iPad mini sale! — 2022

One of the Apple products that has a more loyal and niche audience is the iPad mini. With its recent renewal, many users have returned to bet on this equipment of such reduced dimensions, well, surely with the offer that we present in this post, there are many more who end up deciding to acquire this fantastic device.

Buy the iPad mini at a discount

The iPad mini has always had a sector of users who have loved the concept it represents, so the recent renewal of this equipment has been great both for the product itself and for all those users who had been waiting for it for so long. Especially since not only has it been seen how the Cupertino company introduced the new design of the iPad in this model, but also because in terms of power and performance it is fully capable of doing practically any task. If you add to this the discounts that we are going to leave you below, this iPad mini seems like a practically round product.

    iPad mini in WiFi version
    • version of 64 GB storage.
        Star white color: 40 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 32 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 32 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 32 euros discount.
    • version of 256 GB storage.
      • White star color: 30 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 30 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 30 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 60 euros discount.

ipad mini screen

    iPad mini in Wifi + Cellular version
    • version of 64 GB storage.
      • Star white color: 60 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 60 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 60 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 60 euros discount.
    • version of 256 GB storage.
      • Star white color: 29 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 70 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 70 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 22 euros discount.
Discounted iPad mini buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 521.99 ipad mini

Is an iPad with these dimensions worth it?

Whenever we talk about the iPad mini, we must take into account all the peculiarities that this team has and, therefore, the public to which it is directed. Initially you have to know that the Cupertino company has not wanted nor does it want to focus this iPad mini on being a product designed for productivity, in fact, there is no keyboard that turns the iPad mini into a small laptop, as is the case with all other iPad models.

However, due to its size, and now that it has this new design, the iPad mini is the perfect device for many users who really want a very portable tablet. Besides, his Apple Pencil compatibility It also turns it into a digital notebook that, in this case, does have practically the same features as the rest of its older brothers. Therefore, those users who want a very portable device where they can consume multimedia content, browse social networks , and even use it as notebook or to edit photos , the iPad mini is a practically perfect candidate for it.

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