iPad 2021, is Apple's cheap tablet still worth it? — 2022

The 9th generation iPad, also known as iPad 2021 or just iPad, is in the entry range for Apple tablets. However, this does not mean that we should tend to think that it is bad or not good for what uses. In this article we analyze everything about this iPad, trying to leave you with zero doubts about whether it is a good idea to buy it or not, always depending on your profile.

Reasons why it is an off-road tablet

There are certain features of this tablet that, regardless of everything else, make it a good option for those looking for versatility. Screen, dimensions, software and compatible accessories are some of these that we analyze in the following sections.

Old screen, but improved

This iPad mounts a panel 1.02 inch IPS which Apple calls 'Retina'. Getting to the point, we can already tell you that the technology it uses is far from the best on the market such as OLEDs. Now, we cannot therefore say that it is a bad screen. Not much less.

ipad 9 (2021)

It is a screen that for everyday use is more than enough, since it offers a good vision at all angles and it has a brightness of 500 nits that allows it to be seen easily in practically any light circumstance, although if the sun shines directly on it, the matter is complicated. But if there is something to highlight about this screen, more compared to previous generations of this range, it is that a anti-reflection coating of which it is not necessary to describe too much with that name, beyond saying that it is tremendously effective.

Dimensions that make it very versatile

We consider the screen size to be fine for any average user, but this is accompanied by the following dimensions:

    High:25.06 centimeters Wide:17.41 centimeters Thickness:0.75 centimeters Weight:487 grams

dimensions ipad 2021

With such data, you can get the idea that it is a tablet very portable and easy to handle. Obviously using it with one hand or keeping it in a pocket is complicated, but it takes up little space in a backpack or briefcase, in addition to not taking up too much if it is stored in a drawer or on a desk. The fact that it is also not excessively heavy helps to use it in more comfortable rooms sitting or lying on the sofa or bed.

The Brilliant iPadOS Ecosystem

The iPadOS operating system, which will continue to be updated for at least 4-5 more years on this tablet, is one of the star points of this iPad. One of the big differences between Android tablets and Apple tablets is the app optimization , which is achieved in a very remarkable way in those of the block.

In the App Store you can find applications and games of all kinds fully adapted to this tablet, working smoothly and without strange things in the interface, since they adapt one hundred percent to the size of the iPad. To this is added being able to enjoy full synchronization with other Apple devices like an iPhone or Mac. From copying a text in one and pasting it in another to being able to have the same notes, photos and other data exactly the same in one and the other.

ipad 9

To this is added the functionalities added to iPadOS to make it possible to replace a computer in many situations. Some of these are the Split View (split screen) or the possibility of using a keyboard or mouse and managing with them throughout the operating system. Features that, in the end, are not new to computers, but that work perfectly on iPad, unlike iPhones.

All kinds of compatible accessories

Another leg that completes the off-road adjective of this iPad is threaded with the last thing that we mentioned in the previous section. This iPad supports the use of many accessories such as keyboards, mice and styluses , which connect via Bluetooth to the device and are fully functional.

And if we look at official Apple accessories, we find that it is possible to use the Magic Mouse 2 , 1st generation Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard . Precisely the latter is connected magnetically through the Smart Connector that integrates this iPad on the back and does not need a Bluetooth connection to work, being ready instantly.

ipad 2021

This use of accessories makes the experience even more complete, multiplying the possibilities within your reach. Although, yes, there are negative aspects such as the use of external storage drives , having very limited compatibility with these due to the Lightning connector. Another rooster would crow if instead of that standard it incorporated USB-C, which improves its data transfer speed, but this is not the case.

Other features you are interested in knowing

Although what was shown above may already be a compelling reason to find the benefits (or not) of this iPad, there are other features to highlight that are not less important because they go later. Processor performance, battery, memory… Price! We will tell you all of this in the following sections.

Performance and fluidity with the A13 chip

The A13 Bionic processor was designed by Apple in 2019 and integrated for the first time in the iPhone 11. However, it has been extended to other devices such as this iPad. After these years, is it still a valid chip? Of course. Evidently it will not reach the level of other iPads like those of the 'Air', 'Pro' and even 'mini' range, but it is not far behind either.

It performs pretty well at everything you'd expect it to do, like opening apps quickly or scrolling through system menus smoothly. The A13 chip is still an excellent processor with which even dare to run heavier processes such as video or photo editing. It is perhaps not the most suitable in terms of time or efficiency, since it will also consume many resources, but in sporadic use of this type it can be more than valid.

Internal memory, enough?

One of the handicaps that this range of iPads had dragged on was having very limited storage capacities, especially in the entry-level models. However in this it has doubled, offering capabilities of 64 GB Y 256 GB. This allows more data such as applications, photos and documents to be stored without having to delete anything or measure each GB consumed.

And in the event that it could fall short in some cases, you can always resort to other alternatives such as cloud storage services. The native of Apple, iCloud, also allows you to make backup copies with which to keep everything safe. Although, yes, with a monthly subscription.

