iPad Pro 2020 or Galaxy Tab S6, which is better to buy? — 2022

Tablets are having a lot of prominence in the market, with the iPad being one of the best devices on the market right now. But the rest of the brands are already starting to design products that can match these specifications. Samsung with the Galaxy Tab S6 try to get an improvement in market share. In this article we analyze the differences between these two devices.

Technical specifications

From the outset, both devices are designed for a professional group of people. The characteristics of the two tablets are very similar, with accessories that try to improve productivity. The main difference, how could it be otherwise, is the operating system as we will discuss below. In the following table you can see all the technical differences that exist between both teams.

iPad Pro 2020Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Dimensions280,6 x 214,9 x 5,9 mm244,5 x 159,5 x 5,7 mm
Weight641 grams420 grams
ProcessorA12Z BionicSnapdragon 855
RAM6 GB6 and 8 GB
Screen12.9' or 11' 2048 x 2732 pixels10.5' 1600 x 2560 pixels
Internal storage128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB128GB/256GB
Battery9720 mAh7040 mAh
Type of loadCable USB-CCable USB-C
Rear cameraTriple 12 MP + 10 MP + TOF 3DDual 13 MP + 5 MP
Front camera7 MP with 2.2 focal aperture.8 MP f / 2.0
connectivity4G (Opcional)
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi and
WiFi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0. GPS, Galileo
AccessoriesApple Pencil 2nd generation, Smart Keyboard, Magic KeyboardS-Pen
PriceFrom €879€719


Both tablets have very similar dimensions. The main difference that can be found is undoubtedly in the size of the screen, since Samsung's option is 10.5″ and Apple's is much more versatile, being able to find 11″ or 12.9″ of size. There is also a notable difference in weight, especially if we are talking about the larger iPad, since it differs in 200 grams . On the front you will hardly find differences since the frame is quite small giving all the prominence to the screen. There is no physical button on the front of either device.

samsung galaxy Tab S6

On the back we find completely uniform colors with the camera in the upper left. Obviously the most notable difference aesthetically is that the iPad includes three cameras and the Galaxy Tab S6 only two in a much smaller frame similar to that of the iPhone X.

Operating system and ecosystem

To be able to opt for one or the other option, you have to look above all at the operating system and the ecosystem itself. In power, both teams are very similar for the use that is going to be made in a standard way. If we start to look at the power in detail, the iPad stands out but in the end in normal use They both work smoothly. If you have several Apple computers, it is always best to have an iPad since it works perfectly with the entire ecosystem to be able to exchange files between the different computers.

ipad pro

In the Galaxy Tab S6 there is no Windows operating system as it happens in other tablets on the market. It is committed to having an adapted version of Android with a Samsung customization layer that can make anyone fall in love.

Something that stands out quite a bit on the iPad over the Galaxy Tab is undoubtedly the camera system. In the case of the Apple option, a triple camera is included, with the sensor TOF which is indicated above all to improve the experience with augmented reality.

samsung galaxy Tab S6


As far as accessories are concerned, in both cases the pencil is given a lot of prominence. In order to prevent it from being lost, different magnetic zones are included. In the case of the iPad Pro, it is present on one of the edges of the device, and in the Samsung option, it has opted to include the magnetic area on the back of the device, which can be somewhat more uncomfortable. The stylus has many features for quick note taking on both iPad and Tab S6 and also for drawing. The S-Pen offers extra functions designed to make presentations with the aim of passing slides remotely, avoiding having an extra control. Along with this Tab S6 the S-Pen is included without having to pay extra money, while in the case of the iPad you have to make the purchase separately.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

In order to have the complete combo and assimilate the experience to that of a real computer, in addition to the pencil, a keyboard is also needed. In the case of Apple, you can connect both an external bluetooth keyboard and purchase the Magic Keyboard o el SmartKeyboard . Samsung, for its part, also offers a case with an integrated keyboard called Book Cover that includes a trackpad to have a design very similar to that of a laptop, which is ultimately what it is trying to achieve.


With regard to price, there is a significant difference between the two teams of almost 200 euros. This is logical because of the difference that exists in size and also because of the benefits. But we must bear in mind that in the case of the Galaxy Tab S6 it is not necessary to make an extra outlay to be able to have the compatible pencil. In the case of the iPad, as we have previously mentioned, all the accessories must be purchased separately since it is not included in the initial packaging of the device.