iOS 10, my experience on an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7 Plus — 2022

Last September 2016, one of the most anticipated mobile operating systems was released by all lovers and users of the bitten apple. iOS 10 arrived with the promise of remaining the most advanced mobile operating system in the world , with new features that allow it to be preferred by iPhone and iPad users. The truth is that We are a few months away from Apple revealing iOS 11 , and many users continue to demand a better environment , especially for those devices that are no longer new on paper after years on the market.

It seems very important to me to try to find a balance in iOS 10, since although it is true that it provided greater speed, in the autonomy part it is a complete reality that Apple has not yet found perfection. In this post I am going to expose what are the advantages that iOS 10 has as a mobile operating system, as well as the differences that exist between using it on a recent iPhone and an iPhone with a couple of years on the market.

Why does iOS (always) make a difference between new and old iPhones?

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This is probably one of the most delicate points of iOS, which little by little is beginning to be noticed and is a point of discussion. Here begins my experience with the iPhone 6, with the iPhone 7 Plus I will explain it later because it is a great mobile that in a few years will cease to be.

I lasted 1 year and 6 months with the iPhone 6, I didn't change it out of necessity but the reality is that I wasn't having a good time anymore. That iPhone 6 originally came out with iOS 8, one of the operating systems that was the basis of what is now iOS 10. Battery was the best in iOS 8.4.1 (passing 6 hours of use) , which in fact I still remember when the iOS 9 betas came out, there was a lot of fear about their performance since they were not the best. What was already feared happened, the battery in iOS 9 got out of control. It was until iOS 9.3 that some stability was found in this regard. In fluidity everything was normal but by the time we knew that Apple was already forgetting about this device, the central focus was the iPhone 6s.

Many talk about the adoption that iOS 10 has so far, it is the operating system that took a better shape as many made the change for its new features. Curiously, in the betas of iOS 10, the battery was the best, moving to the final version, all that changed. Now the focus of attention is the iPhone 7. Two years in which we received changes, not so drastic but in terms of the passage of time, Apple continues to make differences between devices. Maybe it's a case of planned obsolescence , the iPhone stops working like on the first day and the first symptom is the battery. I don't blame Apple either, because we can use third-party chargers and we do harm to the battery.

Going back to the experience, iOS 9 on the iPhone 6 was so-so and iOS 10 was better but with a huge battery deficiency. It will be recorded since the iPhone 6s are currently going through a crisis, the same or worse than the iPhone 6 now. I had to charge the device at least twice a day and that was something that annoyed me. As for a rating, I'd give iOS 10 on iPhone 6 a 6/10.

Each version of iOS is designed for an iPhone. Each benefit is designed to make the latest system work seamlessly with the latest iPhone. The iPhone 7 brought a Home button that is no longer a physical button, its configuration function is in iOS 10. The double camera of the Plus version has its own portrait mode and facilities to take a better picture.

And this happened back in the day with Hey Siri on the iPhone 6s as well as the 3D Touch features. In order not to make it broader, Apple should change and think about designing a system that works optimally on all devices. I also don't mean to say that I want it to continue to support an iPhone 5. that has already been on the market for several years and that its characteristics are no longer relevant. Simply, that there are no radical changes between one model and another just a year away.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the best thing Apple has ever done

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There are several differences that make the iPhone 7 Plus the best 5.5 model that Apple has made. The double camera that is on a par with the best cameras on the current market together with the portrait mode and the ease of making a 2x optical zoom, the battery capacity that is much higher than the iPhone 7 and the 3 GB of RAM that contains.

Performance has been excellent, but as with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, in this year 2017 in September everything could change depending on the form and content of iOS 11.

The battery issue on this device is perfect, there is no problem (so far) and it works great. From what I've discussed so far, giving the iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10 a rating might be a 10, but with iOS 11 it could go down.

In conclusion, I could not say more than to say that you have to enjoy the devices from the first moment until the end, or at least until the time comes to change it for another. If you are about to change your mobile, Learn well about the specifications of the devices and evaluate if it is a good time. Above all, take good care of the iPhone you have now. It is very easy to complain or be angry with Apple but if you are very careful with your iPhone, the experience could extend a little over time.