This is Palmer, the Apple TV + movie that everyone is talking about — 2022

palmer is a exclusive movie on Apple TV+, like the rest of the content on the platform. This marked the return to the cinema of the multifaceted Justin Timberlake and as the first big bet of the apple company in a year in which he expected the service to take a step forward. Below we tell you all the details you need to know about this production that, as we told you, you can only see through the Californians' streaming service.

Production, actors and characters of the feature film

This film released on January 29, 2021 is still available on Apple TV +. A large technical and artistic team participated in it. In the following sections we tell you the most relevant data of the film for these purposes.

Management and production team

  • Director: Fisher Stevens.
  • Producers:Sidney Kimmel, Charles B. Wessler, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin y Daniel Nadler. Executive producers:Mark O'Connor, Bruce Toll, Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, Jared Ian Goldman, and Cheryl Guerriero. Screenwriter:Cheryl Warrior. Director musical:Tamar-kali. Director of Cinematography:Tobias A. Schiessler. Director of photography:Geoffrey Richman. Production companies:Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Hercules Film Fund y Rhea Films. Recommended age:+12. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Eddie Palmer y Sam - Apple TV+

What characters do the actors play?

    Justin Timberlakeit is Eddie Palmer , the main character who after spending 12 years in prison returns to his hometown trying to rebuild his life. Ryder Allenit is Himself , a boy who lives a complicated situation at home and who suffers from the ridicule of his classmates at school, but who despite everything keeps his smile intact. June Squibbit is Vivian , Eddie's devoted grandmother who greets and welcomes him into her home when he is released from prison. Juno Templeit is Shelly , Sam's troubled mother. Her problems with drugs and her bad company make her irresponsible at first. Alisha Wainwrightit is Maggie , Sam's teacher, who tries to take care of him against bullies and who begins to develop a particular relationship with Eddie. Other characters:
      Jesse C. BoydInterpreting Coles . Lance E. NicholsInterpreting Sibs. J.D EvermoreAs the Director Forbes.

Synopsis, trailer and review of Palmer

Available in the original English version, this film can also be seen with a dub in spanish from Spain , Latin American Spanish , German, French French, Canadian French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. It also supports audio description in all of them while also offering subtitles in those and many other languages.

What is Palmer about?

The film revolves around Eddie Palmer. He lived a good youth, even being the star of the high school football team. However, a mistake made by himself ended up leading him to spend 12 years in prison. He now returns to his grandmother's house, who welcomes him in the hope that he can rebuild his life in a town where few still see him as that popular teenager and if not as a dangerous ex-convict.

Right next to Grandma's house is a trailer home to Shelly, a troubled mother more concerned with her drug addiction than caring for her son Sam. It is precisely with the little boy that Eddie forges a strange, but beautiful friendship. The boy has a behavior that is very particular according to whom, starting with Eddie himself, but also his classmates who continually make fun of him.

Throughout the film we can witness Eddie's personal evolution as he forms that duo with Sam. In between, a series of events take place that lead him to be on the verge of going back to prison, which is why there are also moments of tension in a film that, despite everything, does not waste the opportunity to leave comic touches in it. multitude of scenes.

The movie set a record on Apple TV+

Unlike what happens with cinema or television, streaming platforms do not usually make public data on viewers and sometimes even the number of total subscribers. This is the case of Apple TV +, of which exact data of the public that accesses its content has never been known until now.

In the case of Palmer, it was not an exception on the part of the Cupertino company, although thanks to a report published by Variety it was revealed that the premiere of the film had been a complete success. According to that report, it served to Apple TV + lived its best weekend since it was launched on November 1, 2019. According to the data they handled, the number of viewers increased by 33% during January 29, 30 and 31, 2021. Although it is true that those days episodes of series highly valued by the public, much of the success is attributed to this film for being one of the most anticipated on the platform.

Our review of Palmer

We start from a base that could well be a conclusion and that is that Palmer would probably have gone unnoticed if he were not Justin Timberlake, his protagonist. However, the fact that it is not the film of the year is not a reason to detract from the title. Starting precisely with Timberlake, since there was a desire to see his return to the cinema, although in this case metaphorically, since it is platform content and unfortunately it could not be previously released in any screening due to health issues derived from the coronavirus pandemic. the COVID-19.

The Memphis artist sees himself as a good guy who went bad at one point and is now good again. Questioned like this, the premise is still not good, but let's go in parts.

Sam Apple TV +

Eddie Palmer, which is the name of the character played by good old Justin, is a former prisoner who for some reason had to spend more than a decade behind bars. There would be and probably compelling reasons why not even he himself was awarded the role of innocent, however this is hardly touched during the hour and fifty that the film lasts and that is something that, despite not being relevant in the end, viewers would have liked to know.

The important thing is that Eddie has returned home and is doing it with his grandmother, since his parents are no longer there (another family drama that, despite being widely seen, could be more exploited and yet it passes by). The boy feels watched and it is not for less, he went from being the football star in high school to being a delinquent who is back. And it's not that Eddie finds the streets empty out of fear, but there is a certain tension between the neighbors when someone runs into him doing the shopping. However, he slowly walks away again gaining everyone's trust.

The co-star of the movie should really be a Protagonist. And yes, in capital letters. Young Sam played by Ryder Allen is the counterpart to the badass Eddie, a sweet boy of no more than 10 years whose effeminate personality makes him a favorite target of the thugs and who even catches the attention of some of the immature adults. In practically every conversation that arises between these two characters, one can find a great reflection on the normalization of different behaviors among children. In fact, we could say that in a good part of the film, Sam shows much more mental maturity than Eddie and not because he has learned it, but because what for others is something strange, for him it is natural. They say that children always tell the truth and in this case Sam's innocence could not be more loaded with it.

The plot line keeps you entertained and despite the fact that there are shocks, it suffers from having an ending that is too predictable. However this does not seem to be a problem. After all, there are many films and series that, despite having a more than obvious ending, the importance lies in the path that leads to it. And this is where the comedy comes in or the (typical and brief) love story that the protagonist lives with Sam's teacher, who also plays an important role in normalizing children's attitudes.

Sam's Mom in Palmer - Apple TV+

As clear antagonists we have Sam's mother and stepfather, who do not exactly act as role models for a child. She, a drug addict and irresponsible, and he a freeloader who is only looking for a party partner. The main scenes of tension are lived precisely around the stories of these characters, especially the mother, who despite showing a good background, is immature and puts at stake not only the stability of her son but also Eddie's new life. .

Palmer is definitely a film that could pass by if it were not for its protagonist, something already mentioned in the first line of this review. But precisely the value of the production lies in having known how to choose a renowned actor like this one to give visibility to the message they wanted to convey. It is not the first time that we see this theme portrayed in a film, but this does not make it any less necessary that there continue to be bets of this type. Palmer is a tribute to reintegration, to equality between people of all kinds and, above all, to children. Because yes, children can also give us life lessons despite bragging about being the most inexperienced in it.

Palmer y Sam - Apple TV+