This is how Microsoft 365 installs and works on Macs — 2022

Any student or worker has ever used the suite of office automation programs from Microsoft. On Mac, it is possible to install this suite without any problem. In this article we will tell you all the details you need to know in order to install this Microsoft suite on your Mac.

Official Microsoft Installation

The most recommended way to install Microsoft 365 is to do it the official way, through its website. There are many payment plans that are included, both with a single payment and a monthly plan. The latter may be the most recommended if you want to use the suite of applications occasionally and you don't want to make a very high outlay.

plans and prices

It's important to choose the Microsoft 365 plan that interests you the most. Each of the plans is intended for a specific group of people: families, staff, and students. The price is different and this is a consequence of the characteristics that it has.

The plan Microsoft 356 Family (Office 365 Home) includes the option to download the office suite for up to 6 users. These applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, or Outlook. It also has a storage of 1 TB per person in OneDrive. The price is €99 per year or €10 per month with the possibility of trying it for one month. It is ideal for families who all work in an office suite with the aim of sharing expenses.

Microsoft 365 Personal (Office 365 Personal) has the same applications that we have previously mentioned but with the difference that this is a subscription for a single person. The price is €69 per year or €7 per month, with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Office Home and Students It is one of the plans that has fewer applications, since it only has the basic ones: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The positive point is that it only has a single payment of €149. In addition, no type of cloud storage is included, so it must be contracted individually and separately.

office 365 price

One of the differences you'll notice between PC and Mac is that some applications like Access and Publisher are only available for PC.

iOS and iPadOS compatibility

Something very interesting about these Microsoft price plans is that the tools can be used on many computers. In other words, you can use them on iPhone, iPad and Mac without any problem and without having to pay extra to have it on each of the devices. This is very positive because it is very close to Apple's iWork suite. The operation is similar in many ways as connecting to Microsoft's cloud, OneDrive, which is the iCloud counterpart. This allows you to have all the files in one place to work on any device, as we say, without any problem.

Obviously on iPad and iPhone there are differences with the Mac version. The differences lie mainly in the document editing and customization functions. Thanks to the compatibility with the iPad's keyboard and mouse, you can work quite comfortably, but there are some important limitations that are only remedied with the Mac. This will evolve over time to be able to match them. At the moment the iPhone and the iPad work in a complementary way with a computer.

Free Microsoft Office if you are a student

If you are a university student or professor, you should know that you can have a completely free subscription to the Microsoft suite. This subscription includes all the office software that we have previously mentioned as well as 1 TB of storage in One Drive to keep all your work safe. This will depend mainly on whether your university has an agreement with Microsoft to give access to all these programs to facilitate the teaching task.

In order to have these programs downloaded, you can access them through your university's website. It is essential that you have the necessary data such as an institutional email to access all these programs and the space in the cloud. In this way you will be able to access the institutional account in OneDrive and download all the programs. It is important to check with the secretary of the university to be able to find out if your center has an agreement or not. Obviously you have to be careful because all the files you have on OneDrive could be compromised as soon as you no longer belong to the educational community.

Microsoft Office as an alternative to iWork

Apple has developed an office suite called iWork that includes different applications similar to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Obviously there are differences between both work suites, and Microsoft's is much more complete at the level of editing functions and also more extensive as it can be used on Windows and macOS. But the iWork suite is completely free for users of the Apple ecosystem, which is an important difference. You will not have to pay a subscription of about 10 euros in this case and you will be able to work in a very comfortable way and without spending money. This applies to both iPhone and iPad where these tools are also located.

Avoid pirated copies

One of the fastest ways to get Office on your Mac is without a doubt through hacking. But obviously this is not recommended at all, since you can be a victim of the installation of malware through the installation file. It is always advisable to carry out a totally official installation and not opt ​​for pirated copies even if it comes out totally free.

In addition, with the pirate option you will not have all the updates that are going to be released. And obviously this hack will help you to have the suite on your Mac, but on iPhone and iPad you won't be able to use it since here there is no way to hack the applications or the service by being attached to a Microsoft account at all times.