iPhone apps to not miss the schedule on your return to school — 2022

One of the most important points for any student is to be very clear about when and where they have each of the classes and for this, Apple devices, especially the iPhone, can help you a lot. In this post we have compiled a series of applications that will help you to have your class schedule well controlled so that you can consult it whenever you need it.

Advantages of keeping the schedule on the iPhone

The iPhone is a device that we always carry attached to us to do practically any task, therefore, having the class schedule inside it makes consulting it very easy and comfortable. In addition, it will also allow you to access it at any time to consult the place of the class that you have next or the time that you have a certain subject on a specific day.

Accompanying the iPhone always, or almost always, is the Apple Watch, another device that puts even more accessible certain information , since with it you only have to go to your wrist to see the information you need. Some of the applications that we are going to talk about below also have their version for Apple Watch, so if you opt for one of these alternatives, you can check your schedule whenever you want just by glancing at your wrist.

Ideal apps to create class schedules

Fortunately, the App Store has a huge variety of applications, so much so that it is practically capable of covering any need that a user may have. As we have mentioned, having the class schedule on the iPhone, or even on the Apple Watch, can be really useful, convenient, and in some cases, even vital. That is why pay special attention to the following applications that will allow you to have access to your schedule at any time and place.


iphone calendars

We start talking about an application free that all users of an iPhone have already installed , and it is the famous Calendar app. As usual, Apple already provides the means to carry out many actions and surely many users have never tried to take advantage of an application that has as much potential as Calendar.

In this app you can always record all your classes , to be able to control both the time and the place where they take place. In addition, being a native app from Apple itself, synchronization with other devices is total, so you will have access to your schedule both on the iPhone and on the iPad, Mac, and of course also in the Apple Watch.

Calendar Calendar Descargar QR-Code Calendar Developer: Apple

Class schedule

Class schedule

This app is definitely one of the best companions you can have by your side throughout the course , whether you are in school, institute or university. It will allow you to carry a class registration that you have throughout the year, as well as adding events to your weekly agenda with total ease so that you don't miss anything and you can have everything well controlled.

It also has a widget, so on top of that you won't even have to enter the application many times if what you want is just to check the schedule you have each day. It has the possibility of writing down tasks, and on top of that it is fully compatible with Apple Watch and iPad, so you will have everything much more accessible with the rest of the devices.

Class schedule Class schedule Descargar QR-Code Class schedule Developer: Class Timetable LLC

Calendar: My Agenda and Tasks

Calendar- My Agenda and Tasks

This application provides all users an easy and elegant way to use a calendar app on iPhone . It works perfectly in tune with apps like Google Calendar or Apple's own Calendar, which we've talked about a few lines above. With it you can manage all your events, both online and offline.

It is an application that is mainly focused to the events . It has a very elegant and easy-to-use interface, so you don't have to complicate your life whenever you want to check your class schedule or any extraordinary event you have to attend. It also provides different views of the calendar, in the form of day, week, month and even a list of events.

Calendar: My Calendar and Tasks Calendar: My Calendar and Tasks Descargar QR-Code Calendar: My Agenda and Tasks Developer: Readdle Technologies Limited

Schedules – Weekly Timetable

Schedules - Weekly Timetable

The times when you had to write your schedule on a sheet of paper or in a notebook are over. If you have an iPhone you have the possibility of having your schedule with you always at all times thanks to applications like this one. This way you can be much more organized since you will have controlled at all times what class you have and where you have to go to enjoy it.

In addition, Weekly Timetable also allows you to keep track of control of all your tasks and even provides you with the option to activate notifications to warn you of what you do not want to forget. It also has a widget that you can use to avoid having to enter the application itself if you want to check your schedule. In addition, it is available for both Apple Watch and iPad, so you can always have access to it to consult anything.

Schedules – Weekly Timetable Schedules – Weekly Timetable Descargar QR-Code Schedules – Weekly Timetable Developer: Oleksandr Kirichenko

Smart School Diary

Smart School Diary

As its name indicates, this application has been designed and developed to be the typical school schedule , but with a clear difference, this will be always on your iPhone and you can consult at any time and place. This app is a complete student planner that will allow you to add different tasks, write down the date, time and place of the exams, add notes to your diary, manage absences, in short, everything you need to be more organized at school.

