Internet connection failures on iPhone and their possible solutions — 2022

We have a lot of technology at our fingertips with sophisticated devices with a beautiful design, high performance in both hardware and software, but whether we like it or not, it is practically essential to use the Internet to take full advantage of them. That's why if you iPhone won't connect to WiFi networks you have a problem, but don't worry because we analyze the possible causes and solutions to fix this problem.

The first thing you should do

There are a number of tips that are kind of the key things to check at the beginning of noticing the problems connecting the iPhone to WiFi networks. They may not be decisive enough to solve the problem, but it is what should always be checked first, in addition to the fact that they are very simple steps that must be followed, as you will see below.

Although before we must warn you about something that, although it seems obvious, is more than necessary. And it is be within range of the Wi-Fi network. And it is that, if the problem is that this network does not appear, it is probably because you are too far from the router that is emitting a signal. In this case, you should explore an alternative solution to this, which could be to install signal amplifiers.

Another fundamental aspect to take into account is the type of router you have in your home. There are two types of connections generally available: 2,4 GHz y 5 GHz. The smartest thing is to try both networks, switching between them. What must be taken into account is that the router may be faulty in a general way. In this situation, the signal will not be emitted correctly so that it can be received by the iPhone. That is why you will always have to try other devices and do a speed test. In this way you will be able to detect if exactly the fault is in the iPhone or on the contrary it lies in the network transmitter. This will make you have to contact the provider you have contracted at that time.

Remove the phone cases and covers

The first thing we recommend you do is remove the case from your iPhone, since it is possible that it is the material of the case itself that is making your device unable to receive a signal in order to correctly connect to the internet. This not only includes the classic covers with all kinds of materials, but also the bumper that cover the sides of the device and especially if they are made of metal or similar materials.

In the event that the current case solves the problem, we recommend that you try the rest of the cases you may have to confirm that this is the source of the internet connection problems you are experiencing on your iPhone.

iPhone with case

However, if this is the problem, you have to know That is not a behavior that can be considered normal, Therefore, we encourage you to consult the last point of this post to find out the steps you have to follow to be able to contact Apple and thus explain the problem to them and let them generate a solution for you.

Check which iOS you have

Although it may be unusual for a version of the iPhone operating system to contain errors of this type, it is not unreasonable for this to happen. That is why it is always important have it on the latest version of software that exists, thus avoiding possible errors and favoring that Apple can carry out a diagnosis at a given moment, since it is a requirement that the iPhone is updated.

To check if there is a newer version, you will only have to go to Settings > General > Software Update and if there is a newer iOS, it will appear there ready for download and installation on the device. If you continue to have problems connecting to the internet, you should continue reading this article.

Update iPhone

Of course, you should know that to update the device it is necessary to have a WiFi connection, something that is contradictory for the problem you are having. To update it with mobile data you must have an unlimited data rate or alternatively resort to an old trick of the system, which is to advance the time. For the latter you must go to Settings> General> Date and time, deactivate Automatic adjustment and choose any date after the one you are on.

Try airplane mode

This is undoubtedly a classic solution when it comes to wanting to solve the problems you have with your internet. On many occasions, all existing connections have to be restarted, but this is something that is difficult to do from the control center. By clicking on the Wi-Fi token, for example, you will not be able to deactivate the connection. In this situation, you must choose to follow the route of Settings > Wi-Fi so you can quickly turn it off. This is the way that exists to disconnect from all networks.

But this is something that you will be able to save if you activate airplane mode. It is known that when activating this mode, all connections will automatically be deactivated. Specifically, Bluetooth, Wifi and also mobile data will do it. Next, and after waiting a few seconds, you will have to deactivate it. This will force the internet connection to be restarted through all available paths. In most cases you will be able to get all the problems you may have to be resolved.

The classic device reset

It may sound like a computer joke, but it is true that on many occasions problems can be solved by turning the iPhone off and on. If a specific software failure is occurring due to a background process, this action will solve it completely.

