This is how Intel will continue to be present in Apple Macs with ARM — 2022

As superficial as it may seem to the less knowledgeable, the news of Intel's Macs transitioning to Apple-designed ARM chips is arguably the company's news of the decade. These plans had been an open secret for a long time, but it was not until the last WWDC 2020 when the Californian company itself confirmed these plans and put the situation in context. It is said that it will be this year when we see the first Mac with the so-called Apple Silicon, however we can already know some features that they will have.

Thunderbolt USB-C will continue on ARM Macs

Despite the fact that today Thunderbolt is already standardized and it is not necessary to pay royalties to Intel, the truth is that this company was the first to register these ports for electronic devices such as computers. In fact, Apple itself collaborated in the development of this standard and possibly for this reason Macs have been using it for years to the point of eliminating the classic USB in its range of MacBooks in favor of them. There were doubts as to whether the new equipment with Apple's own chips and not Intel's would incorporate support for this standard, since, for example, the iPad Pro has a connector that only performs the normal USB-C functions, but everything indicates that everything It will stay the same on computers.

Thunderbolt MacBook

According to an Apple spokesperson The Verge In the last few hours, the Tim Cook-led firm will continue to offer Thunderbolt support on its upcoming ARM-powered devices. Possibly the fact of having actively collaborated in the initial development of this technology has been a compelling reason to continue betting on it. Therefore, this is excellent news for users if we take into account that a few days ago Intel detailed the next Thunderbolt 4 standard and that it will continue to take advantage of the USB-C connector that the current third generation already uses for all types of connections, fromconnect an external driveuntil you can charge the device.

How and when will the first Mac with ARM be?

The most clueless (or inexperienced) pointed out that this June Apple would already announce its first Mac device with chips developed by the company and based on ARM architecture. Nothing is further from reality, since the only thing we have seen is a Mac mini with an A12Z Bionic chip, the same as in the iPad Pro 2020 and which is serving developers as a transition kit to the new processors. However, the company did announce a date around end of this year . But not much else was known about it.

Mac mini A12Z Bionic

There are some rumors that a new iMac could arrive almost imminently, but with a simple upgrade to Intel's 10th-generation chips. We do not know if this will end up being fulfilled or not, but it is clear that it has nothing to do with the great revolution of Apple Silicon. It does not seem that the first team to assemble this technology could be one of the 'Pro' range, so it is possible that the Cupertino company is betting on a MacBook . Some suggest that the classic model of 12 inches could return bearing this honor of being the company's first ARM, although nothing is clear.

We will continue to be attentive to any information that may emerge regarding this great change in Macs. Surely in the coming months new details will be revealed that shed a little more light on the intriguing panorama that is established, despite the fact that we already have many certainties and Everything indicates that it will be a very positive change for Apple and users.