Obviously, among all the functions it offers, the one we want to highlight is the possibility of always having your class schedule, so that you can easily consult from your iPhone whenever you need it. But beware, these are not the only tools that this application has to help all its users to manage time in a more optimal way.

Smart School Diary Smart School Diary Descargar QR-Code Smart School Diary Developer: Matteo D'Ignazio

Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar

Calendar App Tasks & Calendar

This application is a native application that has been developed for Google Calendar . It has a very attractive interface and above all, and more importantly, with a very intuitive design that makes it really easy to navigate and take advantage of this app. Obviously, being an app designed for Google, all the data will be synchronized instantly with your Google account.

In addition to being able to create all your schedules on the calendar, it offers different ways to view it, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. It has the advantage that it works even when you don't have an internet connection, so you'll always have access to all the information you've saved on it. It has an advanced reminder system, so you never forget any meeting or important event.

Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar Descargar QR-Code Calendar App: Tasks & Calendar Developer: Shanghai Fengge Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Other apps that can give you more functions

Since we are talking about apps for students, we cannot miss out on the opportunity to show you a series of apps that, in addition to allowing you to create all your schedules to manage your time in the best possible way, also provide you with a series of functions that will come in handy to carry out numerous tasks during the course.



Surely on many occasions you have heard of Notion. It is a complete application, In fact, it is difficult to find an app in the App Store that includes as many functions as this one. Initially it can be somewhat complex to understand, since you can do so many things that you do not know where to start. However, we will focus on everything that it allows you to do, as a student, to get the most out of it.

Initially, Notion is a blank sheet of paper on which you can do whatever you want, from make your own schedules, be you task organizer or even make your work or notes within it. In addition, its organizational power means that within it you can have all the information about the different subjects, as well as your grades, collected. To do this, you can start from scratch and adapt the content to your liking, or you can use the multitude of templates that you can find on the internet to carry out anything.

Notion - Notes, projects, docs Notion - Notes, projects, docs Descargar QR-Code Notion - Notes, projects, docs Developer: Notion Labs, Incorporated



In addition to making fantastic devices available to users, Apple also provides all of them with native apps of great quality, an example of this is Pages, which is part of the entire work suite of the Cupertino company. If you have an iPhone or any Apple device you can use it totally free, And if you've never heard of it, something very strange, it's Apple's Microsoft Word.

With Pages, in addition to be able to carry out your schedule in a totally personalized and simple way, it is also an application that you can use to carry out all your work or even to collect the notes that you have to take on the different subjects on a daily basis. In addition, one of the main fears of users when starting to use Pages is the compatibility that these documents may have with other apps such as Word, however, with Pages you can export the document you are creating in any format you need.

Pages Pages Descargar QR-Code Pages Developer: Apple

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Obviously, if we have talked about Pages before, now we have to talk about its rival, which is Microsoft Word. Surely this is one of the applications or programs best known by all users since it has been used by most people for many years to make all kinds of text documents.

With Word you will not only be able to use its tools to create your different schedules if not you can also use it for take your notes , do work, write notes, and all this from your iPhone, through which, of course, you can also consult the documents you create with other devices in this same application.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Word Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Good Notes 5

Good Notes 5

We end this compilation of applications with Good Notes 5, an app that has really been conceived, designed and developed for iPad, but that you can also use through your iPhone. First of all, you have to know that It has synchronization through iCloud so everything you do on other devices such as the Mac and mainly the iPad, you will have access to it from your mobile device.

In addition, as we have mentioned, although it is an app that is designed to be used on the iPad together with an Apple Pencil, you can also take advantage of it on your iPhone to take notes, check your class schedule or even carry out certain text documents thanks to the tools that this application has.

GoodNotes 5 GoodNotes 5 Descargar QR-Code GoodNotes 5 Developer: Time Base Technology Limited

Which app is the best schedule?

Whenever we carry out this type of compilation, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which are the apps that have convinced us the most so, in this case, to have the ease and comfort of taking full control of the classes on the iPhone. Something that, once you try it, you will see how useful and comfortable it can be.

We start with our own applications to have all your schedule controlled, in this case, the app that we liked the most is Class schedule since it has everything a student needs. It has a really attractive and intuitive interface, and in addition, it also offers the possibility of configuring its widget. Moving now to the applications that, in addition to keeping track of your schedule and tasks, allow you to carry out other actions, we are left with Notion for the great potential it has thanks to the enormous possibilities it provides to the user.