The iPad Magic Keyboard is now available for reservations — 2022

One of the great novelties of the new iPad Pro launched a few weeks ago was related not so much to the device but to a compatible accessory: the Magic Keyboard con Trackpad. This keyboard will be on sale on May 30 , but until then you can reserve it on Amazon to be among the first to receive it. At the moment Apple does not have this pre-purchase.

Buy the Magic Keyboard on Amazon now

Apple itself is the one who makes products available to customers on Amazon after an agreement signed by both companies a few years ago. In this context, those from Cupertino have already launched their new keyboards with trackpads compatible with iPads on the portal, although they are somewhat hidden because they are not yet accessible from the search engine, but from the Apple store on the platform.

iPad Pro 2020

They are available at same price as apple , so there will be no savings, but you are assured that you will receive it perhaps sooner than buying it on the company's website. In fact, it is curious because the online Apple Store still does not have the option to buy or reserve this product, although the option to add it to the bag appears, this option does not contain any link that allows you to continue with the operation. On Amazon you can also buy a additional insurance that covers possible damages that do not fall under the usual guarantee.

Preorder Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 2020 (11″) Preorder Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 2020 (12.9″)

We remind you that the purchase of a product of this type on Amazon complies with the same laws and regulations as on other portals, having two year warranty. You can manage the first of them with Apple itself, while in the second it will be Amazon who manages all the incidents that may arise. The fact of buying it more than a month after it is launched will not be a problem for possible returns in case you are not satisfied with the product, since the 14 days will start from when it arrives.

What's new about the Magic Keyboard?

It is true that the iPad Pro 2020 have incorporated some other notable novelty such as the new LiDAR sensor that considerably improves augmented reality experiences, but the truth is that the greatest expectation is with the keyboard. This, unlike the already classic Smart Keyboard, has a much more comfortable design, raising the device more to make it more comfortable to handle and with a trackpad that will allow access to all the new features of the cursor introduced in iPadOS 13.4. Of course, to see is the fact of seeing if it generatesbattery problems on ipad.

Perhaps the operating system is the best ally, since since last year the iPad has gotten rid of iOS in favor of software that is increasingly closer to that of a computer. There is much talk that in iPadOS 14 we will see even more interesting news, but for now we already have more than adequate functionalities to turn this tablet into a work device to use every day without having to resort to a Mac.

So if you buy thisMagic Keyboard para iPadyou can do without a separate mouse that would also take away the only USB-C connector on the iPad. With it you can have all the gestures and actions on your finger, as well as being able to enjoy a keyboard backlit with a excellent tour like the one found on iMacs, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. In addition, it will not be necessary to configure it or have the bluetooth turned on, since it works through the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro.