Investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: best iPhone apps — 2022

Cryptocurrencies have become an investment claim in recent years due to the enormous growth they have had recently. These cryptocurrencies, headed by Bitcoin, can be bought or sold from your own iPhone having a simple application with which to operate, this process being really simple to do. In this article we tell you the best applications you can find to make this investment.

Aspects to consider in cryptocurrency apps

With the cryptocurrency fever, there are many applications that have emerged in this regard to buy and sell them. Although, not all of them have the necessary security to be able to invest within an environment of tranquility for the user. That is why in this post we compile the main applications that you should use if you do not want to have any type of problem when making the purchase-sale. The main problems that have arisen are related to the collection of abusive commissions or simply blocking the account without any explanation. To avoid this, you should always opt for services that have the highest possible security measures.

And before you start investing, you may be wondering where these virtual currencies are stored. In some of the applications where the purchase and sale is made, an online wallet is also included. In this way sae will be able to store everything you have bought to later make the sale or transfer it wherever you want. Although, this is not something that applies to all applications. Some do not have an online wallet, so you must choose to use third-party applications that act as a Wallet to store all cryptocurrencies with maximum security.

Apps for Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies



With Coinbase you will have a simple and safe place to be able to buy sell and manage all your bitcoins. You will have access to world markets and all with the lowest commission price possible. The purchase operation is really simple and at any time you can place a sell order when you observe some type of trend in the market or even because you do not want to commit more risk with this investment.

Coinbase: buy-sell bitcoins Coinbase: buy-sell bitcoins Descargar QR-Code Coinbase: buy-sell bitcoins Developer: Coinbase, Inc.



Enter the world of virtual currencies thanks to this application that offers you a fairly simple use on a day-to-day basis. You will be able to sell, buy or save your cryptocurrencies as well as organize them as you want. This means that at any time you can transfer them wherever you want and even exchange them with a fairly fair commission. Ideal for those who want to start in this world.

Binance: Buy Bitcoin Binance: Buy Bitcoin Descargar QR-Code Binance: Buy Bitcoin Developer: Binance LTD



This application has more than 30 cryptocurrencies to choose from when making your investments. You will find an application with a fairly simple and very visual design with the aim of having information on its value and the trend that it follows in the market at all times. For the most professional there will be advanced closing orders and parameters to set stop loss or take profit on any position.

Kraken Pro Kraken Pro Descargar QR-Code Kraken Pro Developer: Kraken



This application offers the most advanced services to be able to trade with cryptocurrencies. You will find fairly clear information on the evolution of the value, being able to sell and buy with a few touches on the device. You will be able to make transfers between the portfolios and even receive notifications about the execution of the operations and even receive alerts about the evolution of the prices.

Bitfinex Bitfinex Descargar QR-Code Bitfinex Developer: Bitfinex



Application that is focused for a business audience as well as for novices who are accessing the world of cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of cryptos starting from the most solid ones such as BTC and ETH to others that are more specialized. It includes different advanced orders to have absolute control over all your procedures, such as limits or Stop Loss.

FTX Pro: Trade Crypto Anywhere FTX Pro: Trade Crypto Anywhere Descargar QR-Code FTX Pro: Trade Crypto Anywhere Developer: FTX Trading Ltd



This is one of the largest exchanges for trading both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can make the purchase quickly through a bank card or even a bank transfer. The application is totally optimized to be able to have absolute control over all the components and keep you alert at all times with different warnings in the form of notifications.

Bybit: Buy Bitcoin Bybit: Buy Bitcoin Descargar QR-Code Bybit: Buy Bitcoin Developer: Bybit Fintech Limited


In this Ehterium purchase and sale application you will also find a VISA METAL debit card. In this way they try to get you a refund of your purchases in certain establishments in order to continue investing in cryptocurrencies. So you can be investing in your account without realizing it with each of the purchases you make throughout the month using this card instead of the classic one that you have.



This commission-free service operates in Europe guaranteeing compliance with community legislation. It will allow you to choose the currency that you think is most convenient to buy it, sell it and store it in the wallet that is included. The team that makes up this service will always be tracking the best rates so that you can carry out your investment with the maximum possible guarantees.

Change: Invest in Crypto Change: Invest in Crypto Descargar QR-Code Change: Invest in Crypto Developer: xChange AS

Other additional apps for investors



With this application you will have all the information related to cryptocurrencies in your own hand. You will be able to track the prices of more than 10,000 coins, see your crypto portfolios in real time and have market information. In other words, you will be able to have a global coverage of information by being connected to different applications that we have previously mentioned and see the news related to this world to nourish yourself with knowledge to operate in a correct way.

FTX: Blockfolio - Buy Bitcoin FTX: Blockfolio - Buy Bitcoin Descargar QR-Code FTX: Blockfolio - Buy Bitcoin Developer: Blockfolio, LLC



This is a totally free application with which you can keep track of your favorite cryptocurrencies. You will have information with candlestick charts, portfolio trackers, currency converter or comparison tools between the different cryptocurrencies. You will have the price in real time by having direct access to all the buying and selling applications that we have previously mentioned.

CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap Descargar QR-Code CoinMarketCap Developer: CoinMarketCap



Social platform for both traders and investors with the aim of upskilling and improving overall results. You will have access to free charts as well as trading ideas or strategies provided by other investors. That is why this app must be used to exchange all your ideas with the aim of achieving much better results, especially if you are a beginner in the field.

TradingView: Stock Exchange TradingView: Stock Exchange Descargar QR-Code TradingView: Stock Exchange Developer: TradingView



Database with the necessary information of any cryptocurrency in the market. You will be able to consult all the data on a specific currency, covering more than 6,000. It includes trend news and you will be able to set personalized price alerts in order to obtain complete information to invest in crypto with all the knowledge you need.

CoinGecko - Bitcoin Crypto App CoinGecko - Bitcoin Crypto App Descargar QR-Code CoinGecko - Bitcoin Crypto App Developer: CoinGecko