iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Note 20 Ultra, how are they different? — 2022

Two of the great devices that can be found on the market are undoubtedly the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. On certain occasions it can be difficult to decide between the two devices, but in this article we will show you the main differences that exist between the two devices.

Technical differences

Regarding the technical specifications, there are obviously some important differences on paper and that you can opt for one team or another. In the following table you can clearly see these differences.

iPhone 12 Pro MaxSamsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Dimensions-Height: 16.08 cm
- Width: 7.81cm
-Thickness: 0.74cm
-Height: 16.48 cm
- Width: 7.72cm
Thickness: 0.81cm
Weight226 grams208 grams
Screen6.7' Super Retina XDR OLED. 60 Hz refresh rate.
6.9' Dynamic AMOLED. 120 Hz refresh rate.
Resolution2778 x 1284 pixels at 458 pixels per inch
3088 x 1440 pixels.
ProcessorA14 Bionic chip with latest generation Neural Engine
Snapdragon 865 Plus / Exynos 990
Internal memory-128 GB
- 256 GB
- 512 GB
-128 GB.
-256 GB (version with Exynos).
-512 GB
Autonomy-Video playback: up to 20 hours.
-Video streaming: up to 12 hours.
-Audio playback: up to 80 hours.
4,500mAh battery.
Frontal camera12 MP camera with 2.2 aperture10 MP camera with 2.2 aperture.
Rear camera-Wide angle: 12 MP, aperture f/1.6.
-Ultra wide angle: 12 MP, f/2.4 aperture and 120º field of view.
-Telephoto: 12 MP aperture f/2.2
- Sensor LiDAR
-Main: 108 MP, aperture f/1.8.
-Wide angle: 12 MP with opening f / 2.2.
-Telephoto: 12 MP with aperture f/3.0
- Depth sensor.
biometric systemsFace IDFingerprint reader under screen.
Operating systemiOS 14Android 10
connectivity5G mmWave5G mmWave
PriceFrom 1259 euros
From 1309 euros

Apple reigns with its processor

Something that is undeniable according to most of the studies that have been carried out on power, is that the A14 Bionic processor is unstoppable. The power of Apple's own CPU makes it difficult to beat. It should be noted that Samsung in Europe does not include the latest Snapdragon 865 that could rival the A14 Bionic chip. They bet on the Exynos 990 which has a lower power and this makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max objectively much more powerful than the Samsung option.

note 20 ultra

It is true that on some occasions the power can be more than enough in most situations. In a basic day-to-day use, the difference in processor is practically negligible, but it must be taken into account that it is especially indicated for the treatment of photographs and even for using applications focused on augmented reality. You also have to take into account the differences that exist with respect to RAM memory. Apple does not usually give this public information, but after conducting studies it has been determined that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 6 GB of RAM while the Note 20 Ultra integrates 12 GB, doubling it. This difference, although on paper, is significant in practice. Apple's operating system does not require as much RAM to function optimally as the hardware itself.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

That is why this is a difference that should not be taken into account a priori as something decisive to decide between one and the other. Actual performance in practice and fluency should always be taken into account to determine whether or not it is meaningful.

Megapixels are not everything in the camera

If you go to the photographic field you can see some differences in the sensors. Samsung is committed to a 108 MP main sensor while Apple includes only 12 MP in its three lenses. This a priori is not something vital when deciding which camera is better. The process that is carried out through the software level is something vital when it comes to obtaining the result. Here Apple does a very good job thanks to its A14 Bionic processor when applying artificial intelligence. When it comes to image stabilization, a very good result has also been achieved on the iPhone with cinematic results. In addition, it also highlights the night photography mode that has improved substantially and improves Samsung itself.

iPhone 12 Pro

Where there are important differences is in video recording. The Note 20 Ultra stands out for allowing 8K video recording at 24 frames per second while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is limited to 4K 60 fps. But this small nuance is not important since right now 8K is not standardized at all and is hardly reproducible and appreciable as there are no accessible screens that can reproduce this type of content.

Connectivity and accessories

5G is already being standardized throughout the world. There are already many devices that last year had the possibility of connecting to 5G networks. In this case, Apple has bet for the first time the inclusion of 5G in its iPhone 12 Pro Max but with some differences compared to Samsung's option. While with the Note 20 Ultra you can use the mmWave 5G band outside the US to achieve much faster speeds, in the iPhone 12 Pro it has been limited to the United States only. In the rest of the world they use a normal bandwidth with which you cannot get as much performance from connectivity.

Note 20 Ultra

Another of the big differences that separates both devices is the possibility of using a stylus. The Note 20 Ultra has the possibility of using this pencil that allows quick note-taking at any time, while in Apple it is something unthinkable at the moment, being limited only to iPads. On the contrary, Apple has included an exclusive accessory for these iPhones, such as the MagSafe charging base to be able to carry out an induction charge in an efficient way by magnetically attaching to the back of the device. This is something that can also be used to place different accessories on the back of the device, something that has not been integrated into Samsung devices at the moment.

Software updates

One of the most notorious differences between both teams undoubtedly lies in the operating system. While Samsung integrates Android 10 with its own customization layer in its Note 20, Apple bets on iOS 14. The experience obtained with each of the operating systems is very different and this is where the taste of each person intervenes. Saying which operating system is better is something that is totally subjective since it will depend on the preferences of each user. What is something totally objective is the update frequency where Samsung loses against Apple.

move from android to iphone

While in the iPhone 12 Pro Max software updates are guaranteed for more or less 5 years, in the Samsung Note 20 Ultra it is possible that after two years it will run out of Android updates. In addition, due to the integration that Samsung has to carry out of the new versions of Android, it traditionally takes a long time to implement the updates of new functions in the equipment, something that does not happen in the iPhone, where it is immediate since hardware and software are developed by it. business.