iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods... Apple's 2020 in a nutshell — 2022

Even in situations as complicated as this year's due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has been able to surprise us with a multitude of launches. Phones, tablets, computers and even a new service. In this article we review all the products launched by Apple in this 2020. Did you remember them all?

The year of the Mac and the Apple Silicon

This year was marked in red by Apple and it was the year destined to begin the transition from Intel chips to its own processors. However, they also renewed their range of Macs with Intel at the beginning of the year, or at least part of it.

Apple iMac 27-inch 2020

The company renewed MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini adding the possibility of acquiring them together with the tenth generation of Intel processors. In the case of laptops, keyboards with a butterfly mechanism that gave such a bad experience for 4 years were finally slammed, giving way to a well-known mechanism called scissor, comparable to the Magic Keyboard of the iMac.

Although the tabletop range did not bring the expected renewal of design, if we find ourselves in summer with a 27-inch iMac To which a series of components were added that make it even more powerful than the iMac Pro launched in 2017.

MacBook Air M1 review

Already in the month of November we find ourselves, now yes, with the early Macs with M1 chips . This nomenclature is the one used by the company to name its first own ARM processors for computers. The refreshed Macs earlier this year ('Mini', 'Air' and 'Pro') have been early adopters, delivering truly amazing performance results even for those with the highest hopes for them. A good appetizer for a 2021 in which great things are expected from these processors.

The iPad Air dressed as iPad Pro

2019 had been a blank year for Apple's most powerful iPad range, but in 2020 it was time to see a renewal. The iPad Pro of this generation brought with them the same design as the previous ones, except for the integration of a double camera with a LiDAR sensor on its back. The processor is still the most powerful today, saving the M1.

new ipad pro 2020

However, the key to the new iPad came from software thanks to the complete integration of mice and trackpad, for which the company presented the so-called Magic Keyboard , a keyboard with an identical mechanism to that of its Mac namesake and that incorporates a trackpad, turning tablets into an excellent hybrid with computers.

The iPad Air is possibly the main star in this catalog, since it finally incorporated an all-screen design reaching 10.9 inches and making it compatible with the same accessories as the 11-inch model of the iPad Pro. It even added USB type C and a attractive range of colors to choose from.

iPad Air 2020

also renewed the iPad normal, the one aimed at students. This eighth generation came to be a simple processor renewal, jumping to an interesting A12 Bionic that gives it greater longevity at the software level and allows it to carry out heavy processes with more comfort than with the A10 that incorporated the previous generation model. A device that, accompanied by the appropriate accessories, has tremendous potential, of course, if you are a student and you are going to acquire it, we recommend that youprotect your iPad with one of the many compatible casesthat exist on the market.

The Apple Watch is now for everyone

After a somewhat decaffeinated Series 5 in 2019, this 2020 it was time to make a more relevant difference to the Apple Watch Series 6 so it was. Sensors capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, improvement in the brightness of the screen in idle mode with the Always On Display and improvements in charging times, as well as the battery in general, were added.

Apple Watch Series 6

However, the star has been Apple Watch SE , a more economical and attractive watch for all those public to whom health functions such as ECG or oxygen measurement do not seem tempting. On an aesthetic level, it is the same as the Series 6 and incorporates the same chip as the Series 5 to offer fluidity in the system and guarantee its long useful life.

The year with the most new iPhones in history

Not one, not two and not even 3. Not even 4. 5 iPhones are the ones that Apple has launched in 2020! They began with the long-awaited renovation of the iPhone SE with a second generation that, although it offered a classic design with a Home button, guaranteed the best possible experience with the A13 Bionic chip, which at the beginning of the year was still Apple's most advanced processor for an iPhone. Its affordable price opened the door to a specific audience niche.

iPhone SE (2 generation) 2020

However, the expected ones were the iPhone 12 . The normal model that bears that name was an improved version of the iPhone 11, with straight edges in the purest iPhone 4 style, with a new OLED screen and a double camera that improves what was seen the previous year. Identical to this in performance came the iPhone 12 mini , with a compact size and 5.4 inches to satisfy the hunger of those who love compact phones. And on top of that with 5G connectivity.

all Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro Y iPhone 12 Pro Max if they came with changes in size compared to their predecessors, the 'Pro' model went from 5.8 to 6.1 inches, while the big one is the largest in history reaching 6.7 inches. A LiDAR sensor capable of improving photographs in modalities such as portraits was added, and in the case of the 'Max' the size of the lenses was increased, offering an even more complete photography and video experience.

From the ‘mini’ sound to the ‘Max’ sound

After several years in which Apple has had to deal with fierce competition from cheap speakers from Amazon and Google, it introduced the HomePod mini as a revolutionary speaker that despite its small size stands up to even the big ones, bridging the gap with the classic HomePod. Its price of 99 euros has also been a key factor in its arrival on the market.

HomePod mini and AirPods Max

And when no one was expecting a launch from Apple anymore and 2020 was closed, at the beginning of this month of December the announcement of the AirPods Max . These, which had been rumored as AirPods Studio, come to bring the complete Apple sound experience leading the new post-Beats era and with excellent features such as active noise cancellation that promises to put its competition in trouble.

The software also made its appearance

As is tradition, at WWDC 2020 Apple presented the new operating systems for its equipment. iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 Big Sur, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 they have brought interesting improvements to continue providing a unique user experience in the brand's products.

macOS Big Sur

Of all these we are left with the change that macOS Big Sur brought, leaving behind the number '10' that had been with us for almost two decades since OS X. All this with an aesthetic change that equates these devices to the iPad and that opened the door to the aforementioned first Macs with the company's own chips.

Picture in Picture iOS 14

From iOS 14, the arrival of widgets on any screen or the integration of the Apps Library in which to store those applications that we do not want to appear on any of the other screens stood out.

Apple Fitness+ completed the collection

iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and Apple TV+ are the services that the Californian company has been offering for some time now. This has now been added Apple Fitness+ , a streaming sports training service that is currently only available in a few countries, but which is the icing on the cake.

Apple Fitness+

In order not to leave anyone behind and not force them to pay too much, the company also launched subscription packages for Apple One in which several of these services are included at a lower price than if they were contracted individually.

Apple's best year?

To all these products were also added the already classic accessories such as iPhone cases, Apple Watch straps and others. All this forming a set that has ended up giving Apple record revenue figures worthy of study at such a complex time for the world economy after the health alert. Some launches suffered delays and who knows if perhaps something was left in the pipeline precisely due to this pandemic, but it is clear that in Cupertino they must be fully satisfied with everything they have been launching. And you? What assessment do you make of this Apple 2020?