iPhone and iPad games with which to be police officers — 2022

Many people in their childhood have thought at some point of being a member of the police, something that may not have come true. But there is always the possibility of living this experience through the iPhone and iPad through the games set in police work found in the App Store. In this article we show you the best.

Live the best chases

Do you like chases? When you are watching a police movie, do you hallucinate with the speed of the cars while the police try to hunt down the criminals? Here is a compilation of games where you can enjoy the best chases while controlling a large number of police vehicles, from the best cars to the funniest motorcycles, all for you, so you can experience the adrenaline rush of hunt down criminals.

Police Cop

Police Cop

You have just graduated from the Police Academy and you arrive in a city where conflict reigns. Street gangs and crimes are the order of the day and you must solve them by following the law or turn a blind eye by accepting bribes. Starts patrolling the streets stopping people to verify if their documentation is original. Register vehicles in search of criminals and improve your character to be able to rise through the ranks of the police career.

With Police Cop you'll get fully into the role of a real policeman , you even have the possibility, as the game progresses and you complete the different milestones within it, of ascending from cadet to captain. It has more than 40 different cars that you can enjoy while you carry out fast-paced chases, in addition, you can control the vehicle in three different types, since it also has 3 views so you can choose the one you like best.

Police Cop Simulator. Gang War Police Cop Simulator. Gang War Descargar QR-Code Police Cop Simulator. Gang War Developer: Oleg Andreev

Police Car Chase

police car Get behind the wheel of a fully customizable police car and travels the roads of an area of ​​16 square kilometers. Your objective will be to arrest the drivers who have committed a crime by chasing them since it won't make it easy for you. This is where your driving ability will intervene since the fact of having to skid will be something that fully intervenes in this regard.

Surely you have seen numerous police movies and your adrenalin it has increased in the moments in which the protagonists have to try to catch the criminals during a fast-paced chase. With this game you can put yourself in the skin of the protagonists and live in first person that feeling of speed and responsibility that police officers feel whenever they have to carry out a chase of this type.

Police Car: Chase Police Car: Chase Descargar QR-Code Police Car: Chase Developer: Pavel Gavrilyuk

Police Car Simulator Cop Car Duty

Police Car Simulator

Explore an open city with your police car in search of the crimes that can be presented in the streets . You have to patrol the streets, help civilians, take on gang bosses and even lesser criminals. While you are carrying out your patrol tasks you will be able to receive calls through the radio with the aim of going to a crime that is taking place to impose the required order. The ultimate goal of this game is to improve the security of the city.

The cars that you will have to drive and master in this game are exactly the same as those used by the American police, with up to 3 different models , from the typical sedan up to a 4×4 and a SUV . The way you catch criminals in this game is by chasing them with your car and hitting their car. In addition, you also have the possibility to play time missions to break new records and earn virtual money with which you can buy a new car to add to the options available to the police.

Police Car Simulator: Cop Duty Police Car Simulator: Cop Duty Descargar QR-Code Police Car Simulator: Cop Duty Developer: Xsa Software S.R.L.



A more focused game for the little ones in the house since it is set in the world of playmobil. Chase the thieves through the streets avoiding traffic cones, roadblocks and spike barriers. Obviously, the vehicle will run out of gas, so you'll have to collect fuel on the street so you don't get stuck and end up catching the criminals who want to escape.

With this game of the famous playmobil saga you can become the hero of the city When you catch the criminals, you can use different types of vehicles for this, from the great motorcycle, through the typical police car and even being able to drive the new balance racer, which looks spectacular. Each of the vehicles has its own style of pursuit, so you'll have to try them all to see which one you drive best so you can catch the criminals as soon as possible.

PLAYMOBIL Police PLAYMOBIL Police Descargar QR-Code PLAYMOBIL Police Developer: PLAYMOBIL®

Police Car Driving: Crime City

Police Car Driving Crime Time

If what you want is to become the last to fulfill the duty of being the best policeman in the city, this is undoubtedly your game. With Police Car Driving you will have the opportunity to Jump right into the epic police driving action while you take to the streets and respect the law in order to stop reckless drivers who put the health of other citizens at risk as well as catch criminals who try to flee from justice.

Is about one of the best police car driving simulator in first person. But beware, not only are you going to have to take control of the police car, you will also have to analyze reports to be able to find and arrest criminal drivers, all with the aim of cleaning the streets of your city of crime.

Police Car Driving: Crime City Police Car Driving: Crime City Descargar QR-Code Police Car Driving: Crime City Developer: GameShark

Police Motorbike Simulator 3D

Police Motorbike Simulator

As its name indicates, this game is especially focused on police motorcycle driving . Obviously, it is not driving for driving, after all, it is a police simulator so yes, you will have to drive the police motorcycles in the best possible way because what you have to achieve is to catch the criminals who try to escape justice. It is one of the best simulators since it will make you experience the emotion and action of driving a motorcycle while trying to arrest criminals.

You will have at your disposal different motorcycles , equipped with nitro boosters that, obviously, will give you a speed boost at certain times that will help you achieve your goal of reaching and hunting down criminals. The environment in which the game takes place has more than 25 km of roads, with intelligent and intuitive traffic.

