Is it worth going from an iPhone 11 Pro Max to a 13 Pro Max? — 2022

There are many users who change their iPhone every two generations, therefore, surely many people who have the iPhone 11 Pro Max can consider the change to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. For this reason, in this post what we want to do is put on the table everything you have to know about what differentiates, and not, these devices, so that you are the one who decides if it deserves the worth changing the iPhone 11 Pro Max for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Comparison chart

The first thing we want to tell you about are the technical differences that exist on paper. They are just data since later we will go into detail about each of them carefully to tell you everything you need to know and that you cannot find out with data alone.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro Max

CharacteristiciPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 13 Pro Max
-night green
-Alpine Blue
Dimensions-Height: 15.8 centimeters
-Width: 7.78 centimeters
-Thickness: 0.81 centimeters
-Height: 16.08 centimeters
-Width: 7.81 centimeters
-Thickness: 0.76 centimeters
Weight226 grams238 grams
Screen6.5-inch Super Retina XDR (OLED)6.7-inch Super Retina XDR (OLED) with ProMotion technology
Resolution2,688 by 1,242 at 458 pixels per inch2,278 x 1,284 at 458 pixels per inch
Brightness800 nits (typical) and up to 1,200 nits (HDR)1,000 nits (typical) and up to 1,200 nits (HDR)
ProcessorA13 Bionic with 8-core Neural EngineA15 Bionic with 16-core Neural Engine
Internal memory-64 GB
-256 GB
-512 GB
-128 GB
-256 GB
-512 GB
-1 TB
SpeakersDouble stereo speakerDouble stereo speaker
Battery3,969 mAh4,532 mAh
Frontal camera12 Mpx lens with f/2.2 aperture12 Mpx lens with f/2.2 aperture
Rear camera-Wide angle: 12 Mpx with opening of f / 1.8
-Ultra wide angle: 12 Mpx with opening of f / 2.4
-Telephoto lens: 12 Mpx with f/2 aperture
-Wide angle: 12 Mpx with f/1.5 aperture
-Ultra wide angle: 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 1.8
-Telephoto lens: 12 Mpx with f/2.8 aperture
Face IDYesYes
Touch IDDo notDo not
PriceDiscontinued at AppleFrom 1,259 euros at Apple

Once you have the most technical data of both devices, and despite the fact that, as we have mentioned, later in this post we will stop in detail to talk about each of the points to take into account for both devices, then we are going to leave with the points that, at first, are more differential from both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    The powerin an iPhone it is always looked at with a magnifying glass, however, Apple always ensures that the user does not really have to worry about it, since it gives its devices the necessary resources to offer, in terms of power, an enviable user experience. The autonomyIt is a point that always worries all users a lot, although it is true that Apple has been working really well for years and the best example is these two devices. DesignIt is without a doubt the point that at first glance marks the most differences between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The camerasAs you can see below, they are also very important on the iPhone, and the reality is that there is a substantial difference between the two devices.

More similar than it seems

The smartphone industry has reached the point where it has a technological ceiling that does not allow it to include truly disruptive news every year, therefore, despite the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max differ by two years, there are many points in which both devices are quite similar, we could even say that too much. . It is precisely the similarities between the two that we want to start this comparison.

Different chip, same power?

This is one of the main points by which Apple usually begins to talk about each and every one of its new iPhones, the chip. At the end of the day, this will make a difference in terms of the optimization of the operating system and the speed at which they can move, directly affecting the user experience that people can have with the iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max

In the case of iPhone 11 Pro Max , it has the chip A13 Bionic , with a 6-core CPU, a 4-core GPU, and an 8-core Neural Engine. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro Max , ride the chip A15 Bionic , with a 6-core CPU, a 5-core GPU and a 16-core Neural Engine. Obviously Apple every year improves and perfects the chips that mount their new devices, but the reality is that the feeling of fluidity and power that both devices provide is still excellent and really, in terms of power, except in cases where users want to push both devices to the limit, you will not notice a difference and you will be able to enjoy a truly pleasant and satisfying user experience.

How can we unlock and use the iPhone?

This is surely the point at which fewer differences you will be able to find between both devices, not to say that there are none. When it comes to unlocking the iPhone, both the 11 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max models continue to have the technology and unlocking method that Apple introduced with the arrival of the iPhone X, leaving Touch ID behind and welcoming the Face ID , the most secure facial recognition method that exists today in a smartphone.


In addition, both in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and in the iPhone 13 Pro Max it works in the same way and at the same speed, that is, that has not undergone any kind of improvement . In addition, as both two devices are all screen, the way to use it and the gestures that must be carried out for it have been maintained, again, since the arrival of the iPhone X.

