Investing and Stock Market Tracking: Recommended iPhone Apps — 2022

Investing in the stock market can be something that is seen in a way far removed from everything normal. But the truth is that anyone can end up accessing the markets to be able to buy or sell shares of the largest companies in the world. This operation requires certain knowledge when evaluating the market as well as an online broker that allows you to carry out all these operations. In this article we show you the best applications to do it about it.

Check stock status with your iPhone



The native Apple app that comes installed by default on your iPhone. With a simple glance you can see the values ​​that are most important to you. You can customize at any time the values ​​you want to be customized with the integrated search engine. In a very visual way you will see graphs within the established period of time, being able to choose the evolution on the current day or see the trend that has followed for a maximum of two years. In addition, it also includes a relevant news section. All this is complemented by a very good integration with Siri.

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Yahoo Finance

yahoo finance

The Yahoo service in which you can also easily be informed of the status of the securities that interest you most. It has a search engine in which to include the initials of the value or the reference number to have access to all the information. It will be shown in clear graphs with the evolution of any market so that you can analyze the trend in the time frame you want. Added to this is also an economic news manager that integrates with all these visual graphs.

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With an interface that is not very modern today, InfoBolsa promises to have everything you need to always be informed of all the market values. You will be able to see a clear visualization of everything that happens in the market globally, such as the NASDAQ or the IBEX 35. Added to this is also the individualized information of each of the values ​​in the timeline.

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Invest directly with these brokers

When using a Broker to invest, you must always keep in mind that they should only be used if you have the knowledge to do so. Investing in the stock market is risky and can end in significant losses. That is why you must always have the necessary knowledge before creating an investment account in one of these applications that can be found in the App Store.



Application that is aimed at those people who have basic knowledge, being ideal for the first investments. It has low fees and will allow you to make investments all over the world. It has all the legal guarantees to have tax reports available to be able to declare everything you are investing. You can easily put STOP LOSS and make sales and purchases at any time of the actions that interest you most.

DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa Descargar QR-Code DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa Developer: DEGIRO

Interactive Brokers

One of the most complete Brokers that you can find in the multiplatform App Store, being able to also operate via the web to make sales and purchases more easily. You can monitor the entire market with this application. It has low fees and you can buy and sell shares on all world markets.

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An application for the most inexperienced when it comes to investment. You will be able to learn the most basic concepts regarding investments and choose the values ​​that best suit you in a very simple way. It is quite visual and you can quickly create custom lists and keep track of your stock portfolio in a very detailed way.

Business news apps



Check at all times what is happening in the market with daily news of the main values. In a single glance you will have a feed of the most relevant economic news from different international media. The problem it obviously has is that it is in English, the universal language, because its maximum activity is centered on the US market, which is undoubtedly the most active in terms of investments due to the companies that are present.

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Barron’s – Investing Insights


Navigate the world markets with this app and all the information you need. You can have access to an investment guide as well as comments from experts in this area who give a detailed analysis of a specific value or the general market trend. In this way you can be much more informed regarding the decisions you are going to make with your investments.

Barron’s - Investing Insights Barron’s - Investing Insights Descargar QR-Code Barron’s - Investing Insights Developer: Dow Jones & Company, Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.



Choose those media with which you feel most comfortable when it comes to informing yourself about the economy. At all times you can choose to receive only the news of the topic that interests you the most and the application will learn from your tastes. This means that the notification alert system when a new news is published will only notify you with what it thinks is relevant to you.

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