iPhone 6s battery change: step-by-step explanation — 2022

One of the main handicaps of the iPhone, especially older models, is the battery life, in relation to both the autonomy of the device and its health. This, added to the high cost of carrying out an official replacement, causes many users to choose to change the battery manually. That is why in this post we are going to tell you how you can do it manually step by step.

Make sure it's not a software bug.

All users have the ability to check the battery status of your iPhone through Settings, and this is one of the reasons why many of them make the decision to change the battery of their device. However, this indicator may not show the battery status completely truthfully and the percentage it shows is often in doubt. If you want to check it on your iPhone, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Open the App of Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on Drums.
  3. Choose battery health . iPhone 6s

First of all, you have to know that the percentage provided is the result of a calculation that the device itself does internally, so a software mismatch can make this data not completely reliable. For this reason, it is vital that if this metric has been the trigger for your decision to change the battery, you check that the data provided is really reliable.

For this There are two processes you can follow to ensure the status of your battery . The first of these is to perform a battery calibration , and the second consists of restore the device and leave the phone as it was the day you took it out of the box, that is, without installing any backup on it. After completing both processes, you can rest assured that the percentage provided by the iPhone Settings app is correct.

Change the battery by yourself

Carrying out a manual replacement of the iPhone battery is a process that carries several risks, so the first thing we want to tell you is that our recommendation always is and will always be for this replacement to be carried out by a professional, either in a Apple Store through the technical service of the Cupertino company or through a technical service authorized by Apple itself, since first of all a series of knowledge is needed, as well as sufficient skill and the necessary materials.

Do you know the risks it has?

Obviously, if even knowing that the most recommended thing is for this replacement to be carried out by qualified personnel, you continue with the idea of ​​doing it yourself manually, you have to know, before starting, the risks that this repair implies for your iPhone. This way at least you will be fully aware of what can happen after carrying out the replacement manually.

iPhone 6s on orange background

In the first place, the moment your device is opened by a person not authorized by Apple to do so, this you will lose all warranty you may have, automatically. In addition, to be able to change the battery you have to get another copy and really, the batteries that Apple or its authorized technical services use for replacements are not for sale anywhere, so you have to know that the battery you put to the iPhone will always be a battery not original or official , so its performance may be far from what you initially expected. Also, during the replacement process, if you do not have sufficient knowledge, skills, or the right materials, you can damage other parts of the device being able to leave the iPhone totally useless.

Where to buy the battery

If after knowing all the risks involved in changing the battery of your iPhone 6s manually, you continue with the idea of ​​carrying out the replacement, the first thing you have to do is get a new battery. As we were saying, one of the handicaps of this process is that you will not be able to use the official Apple battery since it is not for sale.

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However, there are many stores that provide good quality batteries so you can change your iPhone 6s and give the device a new life. Obviously, the benefits of these batteries will not be the same as those offered by Apple. Here is a link to Amazon where you can buy a battery that also comes with a kit to make things easier for you thanks to the tools it provides.

Battery for iPhone 6s buy it at EUR 25.99

Steps to change the battery of the iPhone 6s

Before starting with the steps you have to follow to manually change the battery of your iPhone 6s, we want to remind you, for the last time, to do a very deep reflection to really assess whether it is worth changing the battery in this way. of your iPhone with all the risks that this entails. If after this you are still sure of it, then we leave you the steps that you have to carry out.

  1. Turn off your iPhone.
  2. Remove the two 3.4mm P2 Pentalobe screws near the Lightning connector on the bottom edge of the iPhone.
  3. Apply gentle heat to the bottom edge of the iPhone, this will soften the adhesive and make it easier to open.
  4. Apply a suction cup to the lower left corner of the display assembly. Be very careful not to place the suction cup on the home button.
  5. Pull the suction cup upwards with firm and constant pressure, thus creating a small gap between the front panel and the rear case.
  6. At the bottom of the iPhone, just above the headphone jack, is a small notch. This is the safest place to pry open the phone. Place the flat edge of the spudger tool in this space.
  7. Twist the spudger to widen the gap between the front panel and the rest of the phone.
  8. Insert the flat end of the spudger into the left side of the phone, between the screen and the back case, then slide it up the side of the phone to separate the adhesive and pop the clips.
  9. Remove the spudger and re-insert it on the bottom edge, where the iPhone is already open. Now slide it to the right, along the bottom edge.
  10. Slide the spudger all the way down the right side to further spread the adhesive and pop the clips off the screen.
  11. Use a suction cup to open the screen and remove all the adhesive.
  12. Pull up on the suction cup to remove the front panel.
  13. Gently grasp the display assembly and pull it up to open the iPhone, using the clips at the top of the front panel as a hinge.
  14. Open the screen to a 90º angle and tilt it against something to keep it supported while working on the device.
  15. Remove the two Phillips 000 screws that secure the battery connector bracket.
  16. Remove the battery connector bracket from the iPhone.
  17. Use the point of a spudger to disconnect the battery connector by prying it up from the logic board.
  18. Push the battery connector away from the motherboard until it snaps free of its socket, to prevent any accidental connection to the battery while you work.
  19. Remove the four Phillips screws that secure the display cable bracket.
  20. Remove the display cable bracket.
  21. Use the flat end of a spudger, or a fingernail, to be able to disconnect the front flex camera cable by prying it up from the corresponding socket on the logic board.
  22. With the flat end of a spudger, or again, failing that, a fingernail, disconnect the digitizer cable by prying it up from the corresponding socket on the logic board.
  23. Disconnect the display cable by prying it up from its socket on the logic board.
  24. Remove the display assembly.
  25. Using tweezers, peel off the tips of the two adhesive strips along the bottom edge of the battery. You can also use your fingers very carefully.
  26. Very carefully and slowly, pull one of the battery's adhesive tabs toward the bottom of the iPhone. Do this continuously, keeping a constant tension on the strip until it slides between the battery and the rear case. Ideally, do it at an angle of 60º or less.
  27. Do the same process with the second strip.
  28. Remove the battery.
  29. Do the entire process in reverse, with the new battery, to finish the process of replacing your iPhone 6s battery.