This is how you can make and receive calls on your Apple Watch — 2022

If you recently got an Apple Watch, one of your biggest questions may be about making calls with the watch. This is something that practically all smartwatches on the market can do and with the apple one it was not going to be less. In this article we will tell you how you can do it, activating certain settings with the iPhone first.

Is it necessary to have the iPhone nearby?

One of the advantages of having an Apple Watch version Cellular is the possibility of having an eSIM in this device. In this way you reduce dependence on the iPhone when carrying out certain procedures for which the internet is needed and for others such as receiving calls. In case you have this version, you will be able to manage these calls from anywhere with your watch.

If you have an Apple Watch version WiFi , this will require the iPhone in the vast majority of procedures related to the Internet and calls. Therefore, you will have to have your mobile nearby if you want to make or receive a call on your watch. It should be noted that both in this case and in the previous one you will not have to make any previous adjustments.

Receive calls on Apple Watch

Whether you have an Apple Watch with eSIM or the normal version, the way to manage incoming calls is extremely intuitive and similar to any phone:

receive calls apple watch

  • reject the call pressing the red button, thus sending the call to voicemail if you have this active.
  • Answer the callpressing the green button. The speaker of the clock will help you to listen to your interlocutor, although if you wear the AirPods and linked to the clock, these will be the ones that will serve as a receiver and microphone. Send the call to the iPhonepressing the three points that appear on the screen and then giving Answer with the iPhone. At that time, the call will be on hold until you answer on the iPhone to which you have linked the watch. Answer the call with a text messageclicking on the three points and then giving the option Reply with a text message.

Make calls with Apple Watch

There are several ways to make calls from your watch, regardless of what version it is:

call apple watch

  • Bring the watch to your mouth and say the command Hey Siri followed by call (contact name).
  • Hold down the corona digital to summon Siri, and say call (contact name).
  • Open the Apple Watch menu and open the Apple Watch app. Telephone. Once here you can access your favorite contacts, recent calls, your contacts, the keyboard or access to listen to your voicemail messages.

Problems receiving or making calls?

These are the solutions to the main problems that you may experience on your Apple Watch to receive or make calls:

  • If he Do Not Disturb mode is on on the watch you will not receive calls. You can disable it from the control center of this or from the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  • problems of coverage with your Apple Watch Cellular or your iPhone. If you are in an area with low or no coverage, you will not be able to make or receive calls on either device.
  • That he Apple Watch is not properly paired with iPhone , which would not only affect this type of action, but all those that require synchronization between the two. Go to Settings > Reset on the watch to set it up again.
  • That eSIM is not working , for which you will have to contact your telephone company to solve this problem.

In short, there are usually no problems making calls with your Apple Watch. If you were unaware of this function, now you know that you can use it and speak from your wrist, something very futuristic in films from other decades and that is now more than a reality.