Police Motorbike Simulator 3D Police Motorbike Simulator 3D Descargar QR-Code Police Motorbike Simulator 3D Developer: GameShark

Let´s Be Cops 3D

Lets be cop 3d

We end this section of the compilation surely with the most peculiar option of all. Let´s Be Cops 3D has everything the essence of a police simulator , Nevertheless, its arcade game aesthetic gives it a differential touch and really attractive, which invites you to spend hours and hours in front of the screen of your iPhone or iPad playing. With this game you will enter a city full of crimes, and there is only one officer who will be able to keep the law above all else.

Your job is to catch all those dangerous drivers in the city, for this you will have to stop to observe the roads to find those criminals who break the law at the controls of their car. You also have different tools to help you identify those reckless drivers, for example, the police scanner will help you see if a car is speeding more than allowed.

Let Let Descargar QR-Code Let's Be Cops 3D Developer: Kwalee Ltd

Put all your wits to work

Being a cop isn't just about chasing criminals or shooting criminals. Ingenuity in this profession is a fundamental part, with these games you will have to put all your intelligence to work in order to control everything that can happen around you. From controlling an entire police station to investigating a crime.

Idle Police Tyconn

Idle Police Tyconn

If you think run a police station It's something really simple, this game can change your mind. Idle Police Tyconn puts you in charge of a small police station that works hard to increase its reputation. You will have to improve the buildings or vehicles as well as offer the best equipment to your employees so that they can carry out their daily tasks. Obviously, you will have to face different crimes by drawing up investigation plans to catch the most famous criminals with the ultimate goal of making your district the safest in the entire city.

Within this police-themed game, it is not only important to have enough skill to catch criminals, but also to the management part is obviously of paramount importance since you will have to manage all the resources you have in the most efficient way possible, investing money and managing the accounts to keep both the police station and the staff well equipped. After all, all the details count, and add up, to level up your police station, so you'll have to be aware of everything to take care of even the smallest detail.

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game Descargar QR-Code Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game Developer: Digital Things

border patrol police

border patrol police

Start working as a border police officer and stop the smuggling of illegal goods in this police simulator. You must go looking for drugs, money, and illegal goods in the cars that want to enter the country. You will be able to disassemble the entire car or break the seats to track down the best hiding places where the contraband can be kept. Ultimately it will be you who will decide whether or not someone enters the country or simply goes to the dungeon.

This game undoubtedly puts your ingenuity to the test to be able to find what the criminals have carefully hidden in their car to introduce it into the country. This is a constant challenge as you will have to use your intuition to find anything suspicious that drivers may have in the car with the intention of breaking the law. You will even have to be very careful to verify not only the driver's license, but also the transportation checklist.

Border Patrol Police Border Patrol Police Descargar QR-Code Border Patrol Police Developer: Ghulam Mustafa

crime city police officer

crime city police officer

Do you want to be part of the crime scene investigation department? If the answer is yes, this is the game you have to try to enjoy and test your criminal investigator skills . You will be the officer of the police station and you will have to carry out multiple investigations to try to find out the truth of each one of the crimes that happen in the city and, of course, to do justice and thus be able to catch the culprit so that he pays for what he has done.

You will also have to develop all your shooting skills, you will be able to use all your favorite weapons as well as drive different police cars, now yes, to arrest the criminals who have committed the crime. The types of crimes that you will have to investigate range from homicide cases to drug cases, so you will have to use all five senses to be able to succeed in your mission.

crime city police officer crime city police officer Descargar QR-Code crime city police officer Developer: Adel Ahmad

crime detective police

crime detective police

Do you like to investigate crimes? Are you one of those people who try to put their mind to work 100% to discover the mysteries that may be behind a criminal act? If the answer to these questions is yes, without a doubt this is the game you were looking for. This is a perfect crime investigation title where you will have to solve the mysterious crimes like bank robbery or homicide happening in Mrs Ellen's house.

The five senses will be completely necessary to keep them alert to be able to find all the clues that there may be, in order to find the only and true culprit of the crime and not arrest an innocent person in this way. In addition, it is a game that is mapped to a real game, so it is difficult to find a more real approximation than this.

police crime detective police crime detective Descargar QR-Code police crime detective Developer: Arslan Tanveer

Which is the funniest? This is our opinion

As always when we make this type of compilations, we like to give you our recommendation, that is, tell you which of these options is the one that most attracts us to the writing team of La Manzana Mordida. First of all, of all the chase games we are left with Let´s Be Cops 3D , mainly because of the retro aesthetics of the typical Arcade game that it has. In addition, it is a super addictive game that always keeps you on your toes and with which you have a lot of fun.

On the other hand, when it comes to putting all our senses to work, we are left with Idle Police Tyconn . As we have mentioned before, it is a game in which you have to control many things at the same time, so you have to put all your senses into it if you do not want your police station to go under. What this causes is that you stay completely distracted and every day you get more motivated when you see the great police station that you are being able to build.

And you, are you a fan of these games?