iPad Pro 2021 filtered a few months after its launch — 2022

2021 has started with numerous rumors of products that could be launched in the coming months. One of the most desired products is undoubtedly the iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch fifth generation that has now been allegedly leaked through two images. We tell you everything that is known about it below.

Apple will bet on a conservative design in the iPad Pro

As users, we are always waiting for revolutionary changes when it comes to the new products that are being launched. But this is not always possible since, obviously, drastic changes cannot be made from one year to another for obvious reasons. This is going to happen this year in the fifth generation iPad Pro according to new rumors. A few generations ago we saw how Apple opted to reduce the front frames and introduce Face ID technology and it's exactly going to stay the same for another year.

ipad pro

This is what has been revealed in a series of CAD images taken from the factory where these new iPads are allegedly being manufactured. In the images it can be seen in the case of the 11-inch model that the thickness will remain the same with millimeter changes in length and width. This is something that a priori cannot be easily seen with the naked eye when we have them in our hands. Where there would be significant changes is in the design of the speakers. It would bet on reducing the number of audio outputs by relocating the ones that would remain to offer a similar quality but saving internal space. This space could be dedicated for other components and even a battery boost.

In the camera it is also suggested that there will be small changes to better integrate with the body of the iPad. Today you can see how it stands out quite a bit and this can cause a scare when a table is being used since it begins to limp.

miniLED and 5G for new generations

One of the most anticipated changes in the iPad range is undoubtedly the transition to miniLED screens as well as 5G. We have seen the5G utilities on the iPhoneand without a doubt many users want to transfer that experience to their iPad. We are fully involved in the era of the 5G boom and clearly they will have to end up integrating it into Apple tablets, which will provide more internet connection speed to forget aboutthe call made from your iPadit will be able to terminate or not due to connection problems. At the moment there are no clear rumors like this alleged leak that has come directly from a factory.

As far as miniLED is concerned, it is expected that not only these iPad Pros will bring it but also that the new Apple Watch generations will bring it. This has not yet been seen and that is why on the iPad we have to wait a little longer until we see a screen with this technology on an iPad. Another of the great mysteries on the table is the release date of which nothing has been speculated yet.