iOS apps to do car and motorcycle theory tests — 2022

If you are thinking about getting your driving license or you are already fully involved in this adventure, without a doubt your mobile can be a very important ally to easily pass the theoretical part. And it is not that it is going to help you to copy in the exam, but that it can help you to prepare yourself correctly by doing hundreds of tests thanks to the different applications that we find in the App Store. In this article we make a compilation with the best for this task.

Key points in these applications

In the App Store there are many applications that you will be able to find aimed at being able to pass the theoretical exams. Although, there are some that have a higher quality than others, and in the face of a situation, obviously, you should always choose as intelligently as possible. That is why before downloading, we recommend you to look mainly at the following points:

    Updated and official questions:something that is certainly logical when you are going to face an exam of this type. It is always important to have applications that are official, or that at least have a series of assurances that the questions are updated. In our country, the legislation related to the issuance of the driving license changes from time to time, and that is why it is important to have updated questions that can appear in the exam itself. You do not benefit from having questions from several years ago that are no longer current. Make sure you have an application from Spain:Each country has completely different legislation when it comes to obtaining a circulation permit. In this way, you will always have to carry out the tests of your country, and in this case we are going to collect those apps from Spain. Although it may seem obvious, it is very easy to download an app that is from another country like the United States that is obviously not going to help you at all. Fluency on iPhone:a key point that should be required of any type of application that is downloaded. It is clear that it is not comfortable at all to be doing different driving test questions, while it is constantly closing or takes several minutes to open. That is why those applications that are optimized should be prioritized, this being something that you will be able to easily consult in the user ratings. Graphic interface:When you face a theoretical driving test, there are many hours that you are going to spend in front of this type of application. In this way, priority should be given to those applications that are visually attractive, in order to respond comfortably.

test drive

The officers to test drive

If you want to pass the theoretical driving tests, the smartest thing is to make use of the official options that exist. In this case, you can include the apps or websites of both the DGT as well as the driving schools that are registered to be able to teach the corresponding classes.

DGT official service

DGT self-assessment

The General Directorate of Traffic is in charge of examining all applicants for a driving license in Spain. That is why its database of questions is the most faithful to what you will finally find on the day of the exam. Unfortunately, in the App Store there is currently no application that offers access to this tool. But through Safari you will be able to access the self-assessment tool comfortably. Yes ok, we recommend using it through a computer, since the interface can be better visualized.

And it is that through the DGT website you will find an aesthetic identical to the one you will have on the day of the exam on the corresponding computers. To be able to enter this tool, you simply have to access the web that we leave you below on your iPhone or computer, and click on the permission that you are preparing. Automatically, you will access the different questions that are available in the database.

Access self-assessment of the DGT

Easy car

Easy car

Application that is intended for all students of schools that are attached to the Easyauto Group . This is something that you will be able to ask at the center itself, where they will offer you the necessary keys for it. Within the application at first you will be able to find the different parts of the theme, as if you had the book of the driving school itself. In this case, it is divided by themes, aimed at signaling, speed or maneuvers, among others.

Once you have consulted all the parts of the syllabus, you will be able to start with the test as such. They find each other divided by themes , being the most recommended in a first contact with the application. This will allow you to internalize all the knowledge. Once you have done your car or motorcycle test through this division, you will always be able to access the random questions , this being a simulation of what the real theoretical exam is like.

Easy car Easy car Descargar QR-Code Easy car Developer: Easyauto Group



This tool belongs to the Dribo online driving school. Likewise, if you are simply considering starting to get your card, you can always download it and start a free trial. From the application you will be able to find all the official theoretical content authorized by the DGT. It has personalized exercises and recommendations based on your recorded progress.

In addition to this, you will be able to find updated DGT official content and tests with 2,500 exam questions. Obviously, by having the driving school on your mobile you will have total freedom when choosing the schedules. You can establish them yourself comfortably, and you can also book practical classes whenever the vehicles of this driving school are in your area.

Dribo – Your online driving school Dribo – Your online driving school Descargar QR-Code Dribo – Your online driving school Developer: Dribo Ventures S.L.

Other apps to take driving tests

If you do not want to access the DGT website, or your driving school does not have a mobile service, you can always access third-party applications. In the vast majority of cases, these have fully updated and official tests. In this case, you can find the test service for B1 license exams among many other permits.


TodoTest driver's license

TodoTest has more than 1,200 updated driving tests with official questions that can be found in the exams. In addition to the driver's license, test questions are also included to obtain the A1/A2, AM, C1 permit and even the CAP or ADR. The designers of this application are driving school directors and teachers so you can study without any problem and with total certainty that the questions are up to date. The app is totally free and it can be used offline unlike others that require to be connected to the internet.

Among its main characteristics, we can highlight the hot tests. These are made with questions from the exams of the last few months for the B permits. In addition, all the permits have a free failure log to be able to record all the questions that you are failing. This is a good way to visualize your progress.

TodoTest TodoTest Descargar QR-Code TodoTest Developer: Autoinet Interactive S.L.

Test DGT

This application has a very simple interface so that all your attention is focused on taking the tests. Dispose of more than 65 tests and 2000 official questions so that you prepare with the same questions that you will see on the day of the exam. The app shows you how many tests you have passed and how well you are at each of the topics. Not only that, you can create custom tests including only the questions you have failed.

As soon as you download the application, you will have access to 150 questions and 5 tests for free. But if you want to unlock all its features, you can always make a monthly payment to access all the official tests and questions. Keep in mind that by being directly connected to the DGT, all questions are updated at all times.

TEST DGT driving school test TEST DGT driving school test Descargar QR-Code TEST DGT driving school test Developer: Carlos Fernandez Major

Mobile Driving School

driving school

In this application we find more than 5,000 updated questions from the DGT for different car and motorcycle driving licences, such as A1/A2, AM, B, B+E... and even point recovery tests. You will be able to practice the tests by thematic units to reinforce those more complicated aspects , make exam simulations and visualize different statistics to evaluate the progress. To this we must add that we will have access to a summarized manual and the explanations of each question.

When you feel ready, you will be able to make a simulation 100% faithful to the DGT test What will you do on the day of the exam? When you finish you will be able to see the mistakes made and a complete review of the test. Likewise, you will be able to test your knowledge of each topic in the book by practicing tests by topics and go to the explanation to understand the most difficult questions.

Mobile Driving School. DGT test Mobile Driving School. DGT test Descargar QR-Code Mobile Driving School. DGT test Developer: Iteration Mobile S.L

motorcycle license

Motorcycle Licenses

If you are thinking of taking the motorcycle license A1, A2 and A the 'Motorcycle License' application is ideal for you. It groups hundreds of tests categorized by topic with questions identical to those that will be seen in the DGT exam. You will be able to have the questions that you fail in sight to repeat them and that the correct answer is recorded in addition to having very successful explanations. It includes a mode to be able to memorize road signs much more effectively.

Various exam modes can be found. The test mode is the most common to be able to ask questions following the driving school agenda. But you can also perform a bug scan or a completely random one. The first of these is recommended to be done when you have already done several tests, so that there are very different errors.

A1, A2 and A Motorcycle Licenses A1, A2 and A Motorcycle Licenses Descargar QR-Code A1, A2 and A Motorcycle Licenses Developer: Save Nadal