iPad apps for book lovers — 2022

Books are a cultural asset that we have had for centuries and that, despite how reviled it is on many occasions, is usually one of the most enriching hobbies there is. Therefore, if you are a book lover, you will be interested to know that the iPad is a great tool with which to read. Ok, for romantics the essence of touching paper is lost, but there are certainly many advantages to using this device. Below we show you a series of apps with which to read on iPad in a simple way and without leaving our eyes in the attempt.

What features do these apps have to have?

There are several things to note about these applications. Using the iPad to read is a function that is becoming more and more widespread, but for this it is necessary to have an application with which you can read well without your eyes suffering excessively. For this, certain characteristics must be taken into account.

  • The first one is that it has to have a simple and clear interface so that the sensation when reading is as similar as possible to that of a book. This way your eyes won't get too tired while you read from the iPad.
  • It is also recommended that this type of application have an option to regulate the brightness of the screen. With this option your eyes will not suffer.
  • It is necessary that they have an option to be able to save the page you are going through so that you do not have to start over every time you pick up the book

The most popular apps for reading on the iPad

Since the iPad came out, they have become a reference tablet and more and more users are taking advantage of it to use it as an electronic book. It is one of the many utilities that you can give your iPad since it saves you from taking physical books with you when you travel. You will save space and you will not have to carry the books, so you will carry lighter luggage.


Apple Books Apple Libros

If Apple has something good, it is the diversification of its services. In addition to being able to download applications or songs, we can also access an interesting catalog of books to store on our Apple devices. This app stands out for the simplicity of the interface and its useful tools, such as the digital bookmark, the possibility of storing dozens of books and even being able to download audiobooks.

Of course, if what you want is to read books using the fantastic screen of the iPad and a size as adequate as the one you can find in the entire range, this application is an ideal alternative for it. Accounts with a wide selection of books and audiobooks of all the categories that may exist. Inside the store you will be able to see which are the options that exist the most and those that people opt for to spend a pleasant and interesting time reading.

Apple Books Apple Books Descargar QR-Code Apple Books Developer: Apple


kindle ipad

You may not have an Amazon Kindle as such, but you have the possibility of installing the official app on the iPad to have it at your fingertips Amazon's entire book catalog , which is very extensive. Its operation is really good, making it much easier to read with good tools and a simple interface.

Without a doubt, Amazon has done really well, not only can you enjoy their books through their Kindle devices, but you can also imitate the operation of these products on your iPad thanks to this application. It really has all the outstanding features of a Kindle. You can browse any ebook for free, it also has magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high resolution images.

Kindle Kindle Descargar QR-Code Kindle Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC

Enjoy these alternatives on your iPad

In order to enjoy good reading from your iPad, there are more and more applications outside of Apple that help you read without worrying about the titles you can read. There are very good options with which you can turn your iPad into an ebook to enjoy reading from anywhere.

Google Play Books

Yes, Google is in a way Apple's competition, but that doesn't stop it from making apps for iPad as good as this one. In it you will have access to complete catalog of google books , which are at a groundbreaking price on many occasions. As for the reader, it should be noted that it is quite simple to use and very intuitive, very much on par with the rest of Google's apps.

Google is a company that takes great care of all the software it makes available to users, and this application is undoubtedly a good example of that. Perhaps it is not as popular within the Apple ecosystem since both the Apple and Amazon applications are the most used by users, but you will not regret it if you bet on this alternative that has everything you need to satisfy your needs.

Google Play Books Google Play Books Descargar QR-Code Google Play Books Developer: Google LLC

eBook Search – EPUBs & iBooks

This is probably one of the most outstanding apps in this compilation, and it is not for less. You will find in it a complete free book catalog , where the classics of literature, modern works and even books by unknown authors are stored. In addition, it stands out for the records of books that it has, in which you will be able to know if it is really worth reading or not based on the description and user opinions.

It is an application that is undoubtedly designed for all undecided users who do not know whether to choose a certain book or not. As we have mentioned before, this application has tabs of the books that you can read to make the decision to read it or not. In addition, the catalog is very extensive, in fact it has more than two million totally free books.

eBook Search - EPUBs & iBooks eBook Search - EPUBs & iBooks Descargar QR-Code eBook Search - EPUBs & iBooks Developer: Inkstone Software, Inc.