Of course, more than a restart as such, what we recommend is precisely what we said at the beginning: turn it on and off. It is convenient that once the terminal is turned off, you keep it that way for 15-30 seconds , so that all processes can finish completely before booting the device again.

turn off iphone

Main causes of failures with WiFi

If the above has not worked, something that we already warned you was likely, now it's your turn to investigate more about WiFi problems as such. For this, we expose a series of revisions that we consider necessary in this regard before considering the device to be damaged and going to the technical service.

They are checks that, although it is true that they do not guarantee that it will work again, are the ones that in the end will help you to rule out major problems . It is also convenient that you follow these reviews as we are exposing them to you, since the order also makes sense when it comes to finding out what is happening so that your iPhone fails to connect to WiFi networks.

Wi-Fi network checks

The very first thing you should check, even if it is obvious, is that beeches entered the password correctly . If you have recently changed it or do not remember if you had previously accessed it, it is recommended that completely unlink the WiFi network Of the device. To do this, you only have to go to Settings> WiFi and click on the i of network information, and then click on Skip this network.

Bypass Wi-Fi Network iPhone

There are also times when, despite the WiFi icon appearing at the top, there is really no internet connection. This error is derived from router in 99% of the cases, since it is emitting a signal to the iPhone, but it does not carry the internet with it. To do this, it is convenient that you restart it, keeping it off for about 15-30 seconds (just like the iPhone before).

Another interesting point in this regard is disable location services for this type of connection. This can be done from Settings> Privacy> Location, entering System services and unchecking the WiFi network connection box, if it really wasn't already disabled.

If once the router is operational again you still have problems, it is convenient that try the signal on other devices . If it fails on those as well, then it's clearly not an iPhone-only issue. Therefore, here it is convenient that you put yourself in contact your internet provider in order to inform them of the incidence and that they can give you a solution.

Reset network settings

If you still suspect that it is the connection itself that is failing, you can try resetting those settings. It may not be the most comfortable, since all WiFi network connections will be deleted you have and you will have to reconnect manually, entering the password the first time you go to each one. However, it is the most optimal at this point.

To do this you simply have to go to Settings> General> Transfer or reset the iPhone> Reset. Once here, a drop-down menu will open in which you must select Reset network settings. This process may require you to enter your device's security code and/or restart your device.

reset iphone settings

Restore iPhone if you have no other choice

One of the most common solutions for software failures is to perform an iPhone restore. It is not the most comfortable, because it implies deleting all the content, but if at this point you have not solved it, it is evident that there is no other option if you want to try to rule out any problem of this nature.

For this we recommend make a previous backup. Be careful, you will not have to load it, since it is advisable that set it up as new iPhone to prevent the problem from reproducing again, but if nothing is finally fixed, you may want to upload the copy. In any case, you should know that there are certain data such as photos, calendars, notes and others that are synchronized with iCloud and therefore will always be present.

restore iphone ways

The recommended way to restore is by connecting the equipment to a computer and using iTunes/Finder. This is the most complete way, because all the data on the device is erased. If you don't have that option, you'll have to settle for doing it from the settings, with the difference that in this case only the data is overwritten. For the latter you have to go to Settings> General> Transfer or reset the iPhone and click on Erase content and settings.

What if the iPhone hardware fails?

This fault is rare, but it could be that the signal receiving antennas of your phone or any other related component is damaged. Whether due to a blow or a factory defect, this would only be solved by going to the apple support or, failing that, an SAT (Authorized Technical Service).

In these places they have tools with which to execute an accurate diagnosis of the problem and they will be able to offer you a solution. The price It could vary depending on what is wrong, but it can even be free if the phone is still under warranty and it is a factory fault.

As a general rule, what is usually done is exchange iPhone for a refurbished one . In this case, if it is not covered by warranty, it could be expensive. And although it depends on the device model, this could amount to more than 800 euros . Be that as it may, we insist that it be Apple itself or an SAT who determines it, being able to request an appointment from its website or Support application (available on iOS and iPadOS).