iPhone for an elderly person? These are the most suitable — 2022

If you have a close family member who is a basic mobile phone user, but you want them to have access to an iPhone because of the iOS features, you are in the right place. Next, we analyze which are the best iPhone for the elderly, mainly focused on a good performance of the operating system, but without the need to have the latest advances and at a much cheaper price than the high-end ones.

What will iOS offer to an elderly person?

If the person to whom you are going to give or recommend an iPhone has never used one or even this will be their first smartphone, we have to tell you that you should not worry. It is true that something so new can be very shocking for them at first, but Apple has dedicated software for its mobiles that makes the experience much easier. You will be able to take a quick tour of the main functions, although the Tips app that is installed natively will also help you a lot.


As for the exact things that these mobiles offer to older people, we have to say that they are exactly the same as for the rest. In other words, there is no specific mode for them, but taking into account that their use may be very limited, there will be things that they do not even need. You can show them the App Store, where they can download games to entertain themselves, the main messaging apps or how to FaceTime to stay in touch with others anywhere.

Also calling functions or browser access can be very important to them. The entertainment functions are also important, since in addition to games as we have mentioned before, they will also be able to access the websites of newspapers and magazines that are of interest to them. They will even be able to request a medical appointment from their mobile and even pay securely with Apple Pay.

iPhone SE 2016, the best option in terms of price

iPhone SE

In 2016 Apple released a 'Special Edition' of its smartphones known by its abbreviation iPhone SE. This device of 4 inches screen has a body identical to the popular iPhone 5s, but with the advantage of having a processor more current than this. chip today A9 that it incorporates could fall short in many cases and could even cause the phone to stop receiving updates in 2021, but the truth is that in the event it will continue to be a fully functional phone.

Its size compact It means that, in addition to being able to carry it in any pocket, it is not uncomfortable when it is being used. The screen may seem small, but in the end it may be more than enough for the person who uses it to browse and view photos and video with good quality. It also has Touch ID to protect your data and make payments securely, so this is also an important incentive. Besides that the battery You will be able to get to the end of the day without problems, taking into account the basic use that you will make of the terminal.

It also has a rear and a front camera, which without being anything special today will be more than enough for the person who uses it to take simple photos to share with family and friends. In addition to the fact that this same person will be able to enjoy their snapshots by creating albums from the Photos app.

But without a doubt, the most attractive thing about this device is the price . There are very few stores left where you can buy this new device, but there are some places like Amazon where you can find this refurbished device at a price of less than 150 euros. Taking into account the benefits

iPhone SE 2020, better performance

iPhone SE 2020

Despite the fact that the previous iPhone could serve a majority, the truth is that its second generation launched in 2020 could already satisfy any older person who is looking for optimal device performance, but without the need for a large phone. This device is part of €489 in its 64 GB version, a price considerably higher than the previous one but much cheaper than the high-end ones.

With this terminal you will be guaranteed software updates until 2024 or 2025 at least thanks to the A13 Bionic chip, which is the same one that the iPhone 11 has. This will not only mean that they can be receiving the news of iOS, but they will also be able to enjoy a very fluid performance on a screen of 4.7 inches which can make it more comfortable to look at than the previous 4 while still having a very compact body.

It also has Touch ID , in this case of second generation making it faster, but just as safe. All the functions mentioned in the previous case can be transferred to the iPhone SE 2020, but some aspects such as the camera They improve considerably, being able to even take pictures with portrait mode with both the main and the front lens. It also has a greater autonomy , which for demanding users can fall short and in these cases is more than enough to get to the end of the day.

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Other cheaper phones than the 'Pro' models are the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, but in the end they are equipment that can be too pretentious for this type of user, either because of their larger size or because of their unnecessary high performance in these cases. Also the price rises to a point where perhaps they are no longer worth it, so we will stay with the two iPhone SE that, for the moment, are the most indicated.