Install programs from unidentified developers on Mac — 2022

Mac computers have always stood out for things like their security against Windows or the few programs and applications that exist for the platform. The truth is that neither macOS is infallible in security, nor is it true that there are few applications for these computers. Many applications can be installed from the Mac App Store, but many others are found on web servers. In this post we teach you how to install third party apps on a mac , in case you have any problem when doing it or you simply don't know the method.

How downloads work on Mac

In the following sections, we will explain the most basic aspects that you should know about downloading applications on Mac computers, regardless of whether they are carried out following official methods or proceeding to download them through other methods. You have to take into account where it is recommended to install it, which is generally in the app store, and also the dangers that you have to take into account when installing third-party apps that are not supervised.

Where is it recommended to download the applications

If you take a look at the App Store On the Mac you will find many applications that will work perfectly for your Mac. This is an advantage because you are guaranteed not only its correct operation, but you are also covered in security by knowing that the applications have had to go through the strict filters that Apple requires from users. developers to be in your store. It is for this reason that it is the trusted place for any download.

However, we find a drawback in this regard and that is that the catalog may be insufficient at times. Not all the applications available on Mac are in this official Apple store and that is precisely where the idea of ​​resorting to downloading these programs from the Internet arises.

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But in current times it is a reality that there are numerous problems when installing third-party applications. In addition, it is that on many occasions this should not be limited to the applications that we find. There are many executables found on the net that promise to install great features on the Mac. Mostly they can be found in the mails of cyber criminals who are looking whenever you go to download and run the executable.

Download programs from the internet

Just by accessing Google from Safari or any other browser, you will be able to search for applications for Mac. Just by typing the name of the application, followed by macOS or Mac, a multitude of websites will appear where the download is offered. There are even developers that offer this route as an alternative to downloading from the App Store, even though their respective programs are present in the Apple store.

The download is executed in the same way as any other file, accessing the corresponding download link and choosing the location where you want it to be saved. Once it is, all you have to do is open the file with a double click and start the installation on your computer. And although we are talking about web browsers, executables that can be found in different media must also be integrated, such as in an email that is fraudulent. In this case, you have to be very careful, and always trust the protection offered by macOS.

Risks of installing third-party apps

A famous computer scientist stated years ago that the most secure device was one that was several meters below the ground, without wireless Internet connections, Bluetooth or any other and without external devices connected. Obviously, this is a somewhat ironic reality, since having a computer would be of little or no use to us. In short, what this comes to tell is that no electronic equipment is 100% safe however cautious we may be.

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On a Mac it is true that there is perhaps more security, not only because of Apple's protection, but because there is much less malicious software aimed at macOS. In any case, to prevent any type of security or privacy problem, it is recommended not to install unknown applications on the computer. Therefore, when installing Internet programs it is recommended that we do it only for those that are essential and always any portal that is trustworthy, preferably from the developers website.

Something that can also make your Mac vulnerable is when it installs pirate Software, that is, those paid programs that you download, install and use for free. These are usually downloaded from untrustworthy websites or from strange links uploaded by anonymous users. These installations, despite being illegal, can be carried out at the user's own risk, but it is likely that on many occasions these applications include malicious software that, in the best of cases, will be detected by the system and the installation will not be allowed.

Procedure to follow if the installation gives you problems

It is a reality that any process that is carried out on a Mac or on any device can be subject to different relevant failures. In this case, you should always know how to act in order to avoid failures or, on the contrary, solve them. In this case we are going to tell you the procedures to follow in these situations.

How to remove the error message

Generally, Apple is very restrictive with these types of third-party files and by default does not allow these installations. Usually, an error message appears saying that the download could not be executed, but you can prevent it from appearing by following these steps:

  1. and a System Preferences>Security and Privacy.
  2. Click on it padlock at the bottom left and enter the password you use to unlock your Mac.
  3. In the part where it says Allow third-party apps, you must check the box App Store and identified developers.

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Doing this you will be able to install third-party programs without any problem. In most cases, a pop-up window will appear in which you will be alerted that you are installing unknown software, but just by accepting it you will be able to continue. It may also be the case that, again, you need to go to the Security and Privacy section. This time it would be to accept the installation of that particular application.

But as we have repeated before, it is important to always take into account all the risks that we have previously mentioned. Ultimately, this is an extra protection system that is integrated into the operating system. By removing it completely, in the end you are going to allow any virus to end up accessing the device. Above all, this should be avoided whenever it is deactivated in those people who do not have sufficient knowledge in relation to cybersecurity. This can occur in older people or very young.

Failures during installation

The most common error that you may encounter during this process is that, despite having allowed third-party downloads, still getting the error message . To do this, all you have to do is close the application installer and reopen it (if it continues to appear, you must go to the previously mentioned settings path and activate the option Allow installation app name ). In some cases you might even have to restart the mac , so you should try to do it to avoid the problem.

if you're in macOS Catalina or later , it is likely that you will have a problem when installing 32 bit applications . From this version onwards, Apple only allows you to install 64-bit applications to ensure that your computer works properly with that application. Therefore, the only safe way to be able to use applications of this type would be to return to macOS Mojave or another previous version, since the problem does not lie in the fact that it is a program downloaded from the Internet.

Other very common mistakes when installing an internet program is that this is not compatible with your version of the operating system. Either because you are on a recent version of macOS and the application is not optimized yet, or on the contrary, you are on an old version and this application is developed for later systems. In any case, you will be able to consult this error in detail in the pop-up window that will open.