This is the latest phishing scam in which the Apple phone is impersonated — 2022

Phishing scam methods consist of Impersonation of another person or company in order to obtain certain information or an economic benefit from the scammed person. Generally, it is large companies such as banks that are supplanted in this type of scam, although various users also suffer from scammers who identify themselves as Apple without really being one. These types of scams are usually carried out by email. You have to be careful since some scammers almost perfectly imitate the corporate emails of the companies they impersonate and it may go unnoticed by the user that the sender is not really who he claims to be.

New phishing scams reported affecting Apple users

the security expert Brian Krebs recently alerted on the Krebs on Security website of a new type of scam of phishing in which, through an incoming phone call, the identity of Apple is supplanted.

Krebs described as Jody Westby , CEO of Global Cyber ​​Riks, received a automatic call on your iPhone in which he was warned that the security of his Apple ID had been compromised in several of the services that contained it. In the same call, he was asked to call a telephone number beginning with 1-866 in order to secure your information.

Apple Phishing Scams

The curious thing about this call is that in the Phone app on the iPhone the call appeared to be official from Apple since a secure prefix appeared, the name of Apple Inc and also the company logo appeared. If it weren't for the strangeness of the request that was made to him, Westby might have thought that this was actually a real call from Apple.

Westby later contacted the official apple technical support service and asked an employee to contact her so she could verify if the call she had received was a scam. Finally, Apple indicated that, indeed, it was a phishing scam.

scammers spoofed apple phone number so that Jody Westby's iPhone couldn't distinguish between real and fake calls . The realism of this scam prompted Westby to contact Krebs to alert him to how convincing this call was and how easy it could be to target victims.

Brian Krebs contacted the phone number provided to Westby by the scammers in order to resolve the alleged security issue and on the other end was a automated system that pretended to be an Apple helpdesk . A minute after being on hold, a fake agent answered the call. Krebs pretended not to know that it was a scam and when asked why he called, he stated that he had contacted them to solve an alleged security problem. He was finally put on hold and the call was cut without having received a resolution from the caller.

Just yesterday the developer of theFantastic app for iPhone, Michael Simmons , posted something similar on his Twitter account claiming that he had received a scam phone call that spoofed Apple's phone number.

The goal of these scammers, according to Krebs, is get personal and financial details of apple users to obtain payments related to technical support. It should be noted that Apple devices, such as the iPhone in these cases, are not capable of detecting when it is a fraudulent call.

From Apple it is requested collaboration to users to end these scams and that is why the email was put a long time ago in order for users to send them those fraudulent emails and other information related to other types of scams such as the telephone scams that we have described in this post.