Interesting concept of the new iPad Pro and Apple Watch Series 4 — 2022

The new iPad Pro and the renewal of Apple Watch Series 4 is just around the corner, where various concepts of some designers are appearing on how they imagine the new Apple devices. 9To5Mac has also wanted to contribute its vision of what the new versions could be like with renders that are very faithful to reality.

In the case of the iPad Pro, the reduced frames symmetrically it seems that it is a line that the designers are betting on, since the latest renders have a similar design. That concept could be one of the best options to be able to use the iPad Pro.

In the case of the Apple Watch Series 4, the imagination goes through the latest rumors, that is, a similar design to the current one but with a somewhat larger screen. Without too many changes or haptic buttons.

Stretch the designs for as long as possible

Honest to the truth, every year we imagine the new iPhone with a groundbreaking design , although when the presentations arrive, the improvements are only internal, with the exception of the iPhone X. So the expectations may not always be what we want.

It is true that a unique design that pleases the majority of users is really complicated. The abyss of finding a design that works, it is better not to change it, at least until it is already a change needed to continue generating interest.

Last year we did see a small change in the iPad Pro on an aesthetic level, smaller frames with a somewhat larger screen, specifically going from the 9.7 to 10.5 . This minimal change was more than enough to satisfy the desire of the customers. That is, any minimal change in Apple equipment is a great novelty.

Apple usually adds visual novelties dribbling, he knows how to play that card very well. Stretch the designs as much as possible until they can no longer be scratched to introduce something new. We have seen it with the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8 or in the case of the iPhone 5, 5s or I KNOW . If we look at the iPads, the process is the same, except for the last generation.

In theory, this year it's time for a more innovative design, although this design can be minimal, becoming a novelty at the same time. is what you seem to imagine 9To5Mac with the designs they have published.

iPad Pro with less frame and Face ID

Image 9to5Mac iPad Pro

As we see in these new designs, the iPad Pro would take the biggest revolution in design, removed Touch ID and moving on to the Face ID security system. Apple has already stated its intention to incorporate this system into its new devices sooner rather than later. So it would not be surprising that the generation of 2018 incorporates them.

About design with reduced frames It may be the best decision. Due to the size of the iPad (especially the 12.9 iPad Pro), it would be somewhat awkward to hold the iPad without any support. So the option of leaving the frames but with a smaller size and following Apple's line with symmetry throughout the front, seems to be an approximate line to reality.

Apple Watch with a bigger screen

Image 9to5Mac Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is having a good pace of sales, thanks to the news of watchOS , orientation towards sports and health, is permeating the general public.

The latest rumors do not point to a new design, following the line of the current Apple Watch. But yes, incorporating a series of improvements that could be called as natural of its evolution.

Following the line of the iPad, a reduction in frames would help increase screen size , something that users of the Apple smart watch in the 38mm version would especially appreciate.

Analysts are predicting that Apple could eliminate moving parts to improve sealing and problems with mechanical parts such as the digital crown. The latter could be incorporated into the generation of 2019 , adding it as another novelty.

So 9to5Mac It has been very conservative in this aspect when making its design, possibly adjusting to the Apple line in recent years.

What do you think of these concepts? Do you think they are close to reality?