Keep the kids entertained with these iPad games — 2022

If you have small children at home, whether they are grandchildren, children, nephews or brothers, it is likely that you will be interested in knowing how to entertain them with the iPad. In the App Store we can find numerous games for children with which, in addition to having fun, they can learn, and in this post we show you the most outstanding ones. You can also find the age recommendation for each of them.

Games for children from 2 to 5 years old

The first years of development are very important for all children, so having the right tools to develop all their skills is essential. Therefore, below we want to talk about a series of applications that will provide the little ones with a series of games with which, in addition to having a great time, they will also be able to learn different tools and skills.

ipad farm games

Learn with classic games

Puzzles, riddles, learn to order, exercise memory or basic counting lessons. All this includes this game recommended for ages of Come in 2 and 4 years. Undoubtedly the best way to make the smallest of the house develop all their skills and abilities while having a great time playing this fantastic game in which they will have to visit the friends of Bimi Boo, who lives in a house in a tree. They will have to meet a roguish cat, a funny rabbit and a very nice squirrel and who will accompany them in each and every one of the activities.

They will have to carry out all kinds of tasks, including feeding Bimi Boo's friends. This application has 15 different games that will delight all the boys and girls who start to enjoy it. It is full of bright colors and hilarious animations that will help you perform tasks such as sorting objects by color, shape, number or size, picking up objects with the same meaning, arranging geometric shapes or putting objects in their place.

Games for boys & girls 2-4 Games for boys & girls 2-4 Descargar QR-Code Games for boys & girls 2-4 Developer: Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC

Love for the animals

With this game you will instill in the little ones the love for animals and also the demands of taking care of them, having to take care of the work of a farm where they will enjoy each and every one of the animals that are inside it. All this guaranteeing the educational part that is fundamental for all children of early ages, in fact, this game is recommended for ages of Come in 2 and 5 years.

As we mentioned before in this game, the little ones will have to attend to all the needs of the animals that are inside the farm, so that they can then jump in the puddles and have fun like never before. In the game they will have to create their character, for which they can choose different combinations. With this character they will have to carry out actions such as milking the cow, washing the pig, collecting eggs, shearing sheep, feeding the rabbits, brushing the horses' teeth and cultivating the field with the tractor, among other activities.

Dirty Farm: Games for Boys and Girls ages 2+ Dirty Farm: Games for Boys and Girls ages 2+ Descargar QR-Code Dirty Farm: Games for Boys and Girls ages 2+ Developer: MagisterApp

Coloring in lots

One of the things that children like the most is coloring and they can also do it digitally thanks to applications like this one. If you also have an iPad with Apple Pencil, they will have an even better time since they will enjoy an experience that will hardly differ from what they get when coloring on paper. This game is recommended for ages between 2 and 5 years. It is a game that mixes two fundamental aspects in the growth of a child, creativity and education, since it will allow them to play with an electronic device while they learn.

With this app, boys and girls who pick up the Apple Pencil to paint can feel like real artists in front of their canvas. They will have at their disposal fun coloring activities as well as drawing lessons that are aimed at developing fine motor skills. In addition, within the application itself you can find images on different topics to entertain you with fascinating sounds along with fun characters. The game has 9 themed packs that add up to 135 pages, the fact of coloring is really easy for the children as well as the lessons and the development of the activities will help them.

Games for boys and girls 2-5 Games for boys and girls 2-5 Descargar QR-Code Games for boys and girls 2-5 Developer: Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC

Games for children from 5 to 7 years old

As the little ones grow, their interests and abilities also increase, but this does not mean that we must stop promoting and working on them, we simply have to do it in a different way. The best way to do this is always through play, so that they have fun while they learn and are able to acquire the necessary skills to continue growing.

pou kids games ipad

to add and subtract

At this age, children begin to learn to add and subtract at school, so this game can be a great incentive for them to practice at home and not find it boring to learn something as important as the main mathematical operations. They will find additions and subtractions that, despite being simple, will make them think. It is recommended for ages Come in 5 and 7 years.

Mathematics usually sounds very boring for all boys and girls, however, if from a young age they are able to develop their skills in a fun and entertaining way, the development of learning will be much better as well as the predisposition of themselves to start learning. practice and learn. In this case, this game is a fun way for children to improve their attention and learn numbers, addition, subtraction while enjoying a pleasant experience.

Fun math for kids - learning numbers, addition and subtraction the easy way Fun math for kids - learning numbers, addition and subtraction the easy way Descargar QR-Code Fun math for kids - learning numbers, addition and subtraction the easy way Developer: Stoyan Hristov

Fun savannah puzzles

If you are looking for a puzzle game with an attractive design for children, this one will surely convince you with its fun characters taken from the African savannah. If, of course, there is something that the little ones love, it is being able to play with different animals and if on top of that these are as well caricatured as this game, much better, fun is guaranteed for the little ones in the house. It is recommended for ages between 5 and 7 years.

The puzzles that you can find in this game have interactive background sounds to help make the experience both more fun and more enriching. Boys and girls, in addition to having fun playing with the animals of the Savannah, will also discover interactive objects in the background and listen to the sounds of all the animals that appear in their path. In this game you will enjoy 18 very intuitive and fun puzzles.

Free educational games for Boys and Girls:Savannah Free educational games for Boys and Girls:Savannah Descargar QR-Code Free educational games for Boys and Girls:Savannah Developer: MagisterApp

How does it work?

