you can perform any of the tasks or appointments you have scheduled.

In order for all your accounts to be in sync across all platforms, you can always create an account within Fantastical. The option to sign in via Apple ID is given to ensure security and compatibility with all platforms in an easy way.

subscription price

With the basic and free subscription the application has very limited functions. It acts as a simple calendar to add events in a very concise way. But if you pay the subscription, you can have access to many other functions, such as access to tasks, much broader calendars of months and even years, as well as the real multiplatform with the Apple Watch. Right now the subscription has a price of 5.49 euros per month, while the annual fee amounts to 43.99 euros in a single payment.