It's official. This is what Facebook's dark mode looks like on iOS — 2022

After several months of testing, Facebook has finally begun to implement the dark mode in its official iOS application. At the moment not all users have received it, since it will be implemented in an escalating way. And yes, only for iPhones because at the moment nothing is known about the homologous app on Android. We show you what it looks like and how this new nocturnal aspect of Mark Zuckerberg's great social network can be configured.

Dark Facebook is now a reality

Facebook is not only the owner of the app of the same name, but it is also the owner of others as popular as WhatsApp or Instagram. In these, dark mode has been implemented for months, both on its iOS and Android platforms. However, it seems that the process of adapting the main app has taken longer to develop and it has not been until these last few hours that we have finally seen the first users who, without being in beta, have already been able to receive this long-awaited update.

Dark Facebook iOS iPhone

Image by 9to5Mac

It is not really a new version to update from the App Store, but rather It arrives automatically and in stages. Therefore, there are many users who have not yet been able to enjoy this functionality, although it must be said that it will end up reaching everyone over the next few days and weeks. It doesn't really add anything new in terms of features, but it is an interesting way to adapt this aspect to the form of dark display that can be activated on Apple phones since iOS 13 arrived last year and that of course will continue. present iniOS 14.

For activate it You will simply have to have the dark mode in the system, having to have a version equal to or later than iOS 13 installed. At the moment, no references have been found that allow it to be automated in any way or that it can be activated manually. In any case, we insist on emphasizing that not all users have it available at this time.

Why do you like dark mode so much?

There really isn't an explanation that clarifies why so many thousands of users feel so happy about these features, but the truth is that they look great. Perhaps the fact of having been for years with clear interfaces in various operating systems and applications makes the novelty of seeing colors inverted even more striking. For practical purposes, it will not matter if you have one view or another, although on devices with screens YOU ARE you can experience a certain savings in battery consumption , since these panels represent black colors with pixels off and therefore having a majority of the screen off makes it consume less.

We remind you that the iPhones with these panels and therefore can benefit from this battery saving are the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not that this represents a huge savings either, but it is certainly something to consider. In other terminals such as the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, this functionality will not imply any change in consumption compared to the clear version.