Let your children discover how our world works and discover its beauty through a fun and interactive application full of games, images and animations. It is a very entertaining educational application that gives children the opportunity to explore how our planet works through animations, short explanations, games and voiceovers. It includes small lessons that teach them about plants, energies, earthquakes, volcanoes, the planet and its interior, the water cycle and many more natural phenomena.

The little ones will be able to explore some of the most interesting natural phenomena of our planet. Show them how these phenomena work inside and out, feed their curiosity and make them participate in how we can improve the world with small daily actions.

the labyrinths

Labyrinths are one of the most popular childhood games for all boys and girls, and in this case we come to talk about an entertaining game that works very well to exercise the mind, it is the resolution of labyrinths. Here you will find a few with which children will develop their attention and memory while having fun. It is recommended for ages between 5 and 7 years.

If the mazes stand out for something, it is because the visual aspect is of tremendous importance, therefore, all the boys and girls who play this game will have to develop observation to understand and find which is the correct path that will lead them to solve the maze. successfully. Usually this will not happen the first time, so they will also have to carry out a memory exercise to remember past paths which they do not have to take again.

Games for boys girls 3 years Games for boys girls 3 years Descargar QR-Code Games for boys girls 3 years Developer: Victoria Tumanova

Toca Kitchen 2

In this game you will be able to choose between five different kitchen tools, that is, you have everything you need to prepare fun meals. Stock up on your favorite ingredients, add a splash of clutter, and finish with a dash of whimsy. Now let your guest taste it. It was good? Hopefully yes, with the aim of finally achieving the maximum number of points to be able to continue advancing in your adventure.

Something really interesting to keep in mind is that you will be able to observe the reactions of your guests to discover their preferences. In this way, you will clearly see if a customer does not like something that you have prepared for them. In this way you will be able to try adding a little salt or something else to prevent it from tasting bad. But on many occasions it can be fun to explore the faces that customers make when you serve food that is not very good. It is certainly a great option that interests you, especially if you played the version prior to this one. In this way unleash all your culinary potential and also promote it among the little ones.

Toca Kitchen 2 Toca Kitchen 2 Descargar QR-Code Toca Kitchen 2 Developer: Play Mouth AB


The classic tamagotchi made a comeback a few years ago in the form of Pou, a curious sponge-shaped character that can be customized. The little ones will have to feed him, bathe him and play with him if they don't want him to be sad. It is recommended for ages between 5 and 9 years. It really is a game that simulates the fact of having a real pet to take care of, something that will greatly enrich the responsibility that the little ones in the house can acquire.

The Pou needs a series of cares both to not be sad and to be in good health, so they will have to feed it properly, clean it, play with it and watch it grow and grow as it rises. level. They will also be able to unlock different ways to customize both the appearance of the Pou and the room it is in. Games also have a fundamental role in this application.

For For Descargar QR-Code For Developer: Zakeh Limited

Games for children from 7 to 9 years old

The needs of boys and girls are not always the same, and that is why as they grow, the way in which they learn also has to be in line with them. For this we propose a series of games through which they can have fun but also learn such fundamental aspects as multiplication tables or the responsibility of taking care of a digital pet.

kids minion games

To remember the multiplication tables

The famous multiplication tables are a great challenge for the little ones to face and, without a doubt, a very appropriate way to develop their mathematical skills. With this fun game they will be able to review them while they exercise their memory and other aspects. It is recommended for ages between 7 and 10 years. With this game the little ones will be able to develop arithmetic comprehension, mathematics and language comprehension, the mastery of which is essential for their growth as people.

This application was born with the intention of providing both parents and teachers with a way for children to learn the multiplication tables correctly, since there are many methods that simply help the little ones to remember them temporarily. forgetting them after a while and producing that, really, they do not know the multiplication tables, a basic element when it comes to developing mathematical skills.

multiplication tables lite multiplication tables lite Descargar QR-Code multiplication tables lite Developer: rana nir

breed dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are one of the characters that children tend to like the most and with this game they will be able to have fun taking care of them from the time they are in an egg until they are adults. It is recommended for ages Come in 7 and 9 years old. If the game of Pou has caught your attention, without a doubt this will also be able to give your son or daughter a really fun time while developing different skills while playing.

This game will give the little ones the opportunity to have a virtual pet, but in this case it will be a real dinosaur that will come out of its perfectly cared for egg at the beginning of the game. In order to advance, the boys and girls will have to take care of the dinosaur as if it were their real pet since they will have to feed it, take care of it, tell it to play sports. In addition, in this case the dinosaurs will also have the ability to communicate, since they develop the ability to speak and will even be able to tell a joke to the little ones.

Dinosaur Eggs Dinosaur Eggs Descargar QR-Code Dinosaur Eggs Developer: Adam Foods

Minion Rush

A classic style of game for children and in which they will have to guide their favorite minion characters to get rewards. All this without neglecting the obstacles that will be on the way and that have the objective of keeping them away from the final goal in a game that has a really traditional theme but that has the presence of some characters that both children and adults love. It is recommended for ages between 8 and 10 years.

The controls of this game are really simple and will allow boys and girls to be able to run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles quickly and without much difficulty. They will have to complete action missions with power-ups and unexpected turns, and as they do so they will be able to get different costumes, and unlock new challenges and scenarios through which different obstacles will appear.

Minion Rush: Running Game Minion Rush: Running Game Descargar QR-Code Minion Rush: Running Game Developer: Gameloft

Without a doubt, there are many more games on the App Store worthy of mentioning in this article, but we wanted to present the ones that we think are the most interesting so that they can also learn. However, you can leave us your suggestions in the comment box.