iPad mini 6: pros and cons about your purchase — 2022

Apple's iPad mini, always aimed at a very specific public sector, has undergone few changes throughout its generations. However, it was not until the iPad mini 6, launched in 2021, that we have had an evolution in design that is more in line with what is expected of it than ever. In this post we tell you everything about it, so if you have any questions, you are in the right article.

A design not suitable for all audiences

As soon as you see this iPad mini, it is understood that it is not a device that is focused on all types of users, since it is characterized by its small size. In the following sections we will tell you something more about it, so that you can get an idea of ​​whether it is suitable for you or not.

Small dimensions… Fits in one hand!

Indeed one of the virtues of this iPad is that it fits in one hand. This does not mean that it is usable in this way, since even those with large hands will find it difficult, but with an open palm it can be perfectly grasped. It has a size puts it between the iPad of entraa and the iPad Air . In fact, one could say that in a way like a big iPhone .

ipad mini 6 2021

Is available in space gray, star white, pink and purple colors . And its exact dimensions are as follows:

    Height:19.54 centimeters Width:13.48 centimeters Thickness:0.63 centimeters

As for its weight, we must say that it varies depending on whether the version with WiFi or WiFi + Cellular is chosen. In the first case they are 293 grams and in the second 297 grams , a difference of just 4 grams that is not perceived too much (to say nothing).

High quality screen, although with buts

Accompanied by that reduced size, the screen of this iPad is also very compact with 8.3 inches . And if we compare it with the 7.9 inches that the iPad mini has traditionally brought, it can even be seen as large. But nothing is further from reality, since this size has been achieved thanks to eliminating the home button and having some highly reduced bezels in the front.

Its technology is not OLED unlike what the 'Pro' models have, something that can make it seem of less quality, but that does not detract from the brightness of the device at all. And never better said. Their LCD technology which Apple calls Liquid Retina makes the screen look great in virtually any light circumstance. At the level of quality we find a resolution from 2.266 x 1.488 at 326 pixels per inch, so without being one of the best, it offers great quality in video playback.

ipad mini screen

At the level of color it is displayed, as in all Apple screens, in a very sharp and realistic way without saturation. At the level of brightness It has 500 nits, which, while it is true that it makes it look good in many ambient light circumstances, it weakens a bit if it is used in areas with too much natural light. In any case, it is not an excessively negative point either and that can be passed taking into account everything else that this tablet offers.

Pros and cons in day-to-day use

thanks to the good A15 Bionic performance , processor that mounts this device, we can find a really interesting performance in this equipment. If we take into account that the advanced chipset will also allow have iPadOS updates for many years , we cannot give it anything other than a 10 in this regard.

Now, having a good chip and performance at a general level does not make this an ideal iPad for everyone. In the following sections we will analyze in which situations it is a perfect device and in which it may not be the best option.

Actions for which it is ideal

If you are one of those who enjoy lying on the sofa or bed to enjoy your iPad, this 'mini' is undoubtedly a perfect companion. Either for consult social networks , To enjoy videos , surfing the Internet and even make a video call with family or friends.

ipad mini

It is also a perfect team to act as digital notebook , being interesting its use in this section with the Apple Pencil . Taking notes in it is a delight and both for the professionally As the school it's a great tablet. And not only take notes but also to read or study , whether those notes or a digital book.

And if you are also looking for a extremely portable equipment that being able to carry you in any backpack without taking up space, is this. In addition to the fact that it will not bother you too much due to its weight if you carry it in your hand and is even suitable for use by public transport and even airplanes.

When this iPad falls short

If you are looking for a team to enjoy multimedia content for hours may not be the most suitable. Not because it can't, which it does amply as we told you before, but can get very small in long sessions of use. For something sporadic or for a few minutes a day, fine, but if it is for intensive use in this aspect, it is not the most suitable.

There are also certain aspects to highlight in professional or school use of this iPad mini and it is that if what you are looking for is to use it with a keyboard, although you can, it is not the most practical in the end and once again because of the size of its screen. If you are one of those who is already used to writing your notes with a physical or even digital keyboard, you should perhaps consider buying another model with a larger screen diagonal.

ipad mini camera

Other aspects to highlight

Battery life, 5G connectivity, unlocking method... There are still many important aspects to highlight about this iPad mini and that we will tell you about below.

There is a version with 5G, a differential element?

The iPad mini offers, like other iPads, WiFi and WiFi + Cellular version models, also known as LTE. This means that the first version can connect to the Internet via WiFi networks and the second can also do so with mobile data as if it were a mobile phone, although you must bear in mind that for this you must contract a separate rate with a telephone company that offers e.g.

Precisely that LTE version offers 5G connections. And this is a point that can never be subtracted and therefore it would be bold to say that it is something negative, although we must put it in a real context and say that should not be a weighty argument in the purchase decision . The speeds offered by 5G are really remarkable compared to 4G, but today there are hardly any areas that offer 5G coverage and in countries like Spain not even that, since a 4G+ is offered which, despite improving normal 4G, falls far short of real 5G.

Therefore, if you are really interested in using a data rate because you are going to use the iPad mini on the street or in areas without WiFi, that option is recommended, but not because of 5G. In fact, we would recommend deactivating it to gain battery life and have better speeds because, as we already told you, there are no good 5G connections except for very specific areas that are generally only in big cities.

How long does the battery of this iPad mini last?

According to Apple, the autonomy of this iPad is up to 10 hours of uninterrupted browsing via WiFi. However, with few exceptions, few people use the iPad solely for this task and for so long. Therefore, it is logical that you ask yourself, what does this translate to in real environments?

