This is how you can download and save music on your Mac — 2022

Download Music on Mac Legally it's easier than you might think and in this post we will teach you how, so you can make use of themusic and audio players available for iPhone and iPad.However, before proceeding, we must warn you that downloading music is subject to the current legislation in the country in which the download is being made, so we recommend that you inform yourself about it beforehand, since at La Manzana Mordida we are not responsible for the use made of the applications that are shown in this post, as well as thosetools to convert videos to mp3 on Mac.

How to download music on Mac without installing any software

As we explained in the post on how to download YouTube videos on Mac, there are some methods that they do not require any type of installation to be able to download music on the Mac . This is the case of some web pages that allow you to download content in mp3 format to be able to play it later on your computer or on another player to which you export the file.

youtube download music on mac

One of the largest portals in terms of music is YouTube And it is that in the video portal you can find almost any song, either in the form of a video clip or videos made by users in which the lyrics appear. Obviously we are not interested in the image of the video if what we want is the song but there are several web pages where you can download the audio of these videos :

The procedure to follow in all the websites shown above is similar. You must first Paste the link of the YouTube video in the corresponding box which you want to get the audio from, after choose the desired format that will be mp3 and click on the download button for the audio comprehension process to begin. Then, if the download does not start automatically, you will need to press the button indicated to download the file .

Download music on your Mac with iMusic

iMusic is a program that will allow you to download songs from music and video portals like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube o Vevo . Although by its name it may seem that it is an official Apple app, the truth is that it is from a developer external to the company. You can download it by clicking here .


iMusic lets you download music on Mac

With this program you will be able to search for the songs in various portals such as those mentioned above and you will find a guide that will help you choose that song and download it to your Mac really quickly and easily . It also has a tool to burn a CD.

if you have anyproblem with download on macremember that the solution could be simpler than you think.

Have you had any problem downloading songs with the methods that we have indicated? Tell us in the comments and we will try to help you.