These are their differences

We have already told you about the similarities between both devices and now it is time to talk about the differences that, in some cases, will be more evident than in others, but that in our point of view can mark the decision of many users of whether or not to exchange your iPhone 11 Pro Max for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Autonomy, is it enough?

Without a doubt the iPhone 11 Pro Max marked at the time a before and after in terms of autonomy . This was really the first iPhone that made most users not worry about whether they would have enough battery to get through the day no matter what they did. That trail has been maintained by all iPhone Pro Max models since then, so obviously the iPhone 13 Pro Max will also give you really fantastic autonomy so you can enjoy the device without worry.

iPhone 11 Pro Max black

Now, within the fact that both offer autonomy that we could say is enviable, what does Apple say? According to the Cupertino company, in video playback the iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches up to 20 hours, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max reaches 28 hours. If we focus on the streaming video the difference is great, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max having 12 hours and the iPhone 13 Pro Max up to 25 hours. Lastly, in audio playback the iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches up to 80 hours, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max reaches 95 hours.

As you have been able to read, there is a difference in terms of autonomy between both devices. However, the feeling of many users is not as great as what is on paper and the reality is that with both iPhones you will have that feeling that you can not worry about the battery of the device during your day to day, enjoying the camera, screen and everything they can offer you.

Screen, this is what both iPhones look like

If a person who is not very involved in the Apple world is put in front of the screen of both devices, surely and at first glance he will tell you that there is no difference between them, but the reality is that, in this case, there is no need to Trust those first impressions. The first thing to mention at this point is the screen size of both devices, since that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly higher, reaching 6.7 inches , by 6.5 inches what does he have iPhone 11 Pro Max . In addition, after many years with the notch on the iPhone screen, Apple with the 13 models has achieved reduce the size of the notch by 20% , something that functionally does not add anything, but if you put one device next to another you will notice.

This difference in size is very slight, in fact in use it is not really appreciable since there is nothing that cannot be done with the iPhone 11 Pro Max that with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but in the end, the difference is there. However, the real difference between the screens of these two iPhones is in the refresh rate . The iPhone 13 Pro models, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, are the first iPhones to incorporate the ProMotion display , that is, a screen that has a adaptive refresh rate what goes from 10 Hz to 120 Hz , that is to say, a real wonder and that, when you put an iPhone next to another and start using them, you notice the great difference that exists.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen

In the rest of the parameters of a screen, both behave in the same way, or at least very similarly. As for the brightness , iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches a maximum brightness of 800 nits , while the iPhone 13 Pro Max reaches 1000 nits , this when playing HDR content increases, both in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and in the iPhone 13 Pro Max reaching up to 1200 nits .

The design, the big difference

If before we said that the differences in terms of the screen were not noticeable to the naked eye, what is clearly striking is the change of design What's between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This change was made by Apple with the iPhone 12 models. and that has been extended to the iPhone 13 models. The novelty is about square frames that, without a doubt, suits the iPhone wonderfully.

For its part, the iPhone 11 Pro Max maintains the rounded line that Apple introduced with the iPhone 6. This design change is not only an aesthetic issue but also directly affects sensation that users have when keeping the iPhone in their hand and even how comfortable it can be for some and others to use the device, although this is already a much more personal matter.

iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max

When talking about an aesthetic aspect such as the design of the device, we must also take into account the colors in which they are available both devices. In this case, the differences are very specific, since, as you know, Apple always maintains a series of colors that are already the hallmark of all the devices of the Cupertino company. Both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are available in four colors, three of them are the same and differ in one, in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro Max Do you have the night green , and by the iPhone 13 Pro Max highlights the alpine blue , the rest are the following.

    Silver. space gray/ Graphite . Prayed.

There are differences in the cameras, although it seems that there are not

We continue talking about differences that, at first glance, are difficult to see, although this is more evident than the difference in the screen size of both devices, we refer to the cameras. Both iPhones have four cameras , one in the front , and the triple camera module that they have in the back . As soon as users notice the size of these three lenses You will already be able to understand that between these two devices there are differences at the photographic and video level, and so it is.

Let's go with the technical specifications of this triple camera module. Both devices have the same type of lenses, a telephoto, a wide angle and an ultra wide angle. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has an extra ally, which is the LiDAR scanner, key to taking portrait photography, although the main difference is the opening of these three lenses, which is what marks the size of the themselves. The telephoto pass from one f/2 aperture , being a x2 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, at a f/2.8 aperture with a x3 , that is, the iPhone 13 Pro Max loses in aperture, but wins by having a longer focal length. the lens wide angle account on the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a f/1.8 aperture while in the iPhone 13 Pro Max the opening is f/1,5 . Finally on the lens ultra wide angle This is where the biggest difference in opening from one model to another lies, being in the iPhone 11 Pro Max of f/2,4 and on the iPhone 13 Pro Max from f/1,8 .

But beware that the differences in the triple camera module do not end there, since the iPhone 11 Pro Max has double optical image stabilization , while the iPhone 13 Pro Max also offers optical image stabilization but by sensor shift in all its lenses, something that for both photography and video can make a difference in the results obtained.

Let's go now with practical effects of these differences . The reality is that in good light conditions the difference between both devices is appreciable, but it is small, however, night mode makes the difference Since on the iPhone 11 Pro Max users can only enjoy this mode in the telephoto and wide-angle lenses, while on the iPhone 13 Pro Max they can use it at all times, even for portraits.

In addition, to this we must add, in the first place photographic styles with which he has iPhone 13 Pro Max . This is a series of smart filters that you can apply to the photos you take before taking them, very useful if you want to highlight a series of default tones. It should also be mentioned that at the photographic level, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the possibility of making macro photography , with fascinating results. And this does not end here, since surely the most outstanding novelty of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with respect to the iPhone 11 Pro Max is in the cinematic mode applied to video, which is, if we want to define it simply, portrait mode applied to video. To all this, we must add the improvement that Apple has introduced in the iPhone 13 models with respect to HDR, improving HDR 3 to now reach the HDR 4 .

iphone lenses

Lastly, we cannot pass up the opportunity to talk about the frontal camera , which within this section is the one with the fewest differences between both devices, in fact, at the level of specifications it is the same camera for both devices. The difference lies in the presence, as we have already mentioned, of the HDR 4 and the possibility of record video in cinematic mode also with the front camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Can they be loaded the same way?

There are many users who cry out to Apple for the inclusion of a new charging port, more specifically their wish is the lightning port replacement by a USB-C port, however, this is not what differentiates the iPhone 11 Pro Max from the iPhone 13 Pro Max in this regard since both have a Lightning port.

MagSafe Charge

However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, as Apple already did with the iPhone 12, has a new way to charge it. It's about the MagSafe technology , something that Apple had already used in the field of Macs and that, as we say, has been present on the iPhone since the iPhone 12. The advantage of this technology is that of being able to charge the iPhone wirelessly while you use it . This is achieved thanks to the magnets that both the iPhone and the compatible accessories have, which prevent you from having to leave the iPhone on a base to charge it, since the magsafe connector adheres to the device and you can use it while charging, that is, avoid this practice as much as possible.

5G, does it make a difference?

Let's go with the last point that you have to take into account, and it is the 5G connection. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the latest smartphone from the Cupertino company that does not have the possibility of using 5G networks , a feature that, again, Apple introduced from the iPhone 12 and, of course, which the iPhone 13 also has.

5G iPhone

The 5G network is more present every day, and although 4G networks continue to work at high speed and giving users a great experience, the truth is that 5G speed is higher , although at least in Spain, it has not yet reached the speeds enjoyed in other countries such as the United States. Therefore, this will be a point that you will have to take into account when deciding whether or not it is worth moving from your iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 11 Pro Max to iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Once we have already put you on the table the differences between both devices , what we encourage you to do is that be yourself or yourself who decides based on your needs and priorities if it is really worth changing the iPhone 11 Pro Max for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, how could it be otherwise, then we will give you our opinion.

Without a doubt, both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are two great devices , however, the latter does have a series of differential characteristics that for some users may be key. Beyond the design change, which is totally subjective since there will be users who like it and users who don't, the biggest difference between the two is in three fundamental sections, the cameras , the screen and the autonomy .

iPhone 13 Pro Max Lenses

If you are a user who attaches great importance to photographic section and video, surely the improvements that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has introduced will make you enjoy the device a lot, although you will have to assess if you really use the camera so much that it is worth taking the leap. The increase in opening of most lenses, the inclusion of the night mode in all of them, the possibility of macro photography and of record in cinematic mode They are advantages that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will give you, but that you will have to assess if you will really use them in your day to day life.

The screen It is also a differential element, as we have mentioned the increase in 6.7 inches It really isn't appreciable on a day-to-day basis, but what does make a difference is the ProMotion display and those 120 Hz of refresh rate that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has, and once you try it, you don't want to go back. Refering to autonomy of the device, even though l iPhone 13 Pro Max will give you up to 1 or 2 more hours than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the truth is that unless you are a user who spends all day with the device, you will have no problem reaching the end of the day with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, although this It will also depend on the degree of wear of the battery that you have on your iPhone 11 Pro Max, so it will be an aspect that you will have to assess carefully.