As well. In general, it is an iPad that cannot be said to have a bad battery, but in very intensive uses such as video games or streaming content playback can fall short in less time than we would like. Although if we take into account that it is normal to use it sporadically throughout the day, in the end it is more than meets and you don't need to worry about charging it.

ipad mini lateral

You can perfectly reach last more than a day if it is not used continuously. And considering that due to its characteristics it is not intended for this type of prolonged use, you will probably never have a single complaint about the battery. Although in versions with WiFi + Cellular if a considerable reduction is noticeable if the connection with mobile data is abused a lot.

Touch ID, a safe value always

Although we could expect Face ID as in the 'Pro', this iPad mini only offers a fingerprint sensor located on the terminal lock button located at the top and that continues to perform with the same efficacy and safety always. Taking into account that in most cases you will use the iPad in your hand, in the end it is not uncomfortable.

It works in a way fast and it is capable of recognizing your finger in several positions although, as always, it is advisable to configure several fingers so that regardless of which finger you use, the iPad can recognize you. For the rest, this sensor will not only allow you to unlock it but also make payments using Apple Pay or the save you put passwords from websites and apps whose credentials you have stored in iCloud Keychain.

touch id ipad

You have to choose your storage well

As always, the internal memory of the device is essential when configuring it for purchase. In this case we find options of 64 or 256 GB and, as always on iPads, no possibility to expand via SD cards or any other method.

And there are several aspects to highlight at this point and that is that the 64 GB is a more interesting option than the 32 GB of yesteryear that this range incorporated, but that can be short depending on what type of users. If you are used to storing many applications and files such as photos, videos and even movies, it is likely that you will soon fall short. It is true that you can resort to other methods such as iCloud to gain space, but in the end it is an extra monthly expense that you should consider.

The 256 GB for its part seems more than adequate capacity for a team like an iPad. But in any case, if you fell short, you could also use cloud storage as an alternative to free up space. Of course, you should know that choosing this capacity will increase the price of the device, something that always happens and that in this case represents an important difference that we will tell you about in the conclusions of this article.

What accessories can be used?

The first thing to note about the iPad mini 2021 is that, finally, it has USB-C port . And this is not only interesting for having a more universal standard to recharge your battery, but also to use accessories such as a external storage drive , which will work at high speed thanks to this connector.

ipad mini accessories

Beyond that, this iPad mini is compatible with all kinds of bluetooth devices such as keyboards, mice, or headsets. Although, yes, not compatible with official Apple keyboards such as the Smart Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard. Apple has not wanted to make a 'mini' version of these accessories and will not do so in the future because does not have a Smart Connector which is the port through which they would be used.

Although in the end this keyboard thing, as we have already mentioned in some other point, is something secondary in an iPad like this one that, due to size, is not the most comfortable for jobs that require text editing for a long time.

With what if this device is compatible is with the Apple Pencil 2nd generation , which works identically to how it does on other Apple tablets, being able to recharge magnetically on its side and with interesting features such as double tapping on its flat part to access additional functions.

This is your camera system

A camera is not the most important thing on an iPad because of how uncomfortable it can be to use in this regard due to its size, even in this 'mini'. Now, if it is to make video calls or some sporadic photography, this iPad is more than enough. Here are its summary features:

rear camera ipad mini

specsiPad mini (6th gen-2021)
Front lens type12 Mpx ultra wide angle lens with f / 2.4 aperture
photos front camera-Zoom out: x2 (optical)
-Centered framing
-Flash with the screen (Retina Flash)
-HDR 3
Videos front camera-Recording in 1080p (Full HD) at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Extended dynamic range up to 30 frames per second
-Cinema quality stabilization
rear lens type12MP wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture
Photos rear camera-Zoom approach: x5 (digital)
-Flash True Tone
-HDR 3
video rear camera-Recording in 4K (Ultra HD) at 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Recording in 1080p (Full HD) at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Extended dynamic range up to 30 frames per second
-Slow motion in 1080p at 120 or 240 frames per second
-Time-Lapse with stabilization
-Zoom x3 (digital)

It must be said that the function Centered Framing It is something to keep in mind if you often make video calls, since it considerably improves the experience thanks to the ultra wide-angle lens on the front. What this function does is to ensure that you are always located in the center of the image even if you move and that, if someone appears next to you, it is capable of opening the angle so that they come out as well. The visual effect is as if the camera were moving, but it is really the zoom of the camera that moves automatically via software.

Price and conclusions

As we have already been saying, this iPad is offered in different storage capacities and with two possible connectivity options (WiFi and WiFi + Cellular). Depending on what is chosen in these two configurations, the price changes, finally having these variants:

    Wi-Fi Models:
    • 64GB of storage: €549
    • 256GB of storage: €719
    Models with WiFi + Cellular:
    • 64GB of storage: €719
    • 256GB of storage: €889

It should be said that this iPad mini has increased 100 euros compared to its predecessor, something that is usual when Apple redesigns a range of its tablets by reducing their frames and implementing USB-C. Judging whether it is a good or bad price is not ultimately something that corresponds to us, since we believe that it is an aspect to be valued by each one.

This is an iPad that, from what we have been reviewing throughout this post, is a very interesting device that cannot be blamed for anything negative in terms of performance. It is a tablet with many advantages for mobile use thanks to its size, but precisely based on that it could also be a problem for those looking for more intensive uses or the combination of accessories such as keyboards.

Therefore, we recommend you do an analysis of your needs and based on that, take into account to what degree this iPad mini will know how to solve them. And obviously at some point there will be something negative, and that is where you should assess whether the rest of the good things it brings you are worth it or not. Be that as it may, our conclusion analyzing the terminal's target audience is that it is a much needed iPad that many have been asking for for a long time and that is finally a reality.