It's official: the Mac Pro already has a market launch date — 2022

It's been a long time since Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro at WWDC 2019 with an incredible Pro Display of jaw-dropping resolution. Although the product was already presented and had been seen in some other recording studio, Apple had not revealed the launch date of this Mac Pro. But the wait has come to an end as Apple has made it public in the last few hours.

Apple has finally revealed the launch date of its new professional equipment through an email to users that no one expected. In the body of the message you have collected 9to5mac , it is revealed that the date chosen by the company is the next December 10.

December 10, date chosen by Apple to launch the Mac Pro

If you are interested in acquiring this equipment for your professional setup, from December 10 you will be able to access the Apple Store to place your order. As we have said before, this date is also the one chosen by Apple to launch the 32″ Pro Display and with a 6016 x 3384 resolution and 1600-bit maximum brightness. These statistics are undoubtedly insane and will surely arouse the interest of more than one user who edits video at the highest level, although the price is also spectacularly high since It amounts to $4,999. The prices in euros will have to wait for the sale to clear the unknown of the conversion to our currency.

Mac Pro release date

But do not expect to be able to support the screen on one foot as is traditional, since The base to support it is not included . If you want to acquire it, you must go through the checkout and pay 999$ for her. Apparently Apple has designed this screen to be hung on a wall with VESA mounts and if you want to have it on your desk, nothing will come cheap, something that has been the subject of much controversy among users.

TheMac ProAs is known by all, it has a very peculiar and different design with respect to its successor, which may remind us of a skimmer. And it is that the processor that it includes as well as the rest of the internal components need very good ventilation. Specifically, the most basic model includes a 8-core Intel Xeon processor with a 256 GB SSD and 32 GB of RAM. But these statistics can be updated until we get a computer with 28 cores, 4 graphics cards and 1.5TB of RAM. And no, we have not been wrong with this last data since some might think that it is 1.5 TB of SSD storage, but in reality it is RAM, this being a real beast.

At the moment we can only know the base price of the equipment that amounts to $5,999 . It is not known how much it will cost to upgrade to higher stats and we will have to wait until next Tuesday to clear up any doubts. Obviously having a 28-core processor and 1.5 TB of RAM will not come cheap, although it is designed for true professionals.

It is necessary to remember that we are dealing with a team designed for editing professionals with an incredible rendering capacity destined to produce movies that we are going to see in a movie theater with our popcorn. Obviously It is not a team that we are going to acquire the most 'basic' users to watch videos on YouTube or do some work for the office. We have already seen this equipment in some important studios such as Calvin Harris and surely many of the movies and series that we are going to see in a few years will be edited and rendered with one of these incredible Mac Pros.

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