Instagram launches new interface changing the way you see new posts — 2022

Update . Instagram has backtracked by returning to the old design. We don't know if it was released by mistake and we will see it implemented in the future, or if it has been withdrawn due to the amount of criticism received in such a short time.

As a surprise, Instagram has implemented a new revision of the interface that alters the way new posts are displayed, very similar to Stories . From now on to scroll through our Instagram wall we will have to do a swipe from right to left instead of scrolling from top to bottom. This novelty is reaching users in stages, something that began to be implemented in October as a test.

In addition to doing this swipe we can also tap the left or right sides of the screen to be able to move between the different posts of our friends. Now with this novelty the post will occupy the entire screen and when we scroll down we will see the comments and the number of likes it has.

Instagram completely redesigns its interface

The negative of this new design is that advertising is now much more intrusive as it occupies the entire screen. Now they will not go unnoticed by our eyes and we will have many possibilities to press on these ads as we scroll by pressing on the right and left side of the screen.

Interaz Instagram

Users' first impressions of this update they have not been expected . These are not positive at all since it has been a very radical change that will force users to change the way they scroll through their wall. There are many of us who are looking for how to disable this option to return to the previous design but it seems that at the moment Instagram does not give this option.

For us, this update is quite 'ugly' and inelegant, betting on the way of moving that we had until now. Although currently we can see how the photographs and videos of our friends take up the whole screen , advertising is too intrusive.

We believe that the criticism that you can already find on Twitter and in the stories of many of the users who have begun to receive this new design will make Instagram realize that they must give several options to their users. This will trigger that in the future from Instagram they give the option to alternate between one design and another.

If you haven't received this new interface yet, It seems that it is spreading in a staggered way . We have been able to verify that it is not necessary to update the application from the App Store, this being an in-app novelty.

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