It is no longer necessary to change the App Store to update apps in iOS 11.3 — 2022

Good news that we found in iOS 11.3 where there is no needchange iPhone regionif we have any application purchased from a foreign App Store.

Until now, if we bought an application, for example, in the american app store , we had to change the region to be able to update it. Well, from now on, it is no longer necessary.

If we have a foreign application, now we can update it without having to change the App Store, in the worst of cases, it will ask us our password to security mode to start the update.

App Store simplified with iOS 11.3

App store, platform chosen by many developers

Without a doubt, this news is very interesting, since some applications are only available in some regions and we have to go with another specific account to be able to download them. The biggest problem is updating them, especially if we have a considerable number of applications from another region.

With the arrival of iOS 11.3 This whole process has been simplified. No need to change region or App Store anymore. So we are going to save a lot of time when it comes to updating the applications that we have purchased in other App Stores.

Although normally, most applications are in all App Stores, it is true that some, for whatever reason, either temporary or permanent , they are not. Where the only way is to visit the specific store to be able to enjoy those applications.

About the App Store, today we have also learned some interesting news, for the first time, the number of applications has descended . This may seem like bad news, but it really isn't, where efforts are now focused on having quality applications, instead of a greater quantity.

So if you have apps purchased in other regions, you'll be happy to know that you can now update all your apps at once, without changing the region. Undoubtedly, excellent news that comes from the hand of iOS 11.3 .

What do you think of this improvement of iOS 11.3? Do you usually buy applications in other App Store?