The iPhone 6 and 6s would be slowed down by Apple without warning — 2022

Battery problems on iPhones are more than notorious in the world of Apple since they did not last what they had to last compared to those of other terminals . Apple's solution was to wait for a software update. In the iPhone 6 and 6s, the models with the most battery problems, the useful life of these is 2 years more or less, and the logical thing is to change the battery after this time, but Apple has not made a replacement program, if not what e has done something else that would have done more harm than good.

This is what happens to your iPhone 6 and 6s if it runs slow

The battery issue on both models was hardware related, and to fix this bug, Apple chose to do the cheapest thing to try to fix it, release a software update with iOS 10.2.1 , something that slowed down these terminals, which has worsened over time. This was very well camouflaged with the idea that terminals slow down over time, but it is not something natural that caused the iPhone to slow down.

With this software update, what those from Cupertino did was limit the clock frequency of the processor to avoid these battery problems. We did not hear this from the mouth of Apple itself, but rather we have met it in a Reddit thread where it has been uncovered that e n iOS 10.2.1 scheduled processor clock down to reduce power consumption and resolve battery issues.

But, this supposed improvement in the battery, caused a decrease in performance. This has been appreciated in the different tests that users have been posting with the iPhone 6s, which should reach a score of 2476 points but many screenshots show it below 1000 points.

In other words, if you want an improvement in the performance of your iPhone 6s, the solution will go through make a change in the batteries so that it can hold you for a few more months. If a new one is installed, this restriction on the processor clock will be removed, and it will function normally. Not evenformat iPhone 6would do