It's time to update! Apple releases watchOS 6.1.3 for all users — 2022

We were all impatiently waiting for the week to start with a new batch of betas from Apple, but in the end we have had something better: a final version of watchOS . To everyone's surprise, the Cupertino company has released the final version of watchOS 6.1.3 with bug fixes and system stability improvements.

watchOS 6.1.3 arrives to resolve minor system bugs

Apparently this new update for our Apple Watch is very focused on Icelandic users. Everything points to focuses on fixing an issue with irregular heartbeat notification which was not working as expected for all these users, in addition you will also be able toFix issues opening certain apps on Apple Watch. In the same way, if you are not in Iceland, we recommend that you also update as soon as possible to enjoy the small improvements in terms of security that are included.

watchOS 6.1.3

To all this we must emphasize that if you have a compatible Apple Watch linked to an iPhone running iOS 12, watchOS 5.3.5 has also been released. This update can be downloaded very easily through the iPhone's 'Watch' application.

In the update notes we do not find any clear evidence of any notable novelty in this regard except the one we have commented on earlier, regarding bug that happened to users in Iceland. To be able to update, it can be done in a very comfortable way from the clock itself, which will also save you a lot of waiting time for downloading. If we connect it through a WiFi network, the download will be carried out locally. The other way is to do it through the Watch application, but considering that it will be much slower. In any case, you should not experience anyProblem updating watchOS on Apple Watch.

The requirements to perform the installation are clear: have a battery greater than 50% and equally keep the watch connected to the charging base . If one of these two conditions does not occur, we will not be able to install watchOS 6.1.3, so we must forget about doing it in the middle of the street.

Right now Apple is testing the beta of watchOS 6.2, and that is why we have been totally surprised with this update . Without a doubt, the company has once again shown that they are committed to users and their user experience and have not wanted to leave this small bug patch for the future big update. At the moment we do not know dates regarding its launch, although the hypotheses point to the end of March or the beginning of April, coinciding with a new company event.

And you, what do you think about this new update? Have you installed it already? Leave us your first impressions in the comment box.