Is it worth hiring AppleCare+? All you need to know — 2022

Surely you have read or heard something about AppleCare + , an Apple service that acts as sure The extended warranty . But what is it exactly? How much? What does it cover and for how long? In this post we will answer these and other frequently asked questions about this service, including the difference it has with AppleCare (without the '+'), because no, it is not the same.

Differences of AppleCare and AppleCare+

We believe it is convenient to start talking about this because in many countries like Spain we did not have AppleCare+ available, but rather AppleCare, which is no longer available having given way to the new one. In its day it was a service that basically it was the same than the current plus model, even having prices very similar to the current ones.

However, there were indeed differences regarding the coverage time , since in most countries it was limited to being available for 12 months, which is half of what AppleCare + offers. The other difference in contention is that of the accidental damage , which were not covered by this service and were paid for as an out-of-warranty repair. For the rest, both coincide in a good part of their characteristics. Although, we insist, AppleCare as such is no longer available.


The first thing you should know is that this is a purchase protection service applicable to practically all the company's devices, including some accessories that come in the box and even those that are purchased separately. And of course, it's optional , so you have no obligation to hire it.

    iPhone(including charger and other items included in the box) iPod(including charger and other items included in the box) iPad(including charger and other items included in the box, as well as official Apple Pencil or keyboards if purchased together) Mac(including charger, peripherals and other items included in the box) Apple Watch(including charger and other items included in the box) Apple TV(including charger and other items included in the box) HomePod AirPods y Beats(including charger and other items included in the box)

applecare+ products

Regarding accessories such as the Apple Pencil and other iPad accessories, these are not included with the purchase of the device. Now, if they are purchased simultaneously, the AppleCare+ service can be applied to them, so that they are equally covered in cases of possible incidents.

Difference with the legal guarantee

In Spain, as of January 1, 2022, a guarantee regulation came into force in which it is established that devices such as those mentioned above must have a minimum coverage of 3 years . That is, regardless of whether you contract AppleCare + or not, you have the right to carry out any repair covered by it during that period.

Now the AppleCare+ coverage time is 2 years , in which you will only be covered 2 incidents per year . In other words, it is divided into tranches of 12 and 12 months, both having the possibility of going to technical support on 2 occasions for repairs covered by AppleCare+, having to pay in full for a hypothetical third. Of course, regardless of the number of incidents you have reported, if it is something that should already be covered by the guarantee, you should not worry.

On the other hand, AppleCare+ can always be contracted at the time of purchase or in the 60 days after purchase . And this will be the same regardless of whether you bought the product from Apple or elsewhere, as long as it is brand new and not refurbished or second-hand.

What repairs are covered by AppleCare+

Although it is true that it depends on the device itself, there are a series of common repairs for all of them that are usually fully or partially covered. And it is that AppleCare + implies in some cases the payment of franchises , that despite the fact that in the end they allow you to pay less for a repair, these are not 100% free. All of these are usually related to Physical damages on the device, highlighting these:

  • Battery changes (free)
  • Screen replacement (requires payment)
  • Accidental damage with exchange of parts or complete replacement (requires payment)
  • Motherboard issues with part exchange or full replacement (requires payment)
  • Replacement earphones included in the box (free of charge)
  • Replacement of the original charger or the cable included in the box (free of charge)
  • Replacement keyboard, mouse or trackpad included in the box (free)
  • Replacing some AirPods or their case

Does AppleCare+ cover theft damage?

This is one of the aspects not covered by AppleCare+ . The company is not responsible for this type of claim, nor for losses, in these cases having to pay the replacement price. Although it is true that in the case of AirPods it is literally said that they can correct losses, in the end it is the same as a replacement, since they will be giving you another replacement part.

They also do not cover water damage or similar, which are also outside their legal guarantee. In the end, what AppleCare+ provides is a cheaper solution to those types of problems that are normally covered by a complete replacement of the device, so in the end we are going around the same as with thefts.

how to hire

When you buy a product in an Apple Store, whether physical or online, you will find the possibility of contract it during the purchase process , being added as an extra that is added to the final price. Of course, if you did not acquire it at that time, you can do it in the 60 days later by communicating with Apple through any official channel. In some cases, such as those of Mac, iPhone and iPad, they allow you to access a website to contract it from the settings themselves.

As we have already mentioned in a previous section, you can buy the product in other store than Apple and not for that reason lose this right to contract AppleCare+. From the moment you make the purchase, you will be able to communicate with the company in the same way to register the insurance, which, in this case, will be paid to Apple itself and not to the store where you bought the product.


We must differentiate two types of prices in AppleCare +. On the one hand, the cost of the service and that is paid at the time of registration, which will not have any additional charge if you do not carry out any repairs. Now, if you must use the service and the repair itself requires paying part of it, you must add it.


