Is it possible to access the BIOS on a Mac? we answer you — 2022

Windows users are very familiar with the BIOS of their computer, but this is not the case with Mac users. If you are wondering why in macOS there is not such a clear BIOS to make certain configurations in the bowels of the computer, in this article we tell you why.

What exactly is a BIOS?

BIOS stands for 'Basic Input Output System'. It can be said that this is a firmware installed in the internal memory of the motherboard of any computer. It includes the necessary options to be able to boot a computer as well as the settings to configure the processor or RAM. It is very common in PCs as it is basic to be able to start the operating system initially. The aesthetics are quite sober since it must be taken into account that it should not require any type of hardware resources of the equipment and the design will vary depending on the type of motherboard.


As we said, this is a feature that is very internalized in PC users but that can end up missing other users such as Mac users.

Do Apple Macs have a BIOS?

As we have said previously, the BIOS is present in all PCs that integrate Windows or any other operating system such as Linux. But surely you are wondering if something similar can be found in macOS. The short answer is no, but there is a system to be able to make different adjustments in the bowels of the device.

It is known by all that Apple is very careful in its operating system when it comes to security. On certain occasions they reach a limit that can confuse many users. This is why not many adjustments can be made with the Apple BIOS compared to the one present on PC. This is done so that no user can alter motherboard parameters such as processor voltage or even adjust fan speed. As we said, this has the advantage that no one can maliciously access the entrails of the Mac, guaranteeing the security of the users. With a simple button you start the Mac from scratch with the operating system that is already integrated from the factory itself without the need to make adjustments that for many users are unnecessary. It is a reality that whoever buys a computer with these characteristics is indifferent to changing the processor voltage to achieve higher performance.


On the other hand, there is the negative for those people who are looking for a team in which the settings can be customized. The secrecy that Apple has with its systems that are designed in a very closed way may not make a small group of people fall in love. But for this part we must understand that they are not prepared for a gamer world and that it is not possible to make hardware changes either. Although, when there is a problem on the computer, you cannot try to fix it at home.

Access the Mac BIOS

Although, although officially there is no BIOS on the Mac, there is something similar. It is very restricted so that no one can alter the operation of the device except technicians. But in case you are curious about accessing this part of the system, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Shut down the Mac completely.
  • Once turned off, turn it back on.
  • At the same time hold down the Command + Option + O + F keys.

After a few seconds you will see on the screen where you can enter different commands to make very subtle changes. An interface is not included as in the case of PC BIOS but it is much more sober. Obviously we do not recommend you to access this part of the operating system in any case, and less if you have no knowledge of what you are doing.