iPhone X screen protector withdrawn from sale due to its fragility — 2022

Trust the reviews that an item has before buying it, because they are vital, it is the summary that I can get from the news that we are going to see today. as is obvious you will want to have your iPhone X protected by what can happen with the , since it is not cheap. So, surely you are looking at different screen protectors and we do not recommend the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra as this screen protector has some issues.

Beware of this screen saver

The many that this screen protector has received has forced Apple to withdraw it as a recommended accessory for the iPhone X in the Apple Store . These criticisms were directed at the great fragility that , breaking just by looking at it. All this despite the fact that there are users who already knowcorrectly place a screen protector on the iPhone.

We do not want to go through the box if the screen of the iPhone X breaks, since the joke would come out 321 euros in the official technical service of Appl and. That is why in both Amazon and the Apple Store itself we find different protectors to avoid this misfortune.

Apple normally works with Belkin , an accessories manufacturer covered by Cupertino as it manufactures wireless charging bases or protective covers. In the case of its range of screen protectors that we find in the Apple Store itself, we see that one has been jinxed and has been detected thanks to the comments of the users themselves.

The glass called InvisiGlass Ultra received numerous criticisms as it was accused of breaking very easily, with a simple blow with the pen. In the face of these criticisms companies have responded by withdrawing it from sale but only for the iPhone X, since the same for the iPhone 7 and 8 have not received criticism.

Although other distributors are selling it, we recommend that you do not do it and wait for a new batch to be sent with guarantees in January. Leave us in the comment box if you have purchased this tempered glass and your experience. And remember to inform yourself and contrast opinions before making a purchase.