As of today, AppleCare+ can be contracted for these iPhone models, excluding those that are older and regardless of whether new ones can still be found in a store:

    iPhone 13 Pro Max:€229 iPhone 13 Pro:€229 iPhone 13:€169 iPhone 13 mini:€169 iPhone 12 Pro Max:€229 iPhone 12 Pro:€229 iPhone 12:€169 iPhone 12 mini:€169 iPhone 11 Pro Max:€169 iPhone 11 Pro:€169 iPhone 11:€169 iPhone SE (2nd gen):€99 iPhone XS Max:€99 iPhone XS:€99 iPhone XR:€99

As far as repair costs is concerned, we find these:

    Battery change:free Screen damage:29 euros Rear glass damage:29 euros Other damages:€99


Here we also find that there are many iPad models that support contracting this service, counting not only on all those that are on sale now, but also on somewhat older generations:

    iPad Pro:
      11 inches (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen.):€139 12.9 inches (3rd and 4th gen.):€139 12.9 inches (5th gen.):€159
    iPad Air (3rd and 4th gen):79 euros iPad (7th, 8th and 9th gen.):79 euros iPad mini (5th and 6th gen.79 euros

iPad sizes

As far as repairs are concerned, it must be said that there is not as much distinction as in the iPhone, encompassing all kinds of device repairs in one and then, separately, another one for accessories:

    iPad damage of any kind:49 euros Damage to the Apple Pencil or official keyboard:29 euros


Apple computers also have the possibility of contracting these services, but with a variation in price depending on the device for which it is to be contracted. Currently they only offer this service for the models that they sell in their stores:

    MacBook Air (M1):€199 MacBook Pro (M1):€279 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/M1 Max 14″):€299 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/M1 Max 16″):€399 iMac (M1 24″):219 euros iMac (Intel 27″):219 euros Mac mini (M1):€119 Mac mini (Intel):€119 Mac Pro (2019):€349

keyboard macbook pro 2020

You should know that the Pro Display XDR , the official Apple screen and which is usually sold with the Mac Pro or separately, also has the AppleCare+ service for 499 euros, an exact figure that does not vary regardless of whether it is purchased separately or together with a Mac.

If we refer to the payment of the excess when we go with an incident covered by AppleCare +, we must say that there is no free repair, the division of costs for the user being as follows:

    External casing damage:€99 Screen damage:€99 Other damages:€259

Apple Watch

The case of watches is very similar to that of iPads and, in addition to the watch itself, AppleCare + also covers the straps originals that are included at the time of purchase. The contract price you have is this:

    Apple Watch Series 7:89 euros Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès:€199 Apple Watch Series 6 Hermès:€199 Apple Watch Series 6:89 euros Apple Watch SE:65 euros Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès:€199 Apple Watch Series 5:65 euros Apple Watch Series 4:65 euros Apple Watch Series 3:65 euros

Apple Watch straps

Regarding additional costs for repairs, the brand establishes that any damage It will cost an additional 65 euros, having the same limitations as other devices in relation to 2 incidents per year.


In the rest of the Apple catalog we find other devices that also allow the contracting of AppleCare+, with all of them having a fixed price defined for each incident and with the same limit of 2 repairs per year.

    Apple TV HD (including remote):
    • Contract price: 29 euros
    • Price of repairs: 15 euros
    Apple TV 4K (2021) (including remote):
    • Contract price: 29 euros
    • Price of repairs: 15 euros
    iPod touch (7ª gen.):
    • Contract price: 59 euros
    • Price of repairs: 29 euros
    HomePod mini:
    • Contract price: 15 euros
    • Price of repairs: 29 euros
    AirPods and Beats headphones (without AirPods Max):
    • Contract price: 39 euros
    • Price of repairs: 29 euros
    AirPods Max:
    • Contract price: 59 euros
    • Price of repairs: 29 euros

Is AppleCare+ worth it?

This is a completely personal decision that each one must make based on various factors such as economics. It also depends a lot on how long you are going to have the device, the use you are going to make and if you traditionally tend to have accidents with the devices or are very careful (although sometimes chance is capricious). For this reason, we believe that the best way to help you make a decision and as a conclusion to this article is to show you a kind of summary of what AppleCare+ is, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses:

    Advantages of AppleCare+:
    • Some repairs are free and in the paid ones, they represent a considerable saving compared to normal.
    • You do not need to decide at the time of purchase, having two months to think about it.
    • If you don't hire it and the device suffers an accident, you could regret it, so it helps to feel more secure.
    • Increase the value of the device if you decide to sell it before the term ends.
    • In more expensive equipment such as Macs, whose repairs are also expensive, it is worth considering.
    • It is valid both for repairs at Apple Store and Authorized Technical Services and always with official parts.
    Disadvantages of AppleCare+:
    • Almost all repairs require additional payment.
    • There is a limit of 2 repairs per year.
    • If you are tight on money, it is a price increase to take into account.
    • If you do not usually have incidents or it is going to be a little-used device, it will probably not be profitable for you.
    • In Apple TV-type devices, which are normally static, there is usually not much risk of an accident.
    • Some third-party insurance covers more damage and may even be cheaper.