iOS 14 reveals a privacy issue on LinkedIn — 2022

With the arrival of iOS 14, new features related to privacy have been included that are revealing some problems in third-party applications. With the new notice that appears informing when an app reads the clipboard, Linkedin has ended a major lawsuit. In this article we tell you all the details that have been known about it.

Linkedin will go to court because of iOS 14

As we say, one of theiOS 14 newshas caused Linkedin to be discovered by reading the clipboard of users on iPhone and iPad. But although the company has stated that it is due to a specific error in the software, a user does not think the same. To see if he is right or not he has sued the application in court for reading confidential content without any type of permission.

The user who has demanded this practice has been Adam Bauer who has argued that Linkedin collects personal information from the clipboard. But it would not only have access to the information stored on the iPhone but also on the rest of the equipment in the ecosystem. Thanks to the universal clipboard, anything that is copied from the Mac is also registered in this way and can be 'seen' by Linkedin. At the moment the application has not wanted to comment on this practice, since it has only defended that they have never intentionally read the clipboard. But obviously this is not an excuse for them to skip privacy policies since it is not known how long they have been doing this practice. It has only been revealed now that iOS 14 informs users of this type of action, but it is not known if they are collecting clipboard information from the beginning.


iOS 14 improves privacy information

Without a doubt, users have the right not to collect data from the iPhone or iPad without our permission. Although the privacy policies are very extensive, they are not always equally transparent when different data is to be collected. That is why a small indication is now included where it is clearly reported when the camera or microphone is being accessed, as well as the information of which application is having access to that information. Now the banner has been added at the top that informs at any time when a paste from the clipboard is being done.

In addition to Linkedin, there are many applications that have also had irregular behavior. TikTok, AccuWeather or AliExpress have also accessed the clipboard without the user's extraordinary permission to copy the information from it. The problem now is that a complaint has been filed for the first time and it must be resolved if it really has been a causal problem or if it is something intentional. Obviously, if the latter is confirmed in the end, it will be very negative for the company. The fact of being able to spy on its users in this way can finally cause a millionaire fine for the violation of users' privacy.