It is now possible to play radio stations on iPhone and iPad thanks to Siri in iOS 13 — 2022

Apple at WWDC 2019 announced the integration of its services with the main radio applications in iOS 13 and iPadOS. This will allow us users to ask Siri to play us different national radio stations live and we can play them both on the iPhone and the iPad and also, how could it be otherwise, on the HomePod.

The Cupertino company stated that they would start working together with TuneIn Radio, iHearRadio and to offer a total of 100,000 stations from different countries in this new feature. This function covers the great criticism that Apple has received on its iPhone for never including FM radio, always having to resort to third-party applications from the App Store.

Play your favorite radio stations on HomePod with iOS 13

We in Spain have been able to test this integration and the truth is that it works really well, being able to request most of the most important radio stations in our country. We simply have to invoke Siri on our computers and say the instruction 'Play the radio station... followed by the station you want to play. And if you want the station of a specific province, you simply have to detail it at the end of the instruction.

For example, as you can see in the previous images we have been able to ask Siri both on the iPad and on the iPhone to play us Europa FM, Los Cuarenta Principales, Cadena 100, Cadena Dial, COPE, Radio Nacional…

In addition to the iPhone, we can also play our favorite radio station on the Apple Watch, the HomePod, on the Mac and even on the Apple TV. But we must bear in mind that if we make this request to Siri through the Apple Watch from watchOS 6, the station will start playing through the linked iPhone.

Sometimes Siri can be a bit finicky, having to specify in the request that we want the radio station, since in some cases it can play, for example, the album of 'Los Cuarenta Principales' from Apple Music. For us It is a very good function that iOS 13 has and that allows us to play our favorite radio stations without the need to download a third-party application. In addition, with this function we can get much more out of our voice assistant.

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