Keep your passwords safe with these iOS and iPadOS apps — 2022

As the world of the internet and the services it contains has grown, the security of its users has been proportionally decreasing. One of the biggest concerns of users is the privacy of their passwords, so it is just as important to generate a suitable password for each account and manage all those passwords securely. For this we bring you in this post a compilation of applications that will help you manage and maintain all your passwords safely.

iCloud Keychain Weaknesses

Natively, Apple already provides the users of its devices with a way to be able to store all their passwords securely, firstly, to keep them safe, and secondly, to be able to consult and use them whenever you need to. We know this way that the Cupertino company has to save passwords as iCloud keychain. However, despite the fact that the service that Apple offers with this keychain is really good, it has some drawbacks that can make some users opt for one of the applications that we expose in this post to save their passwords.

iCloud Keychain is a fantastic way to manage your passwords securely, as long as you move solely and exclusively within the Apple ecosystem, since the first drawback is that it is not available on devices that are not from the Cupertino company . Another of the weaknesses of the iCloud keychain is that it does not have its own application, but rather it is integrated into the iPhone Settings app, so when it comes to checking a password it is somewhat more tedious to have to reach the keychain. Finally, it should also be mentioned that on rare occasions the keychain does not work as it should and does not enter the password automatically, but instead forces the user to go and check it.

The apps that best manage passwords

1Password – Password Manager


1Password is surely the most popular application, on its own merits, in the App Store for the correct and secure management of passwords. Millions of users have trusted it and use it every day so, without a doubt, it is a safe bet to manage your passwords, never better said. In addition to being able to store all your passwords within this app, 1Password will also allow you to use them without having to enter them manually.

The least good part of this app is that it is a paid service, which you can try for free for the first 30 days to check the effectiveness of this app and if it is really worth paying for it. You will be able to create strong and unique passwords without having to memorize them, with it you will have the opportunity to enter passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and addresses in compatible websites and applications.

1Password - Password Manager 1Password - Password Manager Descargar QR-Code 1Password - Password Manager Developer: AgileBits Inc.



This application makes it easier for people to access the internet and the main services and websites they use on a daily basis. It is more than a password manager as it fills in all your passwords, payments and personal information whenever you need it so you don't have to enter all your data manually every time you want to use it.

Of course, you can store an unlimited number of passwords and access them from anywhere. All your data is kept synchronized on all the devices where you have the application installed, regardless of its operating system. You can also create secure passwords since it has a password generator. Finally, we must also highlight the possibility of sharing passwords in a safe and comfortable way.

Dashlane Dashlane Descargar QR-Code Dashlane Developer: Dashlane

Keeper Save Passwords

Keeper Save Password

Keeper provides the safest way to store and protect both your passwords and your private information from all those cybercriminals who want to access it. In this app you can store unlimited passwords, having the peace of mind that they will be in a safe place at all times.

Of course, with Keeper you also have the possibility to automatically generate and fill in strong passwords, as well as synchronize and manage all your passwords on all the devices on which you have this app installed, regardless of the operating system on each of your devices. How could it be otherwise, this app is compatible with both Touch ID and Face ID, so you can use two of the safest unlocking methods on the market to access your passwords.

Keeper Save Passwords Keeper Save Passwords Descargar QR-Code Keeper Save Passwords Developer: Callpod Inc.

mSecure – Password Manager


It is not highly recommended to take risks, no matter how small, when it comes to passwords and private information. For this reason, this application, mSecure, is ideal to have the peace of mind that all your information is well kept and far from any threat that it may suffer. It is the safest and most practical solution to be able to manage your passwords and most confidential data, whether on the iPhone, on the computer or on any device where you can install the application.

It has a new user interface, as well as a completely renewed encryption model that fully guarantees the security of your data. You have an unlimited number of entries available, that is, you can save all the information and passwords you want. It has more than 20 built-in templates and a very secure password generator.

mSecure - Password Manager mSecure - Password Manager Descargar QR-Code mSecure - Password Manager Developer: mSeven Software, LLC



This password manager will allow you to keep all your logins, passwords and the private information that you want to store in it, safe in a database that is also encrypted, so the security of all of this is completely guaranteed. In addition, all this data that you store within the app will be synchronized on all the devices on which you use it.

It is a very simple application to use, with which you can log in with both Touch ID and Face ID, two of the safest unlocking methods that exist today. The autocomplete option in applications as well as the generation of secure passwords is present and even has an application for the Apple Watch.

SafeInCloud SafeInCloud Descargar QR-Code SafeInCloud Developer: Andrey Shcherbakov

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that securely stores all your passwords, but also any personal information you want to keep within the app itself. Like other similar applications, every time you want to enter an application, web page or service, you will have the opportunity to use the autofill of your credentials without having to manually enter your password.

With this application you will only have to remember the password to access the app itself, the rest will be perfectly stored in it. You can use it on all the devices you have and the information will be perfectly synchronized on all of them.

LastPass Password Manager LastPass Password Manager Descargar QR-Code LastPass Password Manager Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.

Keepery – Password Manager


Keepery is an offline password manager and also free, really free. It is a very simple application that puts all the focus on the security of the content that you can store within this service, since you will not only be able to save all your passwords, but also personal information that you want to keep safe.

All data you store within Keepery is encrypted with AES-256 using a complex, randomly generated master key. This is the currently recommended secure standard for the safekeeping of private information. It is a very simple application, but it is as simple as it is robust, it simply generates and saves high quality passwords, account information and notes.

Keepery - Password Manager Keepery - Password Manager Descargar QR-Code Keepery - Password Manager Developer: Jorge Sanchis

OneSafe+ password manager


If you have problems with your passwords and you don't know where to safely store all your confidential information, the solution to this is oneSafe+, the safest pocket safe you can find. It has dark mode, Siri shortcuts, an application even for the Apple Watch, universal search and other functions that have been included in the new version of this app.

You will also be able to synchronize your information securely on several devices at the same time through services such as iCloud Drive, CloudKit or Dropbox and thus have your passwords accessible from any device, wherever and whenever you want. OneSafe protects your sensitive information with AES-256 encryption, the highest level of encryption on mobile devices.

oneSafe+ password manager oneSafe+ password manager Descargar QR-Code oneSafe+ password manager Developer: Lunabee Pte. Ltd.

RememBear: Password Manager


Named several times as the featured app of the day, RememBear is a beautiful app that provides you with the easiest way to create, store and use really strong passwords on all your devices while keeping them safe. But beware, that is not the only thing you can store in this app, you can also save credit cards and make purchases online faster.

Another advantage of using this application is that you will save time by automatically completing the login information for many applications, websites, and services. Payments will also be faster as it will take care of auto-completing your card information. Confidential notes are another of the contents that you can save in this fantastic application.

RememBear: Password Manager RememBear: Password Manager Descargar QR-Code RememBear: Password Manager Developer: TunnelBear, LLC

Kaspersky Password Manager


This application will securely store your passwords, addresses, bank card data, private notes and even images of confidential documents, such as your passport or driving license. In addition, all this data is kept synchronized on all the devices on which you have the application installed, so you can access your online accounts, applications and important information more quickly.

The password generator is another of Kaspersky's key and star points, every time you try to use a weak or duplicate password, you can instantly change it for much more powerful passwords that the password generator will provide you.

Kaspersky Password Manager Kaspersky Password Manager Descargar QR-Code Kaspersky Password Manager Developer: Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH