Is it possible to clear cache on iPhone and iPad? Yes, we tell you — 2022

The cache can be a big problem for the storage of our iPhone over time. It is important to carry out maintenance every so often in order to eliminate these files that only take up space valuable on our iPhone. In this article we explain how you can easily remove it.

what is cache

Cache or buffer memory is a hardware or software system that allows data to be saved for future requests. In this way, an application when we start it can load in a much faster and it shows us information that we had left registered in the last start. The negative is that this cache is stored without any type of control, since it is only increasing. This is why we must do maintenance to be able to eliminate it.

For all this, the cache ends up being called 'junk files' that should not be on the iPhone because in the end they are residues that are left over from our own daily use of applications. This means that all these temporary files are not useful at all, since in the long run they do not contribute anything at all, since although they have a utility that we have mentioned, only the last generated files are useful. The rest become outdated within the device without fulfilling any kind of clear function, causing them to be completely useless and have to be eliminated. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have any automatic maintenance system to be able to eliminate it, so you must resort to the manual system

Performing cache clearing on computers

Once you know what the cache is on an iPhone, you can go on to delete it. In this case, you should know that you have to distinguish between the cache of the native browser that you use, which in this case is obviously Safari, and the cache of third-party applications that you install from the App Store. They are completely different processes, but they are recommended to practice on the devices in the event that some type of problem is detected in the load.

Clear Safari cache

The browser of our iPhone and iPad is undoubtedly one of the biggest cache generators, since we use it several times daily. This is why we must clear the cache every so often if we need space on our computer. You can perform this maintenance task for different occasions. In one of them you will delete both the cache and e l browsing history , and you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter Adjustment and go to the 'Safari' section near the end.
  • We go down a bit and click on 'Clear history and website data'.
  • We will confirm the action through the pop-up message that will appear on the screen.

Clear cache Safari iOS

In case you want to keep your browsing history on all your computers, it is possible delete only the browsing data. The process can be a little more cumbersome, but it is still extremely simple, since there are only a few extra steps to add. Specifically, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Enter Adjustment and go to the 'Safari' section near the end.
  • At the bottom you will see 'Advanced' where you must click and then the first section called 'Website data'.
  • Once all the data is loaded, we will see the amount of cache that each of the websites stores.
  • Click on ‘Delete all data’ at the bottom.

Clear cache iOS Safari

In this way we guarantee that the data of our web history is not touched, something that can be somewhat annoying. In order to eliminate it, other completely differentiated steps will have to be carried out. And although it can also be considered a junk file, in the end it is information that remains only for you.

Clear third-party app cache

But not only the web browser can end up storing a lot of junk in the form of files, third-party apps do too. The problem is that the system to remove the cache of these applications from the local file goes through remove the app completely. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings> General.
  • Go to 'iPhone storage'.
  • If you go down, you will find all the applications you have downloaded and their weight.
  • Go into the app you want to clear the cache for.
  • Click on ‘Delete app’.

Clear third-party app cache iOS

This completely removes the application and you will have to reinstall it. This is the process that should always be followed to remove all traces of the application on the iPhone. If we uninstall an app by pressing and holding the icon on the home screen, all these temporary 'junk' files are preserved. That is why in this list you will see at the end that there are some applications that you do not have installed on the iPhone, but that are still present through different temporary files.

What happens when the cache is cleared?

When all these files that have been generated as the application is used are eliminated, many things are achieved. Most of these are positive for the use of the device on a day-to-day basis. Next, we are going to break down each of the effects that are going to be caused on your device and that you will notice from the first moment of its elimination.

You are going to delete a lot of junk files

The cache, as we have mentioned before, are called 'junk files' and that is why, although individually they weigh a few kb, as a whole it can be a real problem when installing new applications or simply a software update.

This is one of the greatest advantages that can be found, especially if you have a fairly small storage and that you use it intensely. That is why if this is your situation, it is best to keep the device as clean as possible. But this is not the only advantage that can be found right now, since performance also plays a fundamental role.

Performance improvement

Preventing the system from ending up loading so much data is essential to improve performance. This is something fundamental, especially when it comes to a somewhat old team that can be seen as considerably affected. In this way you will have access to numerous improvements that you will appreciate on a day-to-day basis. This is something that, above all, you will end up noticing when you have not formatted your iPhone for a long time and you have made many installations, one on top of the other, of new versions of the operating system. Without a doubt, it can become a problem in terms of performance, but with good maintenance, absolutely nothing should end up happening.

iOS 14.5

As is logical, we are talking about many files that have to be constantly loaded together with the operating system. This in the long run will end up slowing down its start and also its use throughout the day. In this way, make sure to remove all this load from the system from time to time, since it will thank you with a general performance improvement in the use of the system and its applications.

Eliminate security flaws

The failures in some sense can also be related to these temporary files that we are referring to. On many occasions when it is said that restorations must always be carried out without the backup, it is specifically for this reason. If it's done with a copy, the temporary files are moved back to the device even if you have completely restored it. This causes these files to be moved where the main fault may be, since the applications are not the only ones that have temporary files, but the operating system as well.

The only inconvenience that you can find when clearing all the cache is that the application you access will be as if you had never used it. A priori it is not a problem, only that you will not appear where you have previously left it and it is even probable that you will have to re-register if necessary.