It's never too late: ING Direct will join Apple Pay soon — 2022

Little by little Apple Pay has carved a niche in our country and the point has already been reached where it has been normalized taking out the iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for our purchase . More and more establishments are compatible with NFC technology stimulated by the compatibility of Apple Pay with themain banks of our country.The only relevant bank that was missing to incorporate this possibility among its services It was ING Direct, but the wait is over.

With a message on the c official twitter account ING Direct has made it official that the bank has finally reached an agreement with Apple to be able to join this payment service. for now There is no official date for this release, just that it will be 'coming soon'.

ING Direct eventually joins Apple Pay

The only thing they have limited themselves to clarifying is that ING Direct will be added to Apple Pay soon so if you are a client of this entity you will still have to wait several weeks until everything is ready for its integration.

Apple Pay ING Direct

As soon as the integration ends, users will be able to access the Wallet application that comes natively on iOS to be able to carry out the configuration of your bank card in this service . Once they have it configured, they can take out their iPhone, double-tap the unlock button, identify themselves and bring it closer to the compatible dataphone . Obviously it will be possible to make this type of payment using the Apple Watch or the iPad or the Mac in the online stores that are compatible.

We do not understand Why did it take so long to reach this agreement? surely the delays have been related to Apple's requirements. The insistence of users through Twitter have surely given enough pressure for this to finally become a reality. In the coming weeks we hope that the definitive arrival of this service will be announced through its social networks and the requirements.

for us it is The form of payment is very comfortable and safe, saving you from having to take out your wallet every two to three to make a payment. From now on, ING Direct customers with their Apple equipment will be able to pay much more easily in most businesses in our country.

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