iOS 13 incorporates an interesting function that will help improve battery health — 2022

We have been testing the first iOS 13 beta for developers for several days now, investigating all the new features it incorporates, both those that were told to us and those that were not. Apple is characterized in recent years in not tell us everything in the Keynotes, leaving us the responsibility of investigating and announce the little 'secrets' that these updates keep. This time we have found an interesting function related to the battery that we are going to tell you about next.

Once we have iOS 13 installed, we begin to investigate the different menus in Settings of our iPhone, and we realize that in the 'Battery' section, and more specifically in 'Battery Health', we find a new option that has called us a lot. attention: ‘Optimized battery charging’.

Apple wants to extend the life of its batteries in iOS 13

It is widely known that Apple has had many problems in the past with the batteries of its devices. After making the decision behind the backs of users to reduce the performance of the device to extend battery life, from the Cupertino company incorporated more information about the state of our battery, emphasizing how we take care of it in order to extend its life much more.

This idea that started with showing us a percentage of the health of our battery and informing us if the performance of the device was correct, has been extended with actions in iOS 13. Now with the new option, we will be able to better optimize the charging of the battery in a very intelligent way.

With this option active, the iPhone will learn from our habits. For example, when we go to sleep most of us put our iPhone to charge so that the next morning it has a 100% charge. At 100% it arrives in a couple of hours, and the rest of the night remains connected to the current receiving a flow of energy constant something that damages the battery in the long run.

Now, with charging optimization, the iPhone will know when we are going to wake up by learning from our habits. This will cause the operating system stop charging when it reaches 80% and resume it at the right time so that when we wake up we have 100% battery.

The clearest example to understand it is that if we go to bed at 10 at night and get up at 6 in the morning, the device will be more or less 80% charged at 12 at night. At this time the charge stops and resumes at around 5 in the morning so that at 6 it is fully charged. Obviously this does not work only at night, but will depend on when you normally put the device to charge.

This function is defined by Apple as follows:

To reduce battery deterioration, iPhone learns from your daily charging habits to charge the battery to 80%, and finishes charging when you're ready to use it.

It seems to us a tremendously interesting novelty, which it should have exploded in Keynote itself. This will make the iPhone battery have a much longer life and without the user having to do anything, just activate a function. What I have been able to test it on my iPhone I have to say that it works really well and without a doubt we will recommend its activation to everyone when the new iOS 13 comes out in the fall. In the event that it has unfortunately dropped below 100%, you can alwaysincrease battery health on iPhonereinstalling the operating system.

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