iOS 11.1 fixes battery problems according to this test — 2022

When thinking about iOS 11 we cannot stop thinking about the decrease in autonomy suffered by devices that have i Installed this new version of the operating system. nuance, what it is not something general , if not that it occurs in certain specific devices accompanied by certain bugs. This would be fixed with iOS 11.1 as we all expected, and that Apple seems to be taking pains to polish with numerous betas.

iOS 11.1 would improve the battery of your iPhone according to this test

To check if iOS 11.1 in its latest beta solves the different battery problems in the terminals, various tests have been carried out that we have found on YouTube. And we're going to focus on this one we find it quite interesting:

This test is very interesting because it performs the test on various terminals, not focusing on just one. Specifically, it tests the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus y iPhone 8 Plus . Start with these three devices with the version of iOS 11.0.3, newly formatted , in airplane mode , connected to a WiFi network i and with the screen on at all times. That is, the autonomy time will be on the screen and not at rest. The clock starts ticking and the results were as follows:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: 4 hours and 45 minutes.
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 4 hours and 5 minutes.
  • iPhone 8 Plus: 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Next, perform the same process but with the terminals in the iOS 11.1 beta. The results are the following:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: 7 hours and 39 minutes.
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 6 hours and 53 minutes.
  • iPhone 8 Plus: 8 hours and 55 minutes.

We are surprised that in the first case, the iPhone 6 Plus is the one that endures the most in iOS 11.0.3 and that with the beta of iOS 11.1 things change and the iPhone 8 Plus is the one that reigns in the rankings. What seems unheard of to me is that the poor iPhone 7 Plus is the one that gets the worst of it. In conclusion we have an improvement of between 3 and 4 hours of battery life, something quite positive.

The iPhone 7 Plus does not stand out in autonomy, Could it be that Apple wants people to go to 8 and that is why it is discrediting the iPhone 7? With the withdrawal of the higher capacity model they are taking off the mask about their true intentions to sell more iPhone 8.

But in conclusion, we see an improvement in autonomy in all terminals, Even though this It is not the use that we normally give it and you are not going to see that many hours, but it is a good reference to see that beta after beta Apple continues to improve with iOS 11.1. Although I reaffirm that this should have been optimized in iOS 11 since they have had months with many betas for developers and beta testers to realize this bug.

Leave me in the comment box what you think about it and how you see your terminal with iOS 11.