iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which one better withstands shock? — 2022

There are many of us who have dropped our phone of several hundred euros on the ground at some time and our pulse has accelerated or we have begun to beg so that nothing has happened to the phone such as a broken screen. Manufacturers want to avoid this terrible feeling by adding increasingly resistant materials and even better finishes, but in the end it is inevitable to break a glass or scratch our device if it falls.

After the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ , it has already been compared to other devices on the market and not only in processor performance or which one has the best screen, but also in resistance. This time we have found a video on YouTube of PhoneBuff where subjects the Galaxy Note 10+ and the iPhone XS Max to a drop test that surely makes someone nervous to see it . It is true that this comparison is unfair Since the Note 10+ must be compared with the future iPhone 11 that will be presented in September, but until that time, the best device that Apple has on the market is the iPhone XS.

Samsung can boast of having a more resistant mobile with its Note 10+

Although Apple does not disclose the resistance rating of its glass, it apparently also has Corning Gorilla Glass 6 like the Note 10+ that has this resistance in both the rear and front glass, unlike the S10+.

In the test that we leave you in the following video, it has been possible to see that the Note 10+ cracks somewhat more than the iPhone XS when it is dropped from the back. When they are made to fall from the corner, it is also appreciated that both devices suffer the same but the iPhone XS Max ends up much more complete.

The test that changes everything is the frontal fall. In the case of the Note 10+ we can see that in 10 consecutive falls the device can continue to be used quite well and access some applications, something that does not happen on the iPhone XS Max.

At the end the resistance score for the Note 10+ is 37/40 and the iPhone XS Max is 34/40. These tests must be repeated when the new iPhone 11 is released since, according to rumors, it will be much more durable thanks to its design. In the end we must remember that a fall is a fall and it is difficult for a mobile to come out intact because they are 'weak' by nature and it is difficult for them to be quite resistant, although we saw a few years ago that some mobiles looked like bricks but those times have already last.

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