Keep your 2020 iPad Pro protected thanks to these cases — 2022

Keeping the iPad Pro fully protected is vital, especially for its price. In addition, as it is a device that is normally transported quite frequently outside the home to be able to work in any situation, it is important to buy a good cover that protects it and allows users to be more productive. We show you the best in this article.

What should a case have to protect your iPad?

When you make a high investment for an iPad, you always try to protect it as much as possible so that it does not suffer any damage. To do this, the most common is to buy a case that protects the new device as much as possible. To choose a cover well, several characteristics must be taken into account. Some of these can be

    Reinforced corner protection:Although many people do not give it importance, it must be taken into account that the corners are an area that breaks at the slightest blow. Space for the Apple Pencil:if you have the Apple Pencil, you will need your case to have a reserved space to store it Stand to support the iPad: if the case has a support, it will be much more comfortable to use the iPad to watch series or movies

Covers without keyboard


transparent ESR

In the event that you are not interested in having a stand on your iPad or a keyboard, you can purchase different cases that provide protection and nothing more. This is the case of the completely transparent ESR cover so that the design of the equipment can be visualized without sacrificing its weight or dimensions to guarantee optimal transport. All ports remain open at all times and there is the option of placing a tempered glass that guarantees total protection.

They are covers very similar to those of mobile phones, simple and light but resistant. It meets the requirements for your iPad to be protected without the need to carry a big and bulky case.

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ESR sheath

Case made with premium materials of rigid PVC and rubber material on the ends. The back of the iPad is fully exposed with this case to ensure that the entire design can be seen at its best, but rubber is added to the edges to ensure that if it falls it can end up bouncing. Particular emphasis is placed on reinforcing the corners of the team as receiving a collision in this area is more likely to take damage.

The reinforcement on the sides gives extra protection to the case and protects the screen from any impact or collision it may receive. It also offers a touch of color to adorn your iPad, while respecting the elegant and sophisticated design of the iPad. A very good option for those who do not need to carry their iPad from one place to another.

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Amazon Logo

This case combines different premium materials to ensure that the iPad is completely safe. Flexible materials are included on the back, but the front cover is totally rigid so that the grip is ergonomic and non-slip to prevent it from falling or suffering any kind of damage. As with the official Apple covers, it can be placed in stand mode to view multimedia content in a much more comfortable way. It is fully compatible with the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro.

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Case specially designed for iPad Pro 12.9″ and 11″ 2020 generation making all buttons accessible for use. The smart cover that it has makes the equipment adhere magnetically as if it were Apple's Magic Keyboard, leaving free access to charging the Apple Pencil. It integrates the automatic sleep and activity mode as it unlocks and locks when its lid is opened or closed.

One of the best things about this case is that it attaches magnetically. This means that there are no marks on the edges of the iPad, but it still remains attached and firm. It has a fairly competitive price, so if you don't want to spend a fortune on a cover that fulfills its function, this is a very good opportunity.

ZtotopCase iPad Pro 12.9 Case buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 20.99 Funda Logitech Ztotop Case iPad Pro 11 buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 40.43 IVSO sheath


KVAGO cover

Case compatible with the iPad Pro 2020 both 11 and 12.9 inches. Thanks to its ultra thin and light design, it can be transported without problems without losing protection at any time. It can be placed in a stand mode to be able to view all the multimedia content or connect a wireless keyboard to work in a much more comfortable way.

It has an elegant and sophisticated design, ideal if you are one of those who uses the iPad as a work tool. It has space so you can leave the Apple Pencil without problems. It is a case that has an extra reinforcement on the edges so that you do not suffer if you leave it in a backpack or bag it can take a hit.

ProCase for iPad Pro 11 buy it at best keyboards for ipad EUR 16.99 ProCase for iPad Pro 12.9 buy it at EUR 17.99

keyboard cases


Turn your iPad Pro into a real laptop thanks to this case with integrated keyboard. The keys integrate backlighting so you can type day or night without problem so you can be as productive as possible. It includes a dedicated space for the Apple Pencil so that it can be transported completely safely, thus preventing it from falling off. It offers a 3-month battery as well as a totally reliable and stable Bluetooth connection.

Logitech is one of the most trusted brands with the most add-ons for iPad on the market right now. Buying something from this brand is a safe bet, so if you are looking for a keyboard case that is durable, this is undoubtedly a very good option.

Logitech keyboard cover buy it at EUR 65.00


Case specially designed for the iPad Pro 12.9″ allowing the device to become a true laptop. It includes the lectern shape to be able to adjust it to the position of your head in order to work comfortably. The autonomy of this keyboard is quite good, offering up to 60 hours of work in exchange for a charging time of 3 hours. As a bonus you can also use the dedicated space to store the Apple Pencil once it's recharged.

If you want to turn your iPad into a computer, this is the best option on the market. In addition to protecting your device from breakage or bumps, it has a very rigid structure so you can support your iPad without the risk of it falling or losing balance.


Wireless keyboard specially designed for iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ working through Bluetooth connection. They have similar functions as the Smart Cover by automatically locking and unlocking when the case cover is closed or opened. It has a specially dedicated support for the Apple Pencil so that it cannot fall out of the case in any possible case when transporting it.

With a wireless keyboard, you can remove it when you don't need to take it with you. It has a simple and elegant dream with which your iPad will always be protected and without the risk of receiving bumps and damage. One of the drawbacks of this case is that since it has a keyboard, the case is somewhat more cumbersome than one that does not have it.

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PEYOU, the most elegant keyboard cases

It has a gorgeous keyboard with a great mechanism that invites writing and a faux leather design for the case that will protect from scratches and some bumps to our iPad. It has a hole for put away the Apple Pencil , so little more can be asked.

A sober and elegant model that also has an integrated keyboard. It should be noted that with this model we will not be able to remove the keyboard, so when you put the cover on it, you will always carry it with a keyboard. Undoubtedly a perfect complement for those who use the iPad as a work tool and want to carry the iPad always protected but at the same time with an elegant design.

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Logitech Slim Combo

Once again we highlight Logitech accessories since the brand is specialized in iPad , these being the best you can find. the covers Slim Combo they will give a touch of quality to your iPad that other keyboards do not give. Both by design of its case and by its physical keyboard. Although the catalog of covers that the brand has is extensive, so we recommend looking through its catalog in depth.

This case and keyboard combo has a very elegant and sober design, and also allows you to place your iPad in two different positions, so you can choose the one you like best and the one you work with most comfortably. In addition, its resistant cover will ensure that you do not have problems if you carry the iPad loose in your backpack or bag.

Check out the Logitech keyboard catalog

Which one are we left with?

Without a doubt, the iPad accessories market has evolved at the same rate as the iPad itself, and there are more and more models that adapt to certain specific needs. When it comes to setting one keyboard case apart from the rest, we chose logitech . It is, as we have explained previously, a case that meets all the requirements that are sought when it comes to having a case with a keyboard: light, compact and easy to carry.

When it comes to non-keyboard cases, it depends on whether you're looking for a stand case or simpler protection. ZtotopCase It becomes our favorite option. A simple and discreet design, with space to carry the Apple Pencil. It's a case that doesn't take up a lot of space or make your iPad a cumbersome gadget to carry around.

And you, what cases do you use with your iPhone?