Kobo Books

This is another amazing app available in the iPadOS App Store and in which you can have all the .epub files stored. It also has the possibility of add notes throughout our reading , something very useful in case you want to make annotations to consult later through the search engine. The interface is really beautiful and makes the user experience better.

Rakuten is a company with a lot of prestige and in good faith it is this application that it makes available to all lovers of reading who want to use their iPad for it. You will be able to personalize the way to read all your books since the style of the text of the books is totally customizable. It also has a dark mode so your eyes don't get tired if you usually read at night or before bed.

Kobo Books Kobo Books Descargar QR-Code Kobo Books Developer: Kobo Inc.

Storytel: Audiolibros y Ebooks

If for whatever reason, be it visual problems or simple laziness, you don't feel like reading, don't worry. This app will serve you as stock of audiobooks. The catalog of these audiobooks in Storytel is really extensive, something that the rest of the apps mentioned in this article do not enjoy. Its operation is really good and they also offer us 14 days free trial , so you will have no excuse not to give it a try.

Without a doubt, it is the application for all users who cannot or do not want to read but who do want to listen to those fantastic literary works. You have several options when it comes to consuming these audiobooks, you can do it by streaming or simply downloading the file in the application and listening to it whenever and wherever you want. You will also receive fully personalized recommendations based on your tastes. You also have at your disposal a fantastic filter to be able to choose from a much more specific selection.

Storytel: Audiolibros y Ebooks Storytel: Audiolibros y Ebooks Descargar QR-Code Storytel: Audiolibros y Ebooks Developer: Storytel AB

Nubico: Online reading app


People who are passionate about reading are not only passionate about books, that's why this app can be very useful. In Nubico you will find, of course, an extensive catalog of books, but also a good handful of journals that will liven up your free time. Beyond that, the app has good tools such as downloading titles to read offline, the possibility of underlining or annotating the text... In short, a great app to always have on your iPad.

It is a paid application that works by subscription. It has a catalog of more than 50,000 books and 80 magazines. You can also enjoy your subscription on up to 5 different devices, so you can not only read your books through your iPad but also on your iPhone or any other device on which you can install the Nubico application. Of course, the app will maintain the synchronization of your reading on all the devices where you have the subscription active, that is, if you start reading a book on the iPad and later want to resume it on the iPhone, the app will tell you where you left no problem.

Nubico: Online reading app Nubico: Online reading app Descargar QR-Code Nubico: Online reading app Developer: Digicirtel, S.L.



One of the most downloaded applications in the Apple Store. It has a large number of options to customize the interface. It has an easy and simple presentation, it has a very high number of books to read with a lot of quality. With this app it is possible to order the books according to your tastes or preferences, so that you can always have your favorite titles at hand and not waste time looking for them.

You can also share all the books you find in the application. It allows you to save your books in Dropbox so that later you can read them whenever and wherever you want. You can download the books from your email address, in addition to updating the progress of your readings within the application itself.

Marvin - eBook reader for epub Marvin - eBook reader for epub Descargar QR-Code Marvin - eBook reader for epub Developer: Appstafarian



This completely free app will allow you to open books in almost any format , in addition to playing MP3 and MP4 files, so you can also listen to audiobooks. Being compatible with Google Drive allows you to save the titles you want in your Drive to save memory on your iPad.

It also has many options so you can customize the app and put it as you like best and be more comfortable. Besides, social networks are integrated , so you can share your reading progress with all your friends. Undoubtedly a very complete application that can be very useful.

KyBook - EPub,FB2,PDF,DjVu Reader KyBook - EPub,FB2,PDF,DjVu Reader Descargar QR-Code KyBook - EPub,FB2,PDF,DjVu Reader Developer: Konstantin Bukreev

Which one are we left with?

As you have been able to read in this list, there are many applications that can make it easier for you to read from your iPad, but if there is one that needs to be highlighted, that is Kindle . Even if you don't have a Kindle device, you'll still be able to access its full catalog of books. Its interface turns your iPad into an electronic book, so you won't have any problems reading from the app.

Regarding the alternatives that we have offered you, it stands out above the rest Storytel. One of the few that, in addition to having books, offers audiobooks . Undoubtedly a very good option for those who get tired of reading or prefer to listen to the novel on public transport or at home. They also offer you a 14-day trial, in case the service doesn't convince you, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

Do you use or have you used any of these apps to read on iPad? Do you recommend any other? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.