iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11 Which is better to buy? — 2022

The iPhone SE of 2022 and the iPhone 11 are two completely different devices at first glance, however, the price at which Apple sells them in the Apple Store makes many users doubt whether to buy one or the other. Well, in this post we are going to tell you all their differences and, above all, in which cases one iPhone or another is more convenient.


Before fully talking about the differences between the 3rd generation iPhone SE and the iPhone 11, so that you can understand them better and, to begin with, have a global vision of both devices, here is a comparative table with the main characteristics of both.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11

SpecificationsiPhone SE (3rd GeniPhone 11
-star white
-Red (Product RED)
-Red (Product RED)
Dimensions-Height: 13.84 cm
- Width: 6.73cm
-Thickness: 0.73cm
-Height: 15.09 cm
- Width: 7.57cm
-Thickness: 0.83cm
Weight144 grams194 grams
Screen4.7-inch Retina HD IPS6.1-inch IPS Liquid Retina HD
Resolution1,334 x 750 pixels1,792 x 1,828 pixels
ProcessorA15 BionicA13 Bionic
capabilities-64 GB
-128 GB
-256 GB
-64 GB
-128 GB
Battery-Video playback: Up to 15 hours.
-Video streaming: Up to 10 hours.
-Audio playback: Up to 50 hours
-Video playback: Up to 17 hours.
-Video streaming: Up to 10 hours.
-Audio playback: Up to 65 hours
Rear camera-Wide angle of 12 Mpx with f / 1.8.
-Deep Fusion.
-Optical image stabilization.
-Digital zoom up to x5.
-Portrait mode.
-Smart HDR 4 for photos.
-Video recording in 4K at 24, 25, 30 and 60 f/s.
-Wide angle of 12 Mpx with f / 1.8.
-Ultra wide angle of 12 Mpx with f / 2.4.
-Night mode.
-Depp Fusion.
-Optical image stabilization.
-Optical zoom x2 and digital zoom x5.
-Portrait mode.
-State-of-the-art HDR for photos
-Video recording in 4K at 24, 30 or 60 f/s.
Front camera7 MP lens with f/2.2 aperture, Smart HDR 4 for photos and 1080p HD video recording at 25 or 30 f/s12 MP lens with f / 2.2 aperture, auto HDR for photos and 4K video recording at 24, 30 or 60 f / s and slow motion
biometric sensorsTouch IDFace ID

Once you know what the main features are and as a preview of everything you can find in this post, we want to make a brief mention of the most interesting points that you have to assess when comparing these two iPhone models, since their differences are key when users can make an appropriate choice.

    DesignIt is something that to a greater or lesser extent affects all users, whether they like it or not, and here there is a big difference between the two. The iPhone SE has the traditional design, with a physical button on the front and pronounced frames, while the iPhone 11 does adopt the new all-screen design.
  • Something fundamental in the iPhone is the cameras and this is another of the great differences between the two devices, especially if we talk about the number of lenses.
  • BatteryIt is one of the aspects most valued by users when choosing a device. In addition, it is something that, depending on the use made of it, can affect the user experience more or less. The presence of 5GIt must be kept in mind, especially those users who see in the purchase of a new device the option that this be their companion for the next few years. The sizeof the device also matters, and in this case there is a big difference between the small iPhone SE and the iPhone 11, which without being the largest iPhone already occupy a good size in the hand when using it.

Featured Differences

You already know what the characteristics of both iPhone models are, therefore, it is time to talk about the differences that separate the 3rd generation iPhone SE and the iPhone 11, two devices with several years of difference regarding their launches, but that despite this have a similar price and very different specifications in certain key points.


The first thing we need to talk about is design. As we said a few lines above, this is something that practically irremediably affects the initial perception that users have of the device. In this case, and speaking in general terms, the one that loses out is the iPhone SE, since it has the same design that models such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and the same 2nd generation iPhone SE have already used , that is to say that with respect to its predecessor, absolutely nothing has changed. In addition, in an era where the all-screen phone is abundant, it is hard to see how a device launched in 2022 continues to use a design so old . Even so, there is a niche market that still loves this style.

iPhone SE 2020 2

On the other hand we have the iPhone 11, which despite being on the market much longer than the 3rd generation iPhone SE, does have the all screen design that already introduced the iPhone X at the time and that, since then, all models except the SE have adopted. Its frames are rounded, something that it also shares with the iPhone SE, but without a doubt the 11 offers a much more modern aesthetic and, for the vast majority, more attractive.

screen and size

One of the big differences, as you can foresee, is the size of the device, which is totally caused by the size of the screen, or perhaps the other way around. Regardless of this, you have to be very clear about the screen size you want for your device, since based on this, the purchase decision will go towards one or the other. The 3rd generation iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch retina HD display , while the iPhone 11 enjoys a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display .

iPhone 11 colors

Both screens offer a very good user experience, both in terms of brightness, reaching 625 nits of maximum brightness , as at the color level, since the balance reached by both panels is really good. The difference is, how could it be otherwise, in the ergonomics . The iPhone SE is much more comfortable to use, especially on those occasions when you have to take the device out of your pocket and use it with one hand. However, the iPhone 11 without being too large a device, its screen makes it possible to enjoy multimedia content much better, losing some of the ergonomics and comfort to use it with one hand.


From goose to goose and I shoot because it's my turn, another relatively important point, and we say relatively because everything depends on the use that you go or want to make of the equipment, are the cameras. Here there is no doubt that the one that offers both more and better options is the iPhone 11. Both share, on the back, the lens wide angle, with an aperture f/1.8 , however, in the iPhone 11 a ultra wide angle lens with an f/2.4 aperture , which allows users to take pictures with the famous fisheye effect.

iPhone SE camera

Also, something you have to keep in mind is that the 3rd generation iPhone SE does not have night mode , while the iPhone 11 does. In something that the iPhone SE is above is in photographic styles, which are present in this one. On the other hand, if we turn the devices around, on the front side you can also find differences between the two devices, since the 7 Mpx of the front camera of the iPhone SE compared to the 12 that the iPhone 11 presents they will make selfies much sharper in the latter, greatly improving the results.

iPhone 11 camera

In short, if you are a user who is going to use the cameras of your device a lot, without a doubt the iPhone that suits you best is the iPhone 11, since the improvements compared to the SE as well as the inclusion of the ultra wide-angle lens also mark the difference significantly.


One aspect that worries all users a lot is the autonomy that they will be able to have on their devices. In this aspect, neither of them can come close to what the Max models offer, since for size reasons the battery has to adapt to it. However, and how can you predict just after this statement, the iPhone 11, due to size, has a larger battery and is therefore capable of offering better autonomy than that of the iPhone SE.

iPhone 11 + Apple Watch

For those users who are going to make intensive use of their device, consuming many social networks, video applications or even those who are going to be using their device's camera for long periods of time, the iPhone SE that will be very short as far as battery is concerned. In the same situation, the iPhone 11 may provide more optimal performance , and without a doubt it will give more hours of autonomy, but we have already said that at no time will you be able to stop worrying about reaching the end of the day completely left over.


Probably for the first time in the entire comparison, at this point the one we place above is the iPhone SE, and beware, it is not a minor point, especially for those users who are considering buying one of these two models of iPhone and intend this to be your device for several years to come.

iPhone SE lens The presence of 5G in the 3rd generation iPhone SE perhaps now it will not be very differential, but the reality is that in a short time it will be. Therefore, it is something that must be evaluated very carefully, since the transfer speeds that can be enjoyed in the near future will only be usable, in this case, by the third generation iPhone SE.

unlock method

The last difference that we want to talk to you about has to do with the way in which users of these devices have to unlock them in order to use them. This is due to the design that both have inherited, since on the one hand the 3rd generation iPhone SE, having the traditional design of the iPhone, also has the physical button on the front that includes the fingerprint sensor. , that is, what is known as Touch ID .

iPhone SE

On the other hand, the iPhone 11, being a full screen, does not have this physical button on the front, and we can say that it has been replaced by the famous notch that provides the technology to unlock the device through facial recognition. , that is, the known Face ID . Both aesthetically and, above all, functionally, Face ID allows you to enjoy much greater use of the screen, as well as being a safer unlocking method than Touch ID. However, in terms of comfort, the preferences of users are very different, since for some it is more comfortable to be able to unlock the device using your finger, and others by only putting your face.

How do they look alike?

Obviously, although they are two quite different iPhones in practically all aspects, there are also certain points in which they are similar and, therefore, offer very similar features. Therefore, once you know what the main different ones are, we are going to talk to you about what their meeting points are as well.


Between these two iPhone models there are two generations of difference, which means that within them there are two chips that in terms of power are, in theory, quite different. On the one hand, the 3rd generation iPhone SE has the chip A15 Bionic , while the iPhone 11 keeps the A13 Bionic , as you can see, two generations of difference between them.

iPhone 11 Pro

However, despite the fact that it is obvious that the A15 Bionic chip that the iPhone SE mounts is much more powerful than the A13 of the iPhone 11, this does not mean that the experience when using both devices vary. In fact, in the vast majority of cases you'll be able to carry out the same tasks in one or the other with the same fluidity and speed, all thanks to the enormous optimization that the Cupertino company carries out with its software.


Finally, we come to a differential point in this comparison, the price that users have to pay to be able to acquire one of these two completely new devices. The first thing you have to know is that both are sold through Apple's website or in its physical stores. In addition, they do so at a fairly similar price, which is precisely the reason why so many users, when purchasing a cheaper iPhone, hesitate so much between choosing one or the other.

The 3rd generation iPhone SE is part of the €529 in its 64 GB version, while the iPhone 11 part of the €589 , also in its 64 GB version. As you can see, the price difference between the two is 60 euros, something that, as we have mentioned before, makes users doubt a lot, this doubt is also caused by the differences that exist between these two iPhone models and that we have told you about in this post.

Which one are we left with?

As is usual in this type of post, whenever we make a comparison of this type, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to finish it by telling you what our personal preference is. In this case, it is quite difficult to opt for one or the other, since everything will depend on the type of user you are and, above all, on what you are looking for when buying one of these two iPhone models.

iPhone 11

On the one hand, if you want to enjoy a current iPhone, even though the 3rd generation iPhone SE is newer, its design makes it old, so we would stick with the iPhone 11 , an all-screen device, with good cameras and a fairly decent battery to be able to enjoy the device throughout the day.

However, for all those users who are thinking of buying an iPhone to last them many years and who are really going to use the device to call and chat through messaging services with their loved ones, the most suitable it is the iPhone SE Since it has 5G and having a newer processor, it will foreseeably withstand a greater number of updates in the future.