Jeff Williams is the point man at Apple almost on a par with Tim Cook — 2022

Since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple for the second time, months before his death, there have been many times that names of future CEOs have emerged when Jobs's successor, Tim Cook, retires from office. Angela Ahrendts, who left theapple board of directors, was one of the most famous names. Even the historical Jony Ive, who also recently announced his departure, sounded strong as a possible CEO of the future. Now the name that sounds the most is that of the head of operations Jeff Williams, who occupies the position of chief of operations and is also considered number 2 in the company.

Jeff Williams becomes more relevant at Apple

Following the announcement of Jony Ive's departure from Apple to create his own design agency, it was learned that Jeff Williams would start working more time with the design team . However, this might not be the only weighty role added to Williams in recent months. According to expert analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the current chief operating officer is having a role very close to that of the CEO himself , Tim Cook.

Jeff Williams Apple

Gurman states in a recent report that Williams is the second most important person inside Apple . In fact, he highlights certain attitudes and aspects of his personality that make him very similar to Cook. One of these features is the temperance and closeness that this man shows both inside and outside when he grants an interview.

On the other hand, it is said that Williams has skills added to that of Cook, such as the fact that this is more practical in product development of what the current CEO is. Without going any further, the Apple Watch was a product in which Williams has worked conscientiously since its development began. His presence with the industrial design team every week also demonstrates a clear involvement.

However, from the Gurman report there are also some doubts about the future of the design of Apple products . Although Jobs was the visionary, the mind, and Ive was the hands in charge of making the ideas come true, now that those two figures are missing, everything could be left in the hands of two minds more focused on development such as those of Cook and Williams.

We will have to wait for the future to see what involvement Jony Ive continues to have and his new form of design with respect to the new products launched by the Cupertino company. It also remains to be seen whether Williams eventually becomes Apple's CEO in the future or a new figure emerges who could change the company's current course.