In our opinion, 64 GB is already a more than adequate capacity for these devices with normal use. And if you need a little more space, the 256 GB is difficult to fill unless you save a huge number of photos and videos. In fact, the company's Macs start from that capacity, which already shows that it may be more than enough.

Battery life of this iPad

Let's see first, the data that Apple offers us Regarding the battery:

  • Built-in 32.4 w/h lithium polymer battery
  • Internet browsing: 10 hours on WiFi and 9 hours on mobile data
  • Streaming video playback: 10 hours over WiFi and 9 hours over mobile data

However, What does it translate into on a day-to-day basis? Since in the end the data provided by the company is very relative, since these devices are rarely going to be used for a single action without interruption. And although an exact value cannot be given either because in the end It depends on the use to which it is put. , we could say that as a general rule it lasts for one day of use without any problem.

All this counting on a more or less intensive and varied use of office automation apps, Internet browsing, consulting social networks and viewing multimedia content. However, if it is not used very exhaustively, it could even last more than a day.

As an explanation for the fact that Apple does not say what the exact capacity of the battery is, you should know that this is a common practice that they have with their iPads and iPhones. The fact that they are the ones who design software and hardware allows a greater optimization of resources that is transformed into less consumption than could be expected. Therefore, it is understood that the company hides this information because on paper it may seem inferior to what it really is.

Basic iPad

How much money is it worth?

It must be said that this iPad is divided into two versions. On one hand we have the Wi-Fi versions which are the normal model of iPad that can connect to the internet only through these networks. In these cases the prices are lower, increasing only when going to a larger storage capacity.

On the other hand we have the iPad with WiFi + Cellular that allow you to connect to the internet also through mobile data, offering the possibility of contracting a plan with a company. In these cases, the price rises more from the start, increasing even more if the greater storage capacity is chosen.

Officially it is possible to find them at Apple with these prices, regardless of the fact that in other authorized establishments it could cost less for some type of offer or similar:

    iPad (WiFi):
    • 64GB of storage: €379
    • 256GB of storage: €549
    iPad (WiFi + Cellular):
    • 64GB of storage: €529
    • 256GB of storage: €689

If you wonder about whether it is worth acquiring the WiFi + Cellular , we are sorry to tell you that the difference of 150 euros is not justified in most cases. If you are going to work a lot with the iPad away from home without the option to connect to WiFi networks (not even sharing data from your mobile) maybe it will compensate you, but in other cases it won't. Keep in mind that hiring a plan for the iPad will mean an additional monthly cost that, if you really don't use it, could be a handicap.

Notable camera improvements

An iPad is not the most suitable device for taking photos. Neither because of the characteristics of its camera nor because of its comfort, since due to its size it is much heavier to use it for photographs than a mobile phone. In any case, it never hurts to know what they offer in this field and, although we will detail something more later, they have an improvement that can be very interesting.

ipad camera

specsiPad 2021 (9th gen)
photos front camera-Photos with ultra wide angle of 12 Mpx with aperture of f / 2.4
-Zoom out x2 (optical)
-Centered framing
-Retina Flash (with screen)
Videos front camera-Recording in 1080p (Full HD) at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
-Extended dynamic range up to 30 frames per second
-Cinema quality stabilization
Photos rear cameras- 8 Mpx wide-angle photos with f / 2.4 aperture
-Close-up zoom x5 (digital)
Videos rear cameras-Recording in 1080p (Full HD) at 25 or 30 frames per second
-Close-up zoom x3 (digital)
-Slow motion in 720p (HD) at 120 frames per second
-Video time-lapse with stabilization

The improvement that we have been announcing is found in the frontal camera . It is in this one that a functionality has been added that until now was exclusive to the 2021 iPad Pro: the ultra wide angle with centered framing . This function allows you to always stay in the center of the camera when you make a video call if you move (obviously up to an angular limit). It even gives the feeling that the iPad is spinning, but it's all done by software. It is also ideal if you make video calls with more people around you.

Now, it is an interesting functionality, but we do not believe that it is essential to choose this iPad. In our opinion, the rest of the specifications have a higher value and you must have judged each one of them, but if you have decided at this point, having features like these is appreciated, being an extra luxury for this terminal.

What kind of audience is it aimed at then?

Traditionally this range of iPad has focused on students that need a lot of portability, make use of office apps and even take notes with the Apple Pencil. It is not an exception in this generation and continues to be ideal for them because of its Great value for the price.

Now, it is not the only public that can be focused on. It can be ideal if your use of tablets is very low and you want to get started on the iPad for the first time, thus accessing its entire operating system, which is very intuitive. You can watch series, check your mail, update your schedule and much more.

The fact that you can also take it with you and/or use it anywhere in the house also makes it a iPad familiar . The typical tablet that the older ones may well be using to surf the internet or the little ones to entertain themselves playing or learning with the many apps for children that there are.

In all those cases this iPad is more than enough. However, if you need more power To carry out operations beyond those that we have been commenting on in this post, it will be up to you to assess whether the idea of ​​buying an iPad Air or an iPad Pro can be better for you. And if the power is fair, but you want something even more portable, perhaps the iPad mini is the one that best meets your needs.