iPads will be able to be used with a mouse or trackpad in iPadOS — 2022

In the opening keynote of the WWDC 2019 We were able to attend the birth of iPadOS , a new operating system for iPads based on iOS but with exclusive new features such as the improvediPad SplitViewthat will bring these devices closer to a professional team. Obviously the novelties of this system are focused on making Apple tablets a hybrid between an iPhone and a Mac, and for this there are very interesting novelties such as the long-awaited incorporation of a mouse or trackpad to operate on the screen. Of course, this novelty is somewhat hidden and it is perhaps not as we expected. Below we tell you more details.

How to use a mouse on iPad and even iPhone

The novelty of being able to use a mouse to move around the screen is not strictly a new feature and is not even exclusive to iPadOS, but can also be used in iOS 13. The 'trap' is that this novelty is really intended for the theme of accessibility and improve the experience of users who have vision or mobility problems .

The mouse and trackpad that you want to use on the iPad or iPhone must be connected to these via bluetooth and even via USB-C or Lightning . Once connected, we must go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch . Once inside these settings, you will have to activate AssistiveTouch and click again on Play and go to Cursor to be able to customize the new mouse pointer. If you activate this functionality you will see that a cursor similar to that of computers does not appear, but you will find a somewhat larger and even uglier aspect. However, the functions that can be performed with it are more than acceptable.

We will not find new functions using the secondary button , since we insist on emphasizing that this function is not designed to find new shortcuts with the mouse but to help people with accessibility. However, this opens the door so that in the future we could see the incorporation of a mouse on iPad in a really open way and with new features in the system . This will make it possible to combine it with a keyboard using thekeyboard shortcuts for Pages or Numbersmore important.

As we said, on iPhones it will also be possible to access the use of a mouse with iOS 13 , although obviously this makes less sense for those who do not have vision or mobility problems.

This is certainly great news for those who wanted to be able to use a mouse on an iPad without resorting to an increasingly complex jailbreak process. Who knows if perhaps in the final version of iPadOS that is released in September we could see this function enriched.

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